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Failure to Thrive Syndrome: visions and dreams

One of the big mistakes I made with my visions and dreams is thinking that I had to be a particular kind of person, or be in the “right place at the right time” or have the right background in order for my vision to manifest.

When I took a good look at some of the past success stories, this was far from the truth. I did not need the right background, I needed to take the time out to nurture and cultivate my vision, I had to nurture the burning desire for success and be willing to use my natural mother instincts which govern success and growth.

Many clients of mine have experienced Failure to Thrive Syndrome.  What’s that you ask?  Well, here is what happens to infants who suffer from Failure to Thrive Syndrome and tell me if this is something you are going through or have overcome in the past.

Infants require basic nurturing needs to be met, nothing strenuous but necessary. Such as love, touching, feeding, holding, keeping warm and dry, some attention, etc.  In fact, so powerful is the need to be nurtured that without it, the baby can develop Failure to Thrive Syndrome, which often leads to infant death.  The infant’s body is telling it that something is wrong, the infant begins to internalize this reaction to non reaction and it results into something fatal or deadly.  Please keep in mind; I am not a physician or pediatrician.

As it pertains to your vision and your dreams, this is equally serious.  If you do not love, touch, feed, hold, and nurture your vision and your dreams their reaction to growth is zero to none.  Why do I use such a serious analogy to get my point across?  I use this analogy to let you know that your dream and vision is your contribution to the world.  Your vision may save thousands of lives; your dream pursued and acted on, may keep the next individual from giving up.

When a baby enters in the world, that is an individual who has a destiny, a mandate and a mission already assigned to him/her.  When a dream is birthed or a vision activated, that is a solution to a major problem, no matter how big or small, it is a valuable and worthy solution.

If you feel as if you are losing the life of your vision and dream, just take some time to give it some TLC (tender, love and care) before putting it out to the world. Nurture your vision and dreams, cultivate it, feed it the amount of quality time it needs.  Before you know it, your vision and dream will nurture, cultivate and feed you. $$$

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The Caylee Anthony Story: Become a Nosey Community Angel

Look at how many people were enraged, swarming  outside the court room, investing their time to feed into the frenzy of a verdict that would either set Casey Anthony free or put her behind bars. (well now she is free)

My question is…where are the people praying, investing their time to be unified, and reaching out to one another? We cannot lose focus on what is really happening here.  We need to get in position to prevent something like this from happening again or at least start in our own communities to enforce safety in and outside the homes by being AWARE. Losing focus on the real reasons WHY causes us to miss the opportunity to see warning signs and smoke signals that may be going off by another  little girl somewhere who is being kidnapped, raped, tortured, abused by her stressed out parents or by some deranged stranger.

This is just one case that should wake up the communities, we are all responsible when it comes to a neglected child.  We need to check in on our neighbors, and locals.  There is a stressed, burned out, overwhelmed mother/family who needs support most of the time mental help.  Yes, mental support as in a phone call, a conversation to know that someone cares, maybe even professional counseling or a simple a walk in the park by herself and a prayer.

We should not be in a community where, no one cares, until something happens. We have to care to avoid it happening.

Here are some things I am implementing in my community and feel free to share what you are working on or have in place for safety and security for these families, including our own.

1. Create a community watch board (yes, this is a group of nosey bodies who have nothing else to do but check the sex offender listings, frequent knocks on your door to say hello, they are the ones that tell your kids to be careful and don’t throw the ball in the streets.)- It’s important to know who your neighbors are.

2. Support circle: Who is a good cook in the area, who has a good cleaning service, who can watch kids, who can help with carpooling the kids to and from school, who can help with transportation to and from work, who can help out with food shopping, who can reach out to sponsor a neighborhood family. – Create a local resource manual with agency numbers and outreach support.  (Carry a bat phone; this is an inexpensive cell phone that is only used for the local community in case of an emergency you can report it, that is the only phone number you are to give out)

3. Pray meetings. Helping one another stay connected and praying for one another’s family. (Local church access on a Wednesday night, virtual meetings on the phone, or meet up in the local park or diner)

4. Play dates: where are the local parks and events that you can team up to go out together?

5. Moms night out: making sure that all the kids are in one central location or with a trusted source.  This helps you to connect with one another on a deeper and more fun level.

Don’t be afraid to be nosey, there is a child waiting for a nosey angel to save them. Remember “It takes a Village”.

Please post any resourceful phone numbers or hot lines or agencies that support families, single moms and moms in general.

Join us for our National Prayer Walk on July 30th.

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Mondays Prescription: Fear Is Not The New Fad

People talk so much about fear these days that is has become a convenient excuse just to sit in the corner and not take action.  Being fearful should not be a fad and it is not cute as my mother would say.  Giving your power away to fear is like a Lion giving up his position in the animal kingdom.  Its normal and human in nature to be afraid of the unknown, but don’t let it dominate you.

Life doesn’t reward quitters, towel throwers or forfeiters.  If a lion doesn’t conquer his fear, he would not be able to hunt the wild game; he would die from hunger all because he was afraid. So how does the lion conquer his fear, he goes after the big game.  Game that is bigger and sometimes faster than him/herself.

We must be like the lion and roar, stop rattling like a snake and roar like a lion or lioness. Lions are very social and live in families called prides, notice the word pride.  They are amongst other fearless lions.  When you observe the lion in nature, you will notice that it is best described by its strength, natural dignity and demand for respect. The lion is born as a powerful creature and power naturally comes to it. (you attract what you are)

Each of us was not born with fear in us, which is something we decided to adopt.  We told ourselves that fear can conquer us, shake, rattle and roll us around.  You must remember your birth right.  You are born powerful, fearfully and wonderfully made, just like the lion.

Get your roar back by doing the following:

  • Hold your head high – even in times of conflict – conduct yourself with dignity and demand respect
  • Stand tall, remember your birthright of power is moving through you at all times
  • Showcase your authority (not by dominating and being arrogant) but lead others with a loving heart, love conquers all
  • Protect your pride, stand up for what you believe in, protect your vision, and be aware of enemies and friendemies (friends that really don’t like you).
  • Have courage to act and move when needed.
  • Have faith

No matter what you have been through that may be paralyzing you, no matter what traumatic experience you have encountered now or in the past.  We all are fearful of something, someone or someplace.  But you cannot sit there blessed with and gifted to paralyze yourself.  You are cheating the pride from having a strong powerful leader; you have to go from crawling to walking at some point, so why not stand tall NOW.

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How many P’s are you juggling? Organizing Your Priorities

If the basics of reading and writing are learning your ABCs, the basics of work-at-home success is setting your priorities. If you don’t have a set of priorities by which to guide your business, your day, and your week, you are at the mercy of circumstance. Happenstance is for people who play the lottery; not for entrepreneurs, and definitely not for the Corporate Mom Dropout who has to juggle everything and everybody.

You sit down at the computer to begin work on your to-do list, and the emails start coming in. Instead of having a way to rate the importance and urgency of each request and item on your list, you just respond to whatever is front and center – which is usually whatever email or phone call has come in most recently. Then the end of the day comes, and you still have as many items on your to-do list as you started with. The stress starts to mount as your business goals recede farther and farther into the distance.

So what’s the solution? Setting priorities. When you have a list of goals and priorities, you have a map for your future.

My advice is to set one or two business objectives for each quarter of the year. You may choose to launch a new product the first quarter of the year, revamp your website during the second quarter, create marketing materials for the third quarter, and develop an outsourcing strategy for the fourth quarter.

The following is my favorite process for breaking down a large objective into daily, weekly, and monthly priorities:

  • Start with your quarterly objective.
  • Ask yourself, what would have to happen this month to achieve this objective?
  • What would have to happen this week?
  • What would have to happen today?

Once you have defined what needs to happen each day, week, month, and quarter, put those items on your calendar and to-do list with a big star next to them. Now you know what has to be completed every day before you start answering phone calls or emails. No matter what the rest of the day brings, you know you have completed the things that will most move your business forward.

This small routine will help reduce your stress because you’ll no longer lie in bed, wondering what the heck you accomplished that day. Instead, you will have taken concrete steps towards achieving your most important goals. (P.S. This works great with personal goals, too!).

Now that you have your priorities set for each day, week, month, and quarter, how will you know if all that work will fit into your schedule?  Let’s take a look at how you can manage those fleeting 24 hours we all have to work within.  If you want more of this series you can visit the Success Store for the mp3 download with handouts delivered to you instantly.

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Can You Catch A Fish Without A Hook?: Writing Effective Blog Post

How to Write Blog Post That Get Leads

The title of the post says, Can catch a fish without a hook? And the short answer is no.  You need bait and you need a hook.  Here is a step-by-step process I use to write blog post specifically designed to generate leads or catch fish.


  1. Use an opt-in form with a valuable giveaway on your web site. It can be a mini-site or your primary hub site, but it has to have a sign-up form in a very prominent place. I prefer upper right hand corner or as a pop up on the site. The giveaway should be extremely valuable for your target audience. Until you have that in place, you might waste your time, readers need a place to gather.  Take a look at for example.
  2. Choose a HOT topic or newsworthy subject that represents the number one reason for your target market’s frustration. Please be creative in this area. Get real specific with one of the problems they may be facing and address it in the post. Don’t just be generic in your solution, offer sound advice, tips and how to’s. For the month of June I will be sharing several “How to” post.
  3. Begin your blog post with a personal experience or a client case study.  People like to see the connectivity in the post. Readers want to know why this topic is relevant to their case and how they can relate to the story or case study.  Real issues, with real simple solutions.
  4. Create a list of about seven to ten steps, ways, or strategies to solve the problem.
  5. If your goal is to generate leads, or if your goal is to build your list, then you should end your blog post with something enticing, a free giveaway, a chance to enter into a contest, a free sample of your product or a free trial in your membership group.

This is just the basics.  If you keep your bait fresh, the fish will continue to bite. Putting together a writing schedule or a blog editorial calendar will help you with staying consistent.  Consistency is what brings in the leads, constantly in their face, constantly telling them what you can do for them, constantly showing them how to be better.  You have to be consistent and enticing in your writing and in your offer.

Supportive Offer: If you need assistance with coming up with compelling content, check out my Content Made Easy offer, that delivers HOT, FRESH, content ideas and stories to your inbox, first thing Saturday morning.


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Stop Playing Hard To Get, Be Easy: Cash, Check or Credit Card

Stop Playing Hard To Get.

When it comes to making a sale you must make it EASY for people to buy.  There were many times where I would have a book signing and would have a line full of buyers. Half of the people on the line did not carry cash and wanted to pay me with a credit or debit card.  Since I was not PREPARED and EQUIPPED. I would miss the opportunity of selling a book, CD or event on the spot.

I would get the following response that would make my stomach turn.

  1. You don’t have a credit card machine?
  2. You don’t accept credit cards?
  3. Do you know where and ATM is?
  4. I only have this amount of $$$ on me. on me.
  5. Can I buy the book online?
  6. I guess I will get my copy when I see you at the next event.
  7. I waited on line to get the book and I wish I would have known this before.

People do not like it when it seems as if your products or services are hard to get.  Yes, it is good to sell out at an event, but to miss out on a sale because I am UNPREPARED was enough for me to take action.  I know have invested in getting a portable charge card machine that connects to my phone called Square Up

The easier you make it for people to buy, the more they will buy. Don’t miss another sale by being unprepared even if you have to print out credit card authorization forms.

Whatever you are selling make sure you have the prices visible for people to see and a sign that says either (CASH ONLY), (CASH and CHECKs ONLY), or (CASH, CHECK AND CREDIT ACCEPTED).  Remember this rule: be easy to find, easy to call, easy to process, easy to deal with and easy to pay for.

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The come back: Pres.Obama (Lion King) vs. Donald Trump (Donald Duck)

President Obama is making his enemies his footstool publicly.

I could not resist to blog about this awesome comeback that our President Obama made during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  There is a saying that says “what goes on in the dark comes to light”, well how about “watch what you say in the light, it may come back to bite.”

During the first couple of minutes in this clip of President Obama addressing the people, you hear how he allows his humor and personality to show.  This not only proved that he is a great man of Valor, but also a man who can laugh at adversity, such as financial big wig Donald Duck, I mean Donald Trump.  I am sorry I could not resist that blow.  I have always admired Donald Trump for his business master mind but this low blow to the President was so petty. Quack Quack.

Well I hope you enjoy this clip and a special thanks to Chere Cofield for posting the video on her FB news feed.  Watch what you say and watch what you do, it may come back in secret or in public…

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Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Where is your biggest check?

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Where is your biggest check?

When it comes to doing business in your city, what has been your experience?  Where did your biggest opportunities and paychecks come from? Do you find yourself doing business with people locally, nationally or globally?

I live in New York – the City that never sleeps. People come from all over the world to stake their claim and create legacy wealth.  With all of this access to capital, isn’t it interesting that my business is not fueled by New Yorkers.  My V.I.P clients come from the West Coast, my Blue Chip (mid-level) clients come from the Midwest and my Try and Buyers come from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area.

In order to render high quality service, I am constantly doing research on my target audience. I’ve discovered that it is necessary to dig deeper than the general questions of, who they are? What problems do they have that I can solve? Where do they hang out? What do they read?

Going below the surface has enabled me to connect directly with my ideal client. When I attend and speak in conferences, opportunities to create joint ventures with other business owners emerged. When you look at your client base and your service offering, who are the current buyers? Who needs what you have and where they are geographically located? Make sure you include this in your marketing plan; this can literally mean the WORLD of a difference.

Check out this article from Bloomberg  Business Week: Women and Wall Street.

Countries which are best for Women in Business Women empowerment has been one of the major criteria for discussion over a period of years. A trend that began from gaining voting rights in USA, proceeding to a grapple in liberty of clothing and finally in establishing itself in the market of businesses, it has been a long journey.

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Super Tired Mom

As a mother of three, I realize that it takes a lot of mental stability to get through each and every day. The daily regimen of being a mother, wife, business owner, cook, maid, etc. is quite demanding and at times overwhelming.  I am fortunate enough to have a husband, yet honestly, at times that seems to add to the pressure.  My intention is always to provide the WHOLE family with the sufficient amount of attention and loving support they need.   Sometimes, this takes a toll on the business of being a mom and the functions of running a business.

I decided that in order for me to stay sane and keep a smile on my face I needed to engage in self-care. The first step was to look at my thoughts and the corresponding effect on my life.  D.N.A of Excellence is my daily mental workout, and ensures consistent grooming of my thoughts.  Just like the body, if you do not take care of the mind it will begin to sag and drag.

What Category do you fit?

Category A: Business is booming, this is your best year, you have seen tremendous growth, clients are knocking down your door, you have systems in place, a virtual assistant or two, you have really found your comfort spot in your industry doing what you love to do.  Everything is running smooth at home and the kids are just so warm and fuzzy.


Category B: You are wondering what you are going to do to get clients, make money, sell more products or get the clients you want.  You are questioning if you should get a job but feel like if you had the right instructions or placed in the right direction you could skyrocket.  Your husband is on your back asking you about your business progress, your kids are being slightly neglected because you are constantly thinking about what to do next in your business so you are glued to your laptop, cell phone or business book.


Category C: You have had it with your job! You really want to lose your religion and tell them how you really feel, or you have been laid off and you are devastated that you don’t have a check but happy that you don’t work there anymore and wondering how you are going to have to cut down some luxuries such as the trips to the salon, manicures, pedicures, dining out, going to the movies. You are not sure if you should downgrade your car, cancel your gym membership, pawn valuables, have an estate sale, or your unemployment is about to be cut off in a few weeks and you feel pressured to act quickly.

As a marketing strategist and lifestyle mentor, I have been blessed to be able to help lots of women and mom entrepreneurs, and one thing I know for sure is those who are most successful operate from a smart and well-executed plan.

And those who find themselves struggling do so because often they are “winging it.”
Let’s be completely transparent with each other; do you have a clear, concise and strategic marketing plan, or strategic action plan designed to help you become an indispensable Trail Blazer this year?

If you are shaking your head “no,” you’re in the right place at the right time, because I can help.I am pleased to introduce “The D.N.A of Excellence: Renewing the Creative Fire!”

This customized program will help you:
* Clarify your 2011 goals
* Reset your thinking and expand your vision for what is possible
* Provide you with a step-by-step guide for the next twelve months
* Introduce you to marketing strategies that will help put you in front of your ideal target audience
* Show you how to leverage your skills and talents so you can create multiple streams of income
* Identify your big-stretch goal and give you a formula for reaching it

This offer is for a limited time only and limited to TEN people. Stop making excuses, this is your chance to “get off the sidelines and into the game”. It’s time  to renew that creative fire so that you come out blazing!

If you are ready to reserve your spot CLICK HERE.

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I am one of BABBLE’S TOP 50 • 2011 Mompreneurs

Lucinda Cross | Corporate Mom Dropouts

Top 50 Mompreneurs of 2011: Lucinda Cross Corporate Mom Dropouts


Corporate Mom Dropouts, a book, blog and coaching service designed to help working moms create the balance between managing a career and family.

Location: Westchester, New York
Children: Two sons, 4 months and 9, daughter, 6 • Age: 33

Inspiration: In 2005, working in risk management, Cross was burnt out. “I realized I had no relationship with my kids,” she says. “I was spending less than 45 minutes a day with them. There was no attention or affection for my spouse, either, because there was none of me left at the end of the day. I had to change that.”

Perspiration: With no clients or connections, and in the midst of a marital separation, Cross sought help. She found a career mentor, asked friends and family to help babysit, quit her day job and started an unpaid internship to learn the basics of consulting. “There were times when there was no money coming in, but going back to never seeing my kids was never an option,” she says. It was hard to hook clients at first. But once word got out there was someone was helping moms start their own companies, clients started flooding in.

Success: Cross released her first book, Corporate Mom Dropouts, in 2009.

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