Corporate Mom Drop Out or Corporate America: Are you faithful to your vision?

I started out as most mom entrepreneurs, frustrated with my job, wanting to pursue my dreams, make more money, and do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it, and however I wanted to do it.  I rebelled and left Mr. Corporate America to see if I could make it without him.  It has been over 7 years now and I have not returned.  I now have the freedom and flexibility I craved. On the business front, I deliver inspiring keynotes, coach women business owners and mompreneurs. On the home front, I am able to enjoy my family  and play with my little 9mth old at the mommy and me events during the week.

I don’t know about you, but the relationship I had with Mr. C (Corporate America) was abusive.

He kept me from my children, kept me from my friends and family, and most of all kept me from being me. Mr. C made it clear that he wanted 50years of my life.  He never really acknowledged my talents and he personally did not care.  He told me I could only be sick a few times a year, I could eat once a day when he said so. He told me what to wear, how to talk and when to talk. He gave me money every two weeks, just enough to survive and told me that I had to show up rain, sleet, hail or snow. I will never forget the day he told me that I could only take 14 days out of the year, and had the nerve to call it a vacation…

I have been tempted to cheat on my vision when times were rough, when I suddenly became a single parent with 2 small children, when my lights were turned off, when my computer crashed while working on a clients 30 page business plan, when my car was towed for tickets, not once, not twice but three times for over $1000 each time, only because the signs in the city were hard to read, when all I wanted to do was attend a networking event for free. In the midst of it all, and despite of it all, I had to believe that I was going through a process of preparation.

When Mr. C came knocking at my door, with flowers and candy, with new positions and promotions, I had to stand firm on my decision and make this thing called VISION work.  I needed to hang around visionaries, listen to visionaries, and eat with visionaries who were not my peers, but at a level that I wanted to get to.

You will be tried, tested and tempted when it comes to your Vision.  When the going get rough, when the roads get rocky. Are you willing to wipe off the dust, dry your eyes and keep on keeping on?

Be committed and intrinsically motivated.  Write your vision down and start with the end in mind.  What does the big picture look like? Write the vision, cut and paste the vision, record the vision, do whatever legally, morally and ethically that you need to do so that the provision can show up. What one person can do, anyone can do if the desire and passion is there. I believe in you and in the beauty of your dreams.  When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, you will take action.  I trust that when you do, you will join me, Lucinda Cross…. together we will create a business beyond your wildest dreams!

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Dr. Soaries on “Doing What You Love”

In the book Corporate Mom Drop Outs (yes, my first book), it talks about, boosting your business and growing the seed, the financial seed. Here is a snippet, and an awesome video from Dr. Soaries on “Doing What You Love”,  that really inspires me to continue being my best and doing my best.

Page 50. First Trimester: Woman on a Hunt!

The impact of technology, globalization and flatter organizational structures has changed the paradigm of career paths. That’s why employees create and manage their own career avenues in different ways just to getthe promotion they want. Developing a correct promotion plan is the key to achieving a dream. As a business owner and a Corporate Mom Dropout you have the opportunity to create your own salary, your own promotionsand bonuses.

There is no job description; only a biography that you create and build upon based on your experiences. Since you’re already an expert in your field and love what you do, what can you do to take the business to the next level?
The following are some helpful hints in boosting your business and growing the seed.

1. Have a revolutionary mindset and be sanguine. As you go through the process of establishing your business credibility, rely only on yourself when facing obstacles and be positive in dealing with them. Show confidence and leadership skills.

2. Develop mentoring relationships. Build relationships with people in higher positions in your industry,  they’ll easily notice your potential and dedication to your business and can shorten the learning curve. This also helps with getting your business visibility and added credibility based on who your mentor is.  Mentors can give you business guidance, and they can be great sources of information.

3. Display professionalism. Deliver top output and earn a reputation for being dependable, professional and cooperative. Professionalism doesn’t encompass work performance alone but also self-image and brand image. Dress your business smartly and neatly. Make sure you live your message and over deliver.

4. Practice self-promotion. Modesty is a virtue, but you need to be known, sell yourself by telling your accomplishments and contributionsto the ones you’ve helped. You have to learn to express your thoughts in an eloquent and assertive way so that the opportunity to get the self-paid promotion won’t be missed.  Become a money magnet or as Fabienne Fredrickson would say, “Attract Clients Like Crazy”.

5. Expand knowledge and skills. In a fast-paced industry acquiring new knowledge and skills in areas critical to the organization is one of the best ways to get ahead of the competition because it keeps you marketable.

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View this video for further inspiration with Dr. Soaries on “Doing What You Love”.

Iyanla, Oprah and Lucinda: The Law of Opportunity

Harpo Studios (OWN Network)

I watched the Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant interview last week, and as I sat with my pen and pad in hand, I started see some valuable lessons of the Law of Opportunity being revealed to me.  I rarely watch television, but I could not resist watching two of my favorite role models talk it out.  I learned a valuable lesson in those 45 minutes. When you say your ready, are you really aware of what ready means.

According to the online Websters Dictionary, Ready means 1. (adj) poised for action2. (adj) completely prepared or in condition for immediate action or use or progress3. (adj) immediately available,4. (adj) mentally disposed.  When Iyanla said she was ready, she really wasn’t. When you say your ready are you really ready?

Are you poised for action?

Are you prepared?

Are you available to be used?

Are you mentally disposed or willing to step up?

I am ready to take on the course, challenge or opportunity that is presenting itself. I am ready for the blessing. I am ready for the preparation and pruning for what ready calls for. I am ready to be used. I am available to be used. I am willing to play a bigger game and step it up.

Being ready is the key to opportunity. Many opportunities present itself, and if we are not focused and using discernment, we may put ourselves in a position to call ourselves “crazy” (over 5 times) on National T.V.

Can we honestly say we are ready for an opportunity or do we think we are ready? Can we stand to be blessed? Are we willing to be loyal to the process and not try to rush, force or present ultimatums in order to speed up the process?  As I was watching the interview, I had to stop and write notes on what the key lessons were for my life and my success.

Here are seven lessons I learned:

1.    Preparation: is necessary, I must be willing to be pruned and seasoned.  I must move in the spirit of excellence and continue to sharpen my sword.

2.    Stay humble and meek: understanding there are things I do not know. Willing to learn and willing to be patient and not pushy.  Open for constructive criticism and able to accept change.

3.    Stay Drama FREE Emotionally: leave my drama and my issues at home.  Not allowing my issues and my inner drama to interfere with my opportunities.

4.    Be the best ME: Never to seek validation from anyone, not everyone is going to like me and they are not supposed to. Asking or waiting for someone to say they “Like” me is not mentally poised.  The good always speaks for itself and needs no recognition. Continue to do good when no one is looking.

5.    Loyalty: All that glitters is not gold, just because the grass looks greener on the other side of the road, does not necessarily mean it is fertile ground.  Loyalty to self and to those who believe in nurturing you and not stunting your growth is important on the road to the “Land of more than enough”. Stay true and loyal to yourself.

6.    Pray for spiritual discernment: Ask God to direct your steps and confirm your direction. Pray for clarity.  Ask God for his will and his way to be done.

7.   Forgive yourself first: Apologize to you first, apologize to you first and I repeat apologize to you.  Apologize for not believing in yourself, in not trusting yourself, in not honoring yourself, in not valuing your boundaries and sticking to your morals, for saying yes when you wanted to say no, for being quiet when you wanted to speak up, forgive yourself for being emotionally attached, for allowing the EGO to move in, for not letting go of the past, for not valuing your valley, and for not listening to God.  I apologize Lucinda.

Here is the link to the interview, make sure you visit us back and post your 3-5 lessons. We all can support each other during our pruning and preparation process.

Sidebar: Oprah’s producers if you are ready for some fresh content, I am ready to fly out to Chicago asap. 🙂

Video clip : Iyanla and Oprah

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Your Fantastic For…part 1: The Forecaster

Hire your Fantastic For ( yes i spelled it right) For not Four. Forecaster who is your Visionary, Forerunner which is your Implementer, Forewoman which is your Leader and your Forward which is your Activator.

Here is what your Forecaster (Visionary) should look like:

In the dictionary, a visionary is defined as a person with unusual foresight and the ability to see ahead. Whenever we are in a position of leadership, we carry that responsibility, whether we like it or not. Your Forecaster should encompass the following traits:

1. Educated Thinker: Your Forecaster should be well educated on your industry and able to take the research and information on your industry and pick the current trends before anyone else.  Forecasters are highly visible and excellent communicators, they see new products that you should create and new markets you should enter.

2. Reinforces: Your Forecaster is also the one who works on the strategic LONG TERM plan.  Your Forecaster reminds you of the business goals and makes sure that everyone on your team is in alignment with the goals. They are not the ones managing the team but they are the ones who remind you to fill a void so that the goals can get completed.

3. Results Driven: Your Forecaster is motivated by seeing an increase in revenues, earnings and market share. If you are not increasing in any of the mentioned areas then you may need to restructure your plan or rehire a new Forecaster.

A true forecaster has to keep moving forward. If you want to run your business like a business, you have to choose whether you will be a 2 star or 5 star brand.  5 Star brands have high profile Forecasters.

Failing to hire a visionary can hurt your business, and bleed it dry. If you don’t have a vision, if you don’t have clear goals your business will become stagnant. Without a vision and Visionary who is supporting the vision of the business, it’s hard to convince joint venture partners and investors to give you an opportunity to grow financially.  With your Forecaster in place you can play in the Big League.

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I am one of BABBLE’S TOP 50 • 2011 Mompreneurs

Lucinda Cross | Corporate Mom Dropouts

Top 50 Mompreneurs of 2011: Lucinda Cross Corporate Mom Dropouts


Corporate Mom Dropouts, a book, blog and coaching service designed to help working moms create the balance between managing a career and family.

Location: Westchester, New York
Children: Two sons, 4 months and 9, daughter, 6 • Age: 33

Inspiration: In 2005, working in risk management, Cross was burnt out. “I realized I had no relationship with my kids,” she says. “I was spending less than 45 minutes a day with them. There was no attention or affection for my spouse, either, because there was none of me left at the end of the day. I had to change that.”

Perspiration: With no clients or connections, and in the midst of a marital separation, Cross sought help. She found a career mentor, asked friends and family to help babysit, quit her day job and started an unpaid internship to learn the basics of consulting. “There were times when there was no money coming in, but going back to never seeing my kids was never an option,” she says. It was hard to hook clients at first. But once word got out there was someone was helping moms start their own companies, clients started flooding in.

Success: Cross released her first book, Corporate Mom Dropouts, in 2009.

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Does Your Blog Need A Face Lift?

4 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Blog

1. Be brief and to the point as much as possible

Cutting down the number of words used to pass a message without distorting it is so vital. You have to be sensitive that some readers are commonly put off by the use of over communicating to express a point.

Being concise is very important as it facilitates the concentration and focus on a story by an individual. Keep in mind that busy readers are likely to read and comprehend on a story that is brief and to the point. Follow the “K.I.S.S” rule (keep it short and sweet).

2. Uphold accuracy


Avoid Having A One Night Stand With Your Clients

It’s all about your clients’ experience- how to create an experience that keeps the referrals coming, helping your clients to the best of your ability and over delivering

The basic ways in which you can effectively deliver customer service is through making the customers’ needs a priority, listening keenly to the customers and ultimately putting efforts to exceed their expectations. However, there are a number of other ways you can utilize to win customers’ loyalty thus keeping them coming back and attract other new clients through referrals. These include:

Having a rich knowledge on the product/service: As the client’s agent, having a deep understanding concerning the product/service will enable you to effectively represent the client while dealing with the customer thus meeting or exceeding their expectations.


Are You Googlelicious?

Google Alerts is ‘email updates’ of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. It distills the results from the first 20 or so pages of its search engine results and sends you the alert. The most important aspect of being on the web is your online reputation. Making sure that the information regarding yourself and your business is Good and True and not anything, that is going to hurt you or your business. Now, there are many different aspects of reputation monitoring, and one in particular is Google Alerts.

As a business owner whose specialty is marketing, Google Alerts is a tool that I cannot live without. I get to find out about my clients and their competition, see if anyone is plagiarizing their content, and see who is searching for them. Google Alerts is the ultimate internet spy.

Here are some ways I use the service to save me lots of time and energy marketing in the wrong places.


Reserved Parking for Your Keywords

Keywords and keyword phrases are words and/or phrases the search engines look for when they search your site or blog or article.

Search engines only work if they can return relevant content to the people who are using them to search, so it’s very important to them to find articles that go well with the search terms people insert in the search box.

Search engines look for keywords in several places:

  • In the metatags at the beginning of a web page
  • Within the header tags of a web page or article
  • In the body of text on a web page, especially in the first paragraph and the last paragraph or of your site or article.


Why Reinvent The Wheel? Replicate a Money Making Model

There are many different ways to make money on the internet. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, the fastest and easiest way to ensure your success is to replicate a model that’s already proven to make money. Here are a few models to look at.

1. The Informational Website

The informational website is based on giving away free information. It’s primary source of income is AdSense, advertising and affiliate product sales.

For example, if you were to start a small website on fishing, put up 50 articles about various fishing tips and techniques and populated it with AdSense ads, you’d very likely get decent traffic as well as make a decent amount of money.


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