When it comes to the delivery and the appearance of your business product or service, you must dress it up just like you dress yourself.  First impressions mean a lot when it comes to packaging your product or service.  Yes, even a service can be wrapped up nicely and delivered with care.

I want you to think of your business like a wrapped Hersey’s bar.  What you are selling, is the sugar, sweet taste, and the milk chocolate.  When you buy it, it is wrapped in a nice shiny brown wrapping with BOLD silver lettering, and intricately shaped into 12 small squares that are connected, that give you the conveince to break a piece without making a mess.

Opening it is a mouth watering experience; many times you open the candy bar before you even get to your destination.  You know there is a delightful surprise inside that will fulfill your craving for something chocolaty and something sweet.  You convince yourself you have a sweet tooth so that you can go back and get another.

You should think of your business in the same way.  How you package your product or service will either attract or repel prospects.  Look at your business as a total package. When they purchase your products or service,

Is it wrapped nicely?

Is there something shiny that can grab their attention?

Do you have a compelling description that gives them an idea of what to look forward to before they buy, hire you or join your program?

When you look at your business is it sexy enough?

Is your delivery and packaging sweet enough to give them a craving for more?

Do you describe your business in a way that is more than compelling but mouth watering?

Do you have eye catching graphics that draw people in?

Think about ways that you can improve your delivery and packaging of your product or service offerings.  Can you begin to include a customer follow up call in 30days? Can you send inexpensive gifts that show them you appreciate their business? How about adding something extra to give in addition to your products when they purchase it, like a sample of your next product?

Bring sexy back and watch how the emails start to flood in. Make sure you sign up on my list so that you can find out more on my “Bringing Sexy Back into Business” teleclass.

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