Work It Wednesday: Mrs. “I Can’t” Has Passed Away

We have provided “Ms. I Can’t”  with her final resting place and we pray you pick up and move your life in her absence.

She left behind two sisters, Ms. I Can and Ms. I Will who are working hard to make an impact in your life.

This is a special broadcast announcement:

We are just  16  Days   — or —   2  Weeks and  2  Days away from an experience that will put somethings into perspective, clarity for other things and letting go of the old.
“They” say that health, wealth, love, peace and joy are your birthright. Do you secretly feel an internal struggle because the gap feels huge between where you are and where you want to be?
You ARE good enough right here and right now.
The Saturday Nigt Live experience will help you turn your ideas into action, help you activate your unique creativity, launch effectively and increase your vision.
  • Who wants lifestyle freedom?
  • Who wants to write their vision and make it plain?
  • Who wants to go to the next chapter in their life, without turning back to page 1?
  • Who dares to re-position themselves?
  • Who is bold enough to fight fear, laugh in the face of adversity and stand?
  • Who is ready to step up and step out and celebrate their season, reason or lifetime experience?
  • Who is ready to answer the call by showing up?
These 4 hours of can help shape the next 4 years of your life.
What are you waiting for?  We buried Mrs. I Can’t s what is holding you back now?
Still not sure if this is the time.  If not now , when, if not you then who?
Sign up for NYC Saturday Dec. 10th or MD Saturday Dec. 17th or ATL Mar. 10th:
More cities to come, stay tuned.
P.S. We have just been contacted by FL, ATL, Michigan and NC to bring this experience there.
Until next time stay true and stay you,
Lucinda Cross
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F’ing Up: Lifestyle Freedom

Today’s F’ing up story is about FREEDOM. What does freedom feel like for you? What does freedom smell like for you? How does freedom feel?

When you look at freedom do you experience the benefits of being free or do you find yourself carrying dead weight. The weight of being mentally bound by believing you were not good enough, smart enough, tough enough, young enough, too big enough or too short enough to do.

Freedom requires you to let go and release your mind, heart and soul from the fear that someone or something on the outside can stop you, harm you or hurt you on the inside.

Freedom requires you to let go from the self imposed, self inflicted limitations of feeling and believing you are not enough and you are doing something wrong or you are wrong I some form or fashion. You don’t need to be fixed; you just need to be free. Let me repeat that…you don’t need to be fixed you just need to be free. You must not and will no longer let anyone, anything; any thoughts confine, define or bind you.

When you allow yourself the permission to be free, you will be able to use the gifts that God has given you with no restraints. You allow yourself to develop, to be used and not abused and you begin to leave a legacy.

The goal is to get free, to leverage and maximize the use of your gifts so that you leave a mark, make a contribution to good. Not just using them with the intent to earn money. Even though you may earn lots of money, you want to use the gifts to show gratitude for being here.

Give! Spend! Unconditionally! Maximize every opportunity to give freely! Show you are grateful. As you step into this new level of freedom, then you will BE the gift to someone; everyone and everywhere.

You will BE the gift to everyone that comes on your path. Think it! Plan it! Envision it! Feel it! Put effort to it! Be it! Live it! See yourself and all your thoughts, ideas, talents as gifts from God given to you for the purpose of giving to someone else. Give the gifts away, everyday! Reach, stretch, and give!

Freedom is a state of mind. Your freedom is your business; you are not required to share your new state of mind, just your gifts. Let your actions do the talking.

I Am Free.

If you enjoyed this F’ing Up: Lifestyle Freedom post you will also enjoy the F’ing Up: How to balance your faith, fitness, finances, family and friends eBook and audio please click here to download your copy or read the flip book version instantly.


Lucinda Cross

*if you would like to have Lucinda Cross speak to your group live or via web, please contact her assistant Iris at assistant@lucindacross.com*

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Look Inside Yourself and Remember Who You Are

“Simba, you have forgotten who you are. Look inside yourself. You are more than what you have become.” King Mufasa.

This is a powerful message. “you are more than what you have become”. When I observe that most people never tap into their talent, it just saddens me. Use it while you can, I refuse to be 70years old flying to speak, here and there.  Ripping the stage from one conference to the next…heck I want to chill out like Maya Angelou.

Many of us want to wait till the right time, when is that?

I am positioning my business and utilizing my full potential so that my children can step into their full potential.  I want my daughter to take the mic and do her thing, I want her to be positioned to speak at conferences, conduct trainings and activate women world wide. I want my sons to adopt my leadership skills, check concrete pavers san diego.

How about you? Can you look in the mirror and honestly say you’re living up to your fullest potential? Are  you holding back and holding out by not being all that you can be, or have you just “forgotten who you are”?


Watch the video, grab some tissues.


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Activate the Champion in YOU

Have you noticed that depressed people tend to get more depressed? Angry people get more angry? Passionate people tend to get more excited? Motivated people tend to get more motivated? Joyful people tend to be me more happy. What kind of momentum are you breeding in your day to day interactions? You need to gain clarity about what kind of person you are.  What are you breeding, joy or pain?

Are you breeding champions ready to break down barriers, overcome challenges, a mixed breeds who may carry fear or a combination of ambition and confusion or a breed that may be angry, unforgiving or selfish?

Choose to be a person of change. Life is not a dress rehearsal. You only get once chance at this. This is YOUR life.  If others want to walk around angry, upset and fearful that’s their life.  This is your life and what you breed determines the fruit you bear.  Attitude is everything and the attitude you project is what is dispersed in your business, your relationships, in your professional and personal life.

Here is a quick video to activate the champion in you.

“The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place… and I don´t care how tough you are, it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently, if you let it. You, me or nobody, is gonna hit as hard as life. But ain’t about how hard you hit… It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward… how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That´s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you worth, go out and get what you worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits. And not pointing fingers saying: You ain´t what you wanna be because of him or her or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain´t you! You´re better than that!” (Rocky Balboa)

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Maybe It’s My Fault

Picture by: Ori Gersht Blow Up

No excuses this time around.


This is a no excuse zone, we can no longer blame others for our slack or lack or getting, doing or being something. Today we will be held accountable for our actions towards our success.

Do something BOLD
Give and do what you want to be and have. It is very easy to fall into fear, holding yourself back, feeling uncomfortable when it comes to do something or say something BOLD. In being bold here are a few things to think about:

1. Be your authentic self
2.Tell someone how much you appreciate them
3.Tell someone YES
4.Learn to say NO
5.Sit back and do absolutely nothing
6. Love yourself (take yourself out on a date)
7.Let go of toxic relationships, friendships, ships in general (lol)
8. Ask questions
9. Confront your demons( fear, self-doubt, low self esteem, etc.)
10.Travel somewhere out of town or local, get out of your familiar territory
11. Forgive someone in person (mom, dad, sis, brother, friend etc.) remember no one is obligated to do you right or do you wrong.
12. Try a new restaurant
13. Join a support group/ church/ network
14. Admit your wrong
15. Go to the doctor or dentist
16. Identify and embrace your fears (if your scared of heights, go visit the Empire State Building)
17. Treasure your relationships
18. Use you senses learn to FEEL. (many of us have blocked this sense out and use it only when we want to, but learn to FEEL and let go do not put up a wall.)
19. Go to an event or host one yourself
20. Have a baby (lol. hahahaha. just joking, just wanted to make sure you were paying attention)

Commit to do one thing BOLD this week

Make sure you join us at http://www.facebook.com/activateme247

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Stand Up and Speak Up for September

The theme for this month is Stand up and Speak up.

One thing we all want is respect.  We want others to believe in us and in what we do.  In order to make the necessary shifts we must tune into our power.  Many of us are on the wrong channel in our lives.  We are on the Entertainment tonight channel when we should be tuned into the Discovery channel.


This month I challenge you to Stand up and Speak up. Start with confronting any fears you have.  Once you confront your fears then you can truly create the life you desire and that takes time.


Ask yourself this question.  If I was to step up to the challenge of speaking up and standing up for myself or my beliefs (more money, better job, a better relationship, more pleasure, better health, more clients, public speaking) would it hurt, will I start to bleed, will it kill me?


Here is the bottom line. If it doesn’t kill you and your not bleeding, then whatever trial or challenge you face will push you forward to creating a better life, a better attitude, a better way of being and showing up in the world.


We all have something to Stand up and Speak up about; we all have a story to tell.  For many of us, we’ve created a whole reality series that keeps us rooted in fear, resentment and stagnated. We refuse to exercise the power of Speaking up and Standing up for who we are and what we believe in. Many of us end up doing the following:


  • Doing things because we feel we had to do them, should do them or because you couldn’t say no.
  • Allowing our friends or associates abuse our generosity because we were playing the role of a people pleaser.
  • Complaining all the time and not doing anything about it
  • Hoping and wishing to be rescued, but not taking the first steps
  • Putting our own needs last
  • Making excuses for people and their behaviors or actions
  • Not admitting we were wrong, and unable to take criticism
  • Manipulating others to get what we want
  • Hesitating to speak up
  • Being defensive when confronted
  • Calling ourselves names or allowing other people to call you names(crazy, silly, stupid)
  • Denying our creativity or afraid to use it
  • Emotional eating
  • Drinking too much
  • Refusing to exercise

Don’t suffer in silence this month.  You are not weak you are strong, you are not inadequate you are more than capable, you are not boring, you are a pleasure to be around, you are not rejected, you are accepted for all the opportunities that align with your mission, you are not abandoned you are welcomed, you are not ridiculed, you are complimented.


Speak Up and Stand Up for September. I would love to read your thoughts on this post. I also invite you to “Like” my Activate Me 24/7  fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/activateme247


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Les Brown: It’s Possible

Do you truly believe that “It’s Possible”?

I truly believe that it is possible not only for you but for me.  What you want to receive in life you must give to others.  I believe that it’s possible for you to achieve your greatest desire.  I believe it’s possible for you to raise the bar. I believe that you can be the best, have the best and do the best in this life.

If you want love, you have to learn how to give love, and then give it freely.  If you want appreciation, you must learn how to appreciate, and then give appreciation.  If you want abundance, you must help others find abundance.

Giving others what you desire is the simplest way to get your own desires met.  This is the biggest law in life.  The law of giving.  This means that you are joyfully and cheerfully giving with no regrets or cringe in your spirit. Giving is the mindset. Giving is a magnet.

Think about what you have been expecting to receive or expecting to attain?  If you have not received it, ask yourself “Have I sowed the same seeds that I am expecting a harvest in?”.





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Zig Ziglar – Evaluate Where You Are

I like to review some of the old school inspirational videos and audios.  The oldies but goodies. There are so many nuggets in one message that can shift your thinking completely. One of the reasons why I enjoy Zig Ziglar is the fact that he challenges people to focus on purpose centered living. Great advice.

If we count on something else outside of ourselves to turn passion, purpose and joy on, then something else will be able to turn it all off.  Evaluate where you are. Understand that your purpose is within, awaiting your invitation to appear.  It is a gift instilled in us at birth at the moment of conception fixbodygroup.com.  You don’t have to wait for somebody or something to turn on the purpose switch. We can activate it ourselves.

Evaluate where you are and get on purpose.



Picture by: Alison Gregory: My Blue Heaven


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Monday Prescription: Time for Heart to Heart Communication














During my presentation, I often stop the host from reading my bio, because what I am about to present has nothing to do with the media outlets I was featured on, the magazines I was in or the books I wrote or co-authored.

I don’t want people to see an “expert who appeared on…” I want people to experience a breakthrough of someone who can relate and provide a solution. That is where the breakthrough is, that is when the transition happens, when you are giving a heart to heart.

Television appearances are edited and scripted, magazines are edited, radio interviews are also scripted at times and edited, the networking elevator pitch is scripted, and even some of the presentations people give are scripted and rehearsed.

So tell me, at what point do you get to cultivate an authentic relationship?

At what point do you get the raw material?

This week I want you to pick 3 people you would like to cultivate a raw and authentic relationship with. They can be anywhere online, offline, U.S or UK.  Figure out what it is about that person that resonates within you.  What do you admire about them? Which of their values, behaviors, or accomplishments have impressed you?  Then I would like for you to state a specific way in which you can help or would like to be useful to that person.  Spend time coming up with creative ways to do this. Make sure you understand who they are and what challenges they face and follow through on the help you offered.

As I mentioned above, your communication has to come from the heart. Your offer of help has to be sincere, I repeat, your offer has to be sincere and you should absolutely be committed to following through on it.  Here are some heart to heart questions:


What keeps you up at night?

What accomplishments are you most proud of, in life or business?

What does a typical day look like for you?

What’s your unique story? What makes you different from everyone else?

What do you desire most at this point in your life?

How do you get your information (books, TV, radio, magazines, email, etc?)

What was the most expensive product or service you ever bought?

If money weren’t an issue, how could I best support you?

What is your most pressing issue right now?

What kind of things are on your calendar for this week?

What’s not working? What are you doing over and over again without the desired results?

What are you tolerating in your life or business right now?

The answers to these questions will support you in cultivating proactive relationships.  Enough of the Friend Feed let’s get to know each other better and have a Heart to Heart.


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Life Strategies: Stay Grounded Without Settling


Living life on purpose means that you have strategies in place that help you go from the land of not enough to the land of more than enough.

Life has many ways of putting a hold on us as a way to mold us for our mission.  From work related pressure, family stress, health issues, political discomfiture and religious principalities.

What comes out when you apply life strategies to your life?

What comes out of you when you are squeezed, watered, shaped, reshaped, pressed, pulled, molded and formed?

More likely you will wreak the scent of “settling”. Smelling as if you have showed in guilt, envy, jealousy, unhappiness, frustration, anger, depression, fear, hate, embarrassment, sorrow, nervousness, shame, pride, ego and or doubt. This aroma is something that you picked up during the process and have now gone from weeds, to stems, to branches.

Your life strategy was to start a business and you suffered financially because you refused to believe in yourself enough to charge more, so you settled for less.

Fear was a branch you grew.

Your life strategy was to build a happy home and you were emotionally, physically or either mentally abused, so you settled for less.

Depression was another branch you grew.

When the strategy fails, you plan again, you set a new goal, you devise a clever way to accomplish and overcome.

If we are to possess the land, why are you looking for a corner in the box?

If you believe that you are destined for greatness, why are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone?

If you are looking to be grounded, why do you allow other people to uproot you?

If you are waiting for your knight and shining armor to show up, why are you trying to change him into what he’s not?

You must remember, remember, remember your thoughts, choices, actions have great power. You are not just a piece of flesh at the mercy to whatever life puts on your plate.  You are a co-creator of the reality you live in. Life strategies only work if you work them. The next time you feel discouraged, or disempowered. Know that you are anything but powerless and never, ever, ever, ever settle for less.

If you would like to discuss how you can experience a personal and professional breakthrough, schedule a confidential session with me by visiting http://www.tungle.me/lucindacross, let’s get to the bottom of this once and for all.


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