New Author Tip #3 Write Three Paragraphs Per Day

New Author Tip #3 Write Three Paragraphs Per Day

Write just three paragraphs, describing the problem and the solution based on your subject. Do this every day for the next 30days. The problem may remain the same, or you can choose a different problem and a different solution to write about.  This is a formula works like magic for non-fiction books. If you are writing a fiction book, consider picking one character, one scene at a time and start to set the tone for your book. Write just three paragraphs a day about it or about them.

For example: Low self esteem for a college freshman is the problem–write about this in detail.  Then write about the solution–based on your research, experience and expertise how this problem can be solved?

But here’s the catch: you must do it every day. No days off, no vacations, no weekends or holidays, no me-time. You will write at least three new paragraphs every day.

There are no restraints on this formula. This is the recipe to getting the chapters completed and getting the book done.  I call this “free writing”. Be free in your writing; don’t worry about structure and placement. Just pick one problem and a solution to match and write it out. Consider carrying a paper journal or recorder on your day to day travels, three paragraphs at a time.

Carry it with you and you might find that your three paragraphs isn’t enough for the day and you can write one or two more in the course of the 24 hour day.

After you complete your first three paragraphs, date it, label it and don’t read it until the end of 30days. Give your work to a critic and have them make notes on the paragraphs and don’t read the notes until the end of 30days. Why? Because we want to avoid writers block, self sabotage and being overly emotional from the critics point of view.  The critic can be your friend, another writer or someone in your target market that you now, like and trust.

Resource: Start keeping our notes on Google docs or Evernote


If you are looking for a writers circle who will push you, critic you and love on you all at the same time, join the next course and get connected.




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Change your leadership position: Lead-hers vs. Need-hers

In business and in life it is imperative for us to look at our position that we hold in the hearts and minds of the people we come in contact with and determine, whether we are showing needy tendencies or leadership qualities.  If you want more out of life, love, family, friends, health and even in your faith you must position yourself in a way that fosters positive changes.


Lead-hers are those who are going to make things happen and push against the grain.  They also raise up other lead-hers on the way. They have high determination and low levels of procrastination.

Need-hers are those who are waiting for things to change, shift and happen.  They sit around waiting for someone or something to save them. They have high expectations and low activation.

Someone is waiting for you to be a Lead-her. You never know you just might save someone’s life.

Tell me your thoughts on this topic. I am interested to reading your thoughts and comments. Here is an Activate post I shared on my Facebook wall today.

Activate: What is the Road to Redemption about? It’s about teacher the reader how to be a lead-her versus a need-her. I will explain this later, but I want you to sit on this and think about the position you hold right now in the lives of those you come in contact with. Get your copy today if you don’t have your own

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Light Your Fireworks: Personal Declaration of Independence

Personal Declaration of Independence

My new book The Road to Redemption was launched on May 21st.  In addition to the success the book has landed for my speaking career so far, it has also started a movement.  A movement that fosters living a lifestyle of freedom and abundance.  I realized just how apropos this is for the Fourth of July weekend, which celebrates courage, freedom, boldness and new beginning.

I would like for you to declare your independence on July 4th. This is the true meaning of redemption.

What is the excuse you are using that is preventing you from being, doing and having more in life?

What’s the tyrant that is holding you back from being a woman of truth and integrity?

Is it that toxic relationship?  Not letting go of the past? That stifling job? Just pure procrastination? Is it your hidden fears of success or failure? Is it the debilitating habit of saying yes to people please? Or are you just toooooooooo busy to do what needs to be done?

What will you personal declaration of independence state? This is an extremely important question that can turn your life around. This is not a New Year’s resolution to lose 30 pounds or to quit smoking, lying or overspending. This deserves deep contemplation and, even better, a written commitment where you sign on the dotted line. I am asking you to create your own personal declaration of Independence and prepare to make this declaration on July 4th along with other warriors who are ready to be liberated. This is the day that you will declare your liberation from whatever or whomever and however in order to be redeemed.

Here is the challenge and helpful tips for writing your Personal Declaration of Independence:

  • Be honest with yourself: Name something (or someone) that is holding you back from fully being yourself.
  • Write out your Personal Declaration of Independence with a firm commitment and passion.
  • In your declaration, state exactly what you are committing to be liberated from and why this is important to you. What will you be able to accomplish by liberating yourself from this yoke?
  • Write that you are inviting and welcoming into your life all the support (physical, financial, emotional, and spiritual) that you need to stick to your pledge of freedom.
  • Then write down the specific actions you will commit to in order to see this through to the finish.
  • Date and sign your declaration.

This will be the start of a new thrust for you, especially when you see this declaration as a pledge—a promise to yourself that you will choose to cut yourself free from the negative habit or toxic tie because it is dragging you down—maybe even smothering you—rather than raising you up.

Keep in mind this will take some work. It requires you to be committed and writing the pledge down is the first step.

—Moving forward against all odds is so important to me that in my book The Road to Redemption I devoted three chapters to the subject of freeing yourself and overcoming.

Let the fireworks begin!

Comment below and let me know you are in for the challenge and we will send you more information. Please share with your network.  You can say something like this: I am taking the Personal Declaration of Independence challenge. Join me as I light the fireworks in my life!


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Alfred Edmond Jr. Interview: Challenges Facing Women and Minority Entrepreneurs

Watch this exclusive interview with Alfred Edmond Jr. The SVP of Black Enterprise. I asked him a series of questions via our Skype interview and the answers, if applied can help boost your business for greater success.

I need each reader to place a brief comment based on the interview. Your comments count towards my trip to the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Conference. I will select one lucky individual to attend an all-expense paid trip to the 2012 Black Enterprise Entrepreneurs Conference held in Chicago (May 23-26).

Please comment below and hit the share button. Sharing is caring!



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Turn Your Experience Into Your Empire

How can you turn your trials into a turnkey business?

How can you monetize your message?

At first when I started speaking I told myself and others that I did not care if I was speaking to a chair, when the truth of the matter is that I did care.  I wanted to be heard and the chairs and four walls just would not cut it.  I wanted to heal someone else with my message, the chair can NOT identify with my message.

At some point we all have walked a similar path. Experiences are not a black thing or a women only thing.  No matter what culture you look at, the journey is pretty much predictable. Think about how you can prevent someone from going through what you went through, how can you support someone in going through it after it has happened. Whatever it may be…poverty, homelessness, success strategies, single parenting, family issues, career to business, or from being in business to getting back to the work force. Whatever “IT” is, it can be monetized and leveraged.

You are meant to make it happen. Any doubts you feel are holding you back and robbing the world of your special past experience. YOU are a blessing to someone else, you are a shero/hero in the making.

In honor of Women’s Month, I have reached out to this phenomenal woman who has turned her experience into an non-profit empire.  Her name is Jas Boothe founder of  She will be speaking tonight to my Activate members and those who have taken the Lead-her-ship class at 8pm.



Schedule Lucinda Cross to Speak Call 347-634-5564

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Need help with your finding your mojo

Lucinda Cross





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March Manifesto: The Power of Belief is in the Placebo

This month’s Manifesto is to help the overwhelmed and support the unfocused.

Have you heard of the placebo effect?

Well it’s when one group of people receive a dose or doses of the drug being tested and the other group receives the placebo, the non drug. Both groups are given the medicine believing that the medicine will cure them. Studies show 70 percent of patients in most cases healed themselves of the illness just through the power of belief. Isn’t this interesting. Let me ask you:

What do you believe about yourself, your goals and your vision?
If I told you right now that by taking the Activate pill it will cure your procrastination and stagnation, only if you took a dose a day, would you believe me?

If so get a glass of water and get ready for your first dose.

This is what March Manifesto is all about. Helping you to get rid of your procrastination or stagnation by forcing you to take inspired action every day. Many people I consult and coach do a lot of “doing”, and some do a lot of “do-nothing”. The question I ask them is what should you be focusing on this month? Who do you need to meet with this week? Who do you need to follow up with tomorrow? Who in your social media circle should you be talking to and connecting with? Who?

I spend two days a week connecting with high end individuals. This week I plan on meeting with a Congressmen and a TV Producer. I look to connect with individuals who I can support to do more of what I love. We have to be conscious with our March Manifesto and how we are leveraging our time, our space and our network.

Here are some tips I posted on Facebook and to my Activate 24/7 members to make this week more effective:
• Make 1 challenging phone call every day this week
• Speak or volunteer for an influential group or organization
• Have lunch with someone of influence and power
• Make 1 contact about article writing or a media interview to boost your credibility
• Follow up with 3 potential referral partners that WILL hire you
• Post up a new testimonial this week to leverage “word of mouth” marketing

Let’s get results and make this week phenomenal. If you want to take the pill daily then become an Activator today. If you are not ready just yet, then check back here on Wednesday for the next Manifesto announcement.

“We all have areas of our life where we just need a little nudge in the right direction to get unstuck. We may feel like we hit the snooze button on our vision, but now it’s time to wake up and get Activated. In a series of heartfelt, kick in the butt sessions I will help you breakthrough the places where you hold yourself hostage and together we will create a plan for success. Call me today at 347-634-5564 or email me at (Ask about the Birthday special).”

I am Lucinda Cross!

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The Trust Exchange: You Have To Understand People

Our survival in business and even in life, depends on us developing trust and being authentic in this crazy and mixed up world.  It may take sometime for you to understand people and the importance of communicating with people in order to develop the trust that is needed to get to second base. But you have to work on getting clear and focused as to what you stand for and believe in before approaching others who are interested in doing business with you or connecting with you on a deeper level.

If you really want to help people then work on your 1st base so that you can get to 2nd base.

1st base is to be honest and authentic to avoid cincism.  Say what you mean, do what you say you will do, and create a communication space that speaks true for you whether you are online or in person.

2nd base is when people open up to you because they feel as if you understand them.  This is when they are ready to buy and connect with you. Since trust is a feeling you have to make sure the message you are projecting are clear, focused and positive and they are receptive to what you are saying both verbally and non verbally with integrity.

Do you understand the people you are approaching?

Do you understand your targets wants vs. their needs?

Do you understand the mindset of your audience or customer?

What messages can you project both verbally and non verbally to develop trust?

One of the biggest complaints that most people have is that they feel that “she did not understand my problem” ” I don’t trust her, she did not follow through as promised”. Trust can be lost in a micro minute if you send off the wrong messages.  Not everyone will agree with your method and your beliefs but they must all agree that you are a man or woman of your word and you operate in integrity for their best interest.  This will keep your doors of opportunity open.

Activate: Develop a trust statement.  Meaning that you have a statement that you project to the world that they can trust you and hold you accountable for. Here is an example from a radio station:

The Shine Statement of Trust

Our Guarantee to You:

Here at Louisville’s Shine 105.9 FM, we’re working hard to be a radio station designed for families. Shine 105.9 is a station that you can listen to anytime, anywhere and one that will never embarrass you in front of your children. We want you to know that we don’t just say it, we mean it! That’s why we give you the Shine 105.9 Statement of Trust! No songs with filthy lyrics, rude or crude humor, or commercials that are unsafe for families.

We need your help! If you ever hear anything that you may think violates the Shine 105.9 Statement of Trust, please let us know. We welcome your e-mails at

With your help we will continue to make Shine 105.9 your favorite radio station. The station that listens to you. Thanks for listening to Shine 105.9 FM.

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Two Thumbs Up: Crave Chat in NYC”Flip It Before You Ditch It”

image by:Love Potion 214

I had the pleasure of going to a Crave chat in NYC.  As one of the invited guest panelist our discussion was based on the following topic:

“Flip It Before You Ditch It! Have you ever considered doing the exact opposite of what you’re doing right now? Maybe with your whole business, maybe with a small part… brainstorm what it would look like if you completely flipped it! This is a valuable exercise that, at the very least, will inspire a myriad of new ideas for your business.

Not only have these panel speakers flipped aspects of their own lives to make them happy, but they have built careers around helping others do the same. This month is more than a CRAVE chat of sharing great tips and resources. We invite you to a workshop where you can share your current business concept and receive. We will collectively brainstorm possible ways for you to flip it into something new that makes you happy.”


As one of the guest panelist in the room, I was able to sit back and observe the energy and the passion that these womenpreneurs had.  I have attended many workshops and networking events and this by far is one of the best.

Here are some important qualities I love:

The intimacy- NYC is overcrowded with events and networking gatherings.  Entrepreneurs are not lacking direction in this city, but what we are lacking is quality groups, small but powerful and that is what Crave brought to the table.  Something intimate that allowed each attendee the opportunity to get as much support as they wanted, some even raved about their business concerns and refused to walk away without them answered.

The location- the location was in a central area and outside was quite busy and was surrounded by lots of places to eat afterwards if you wanted to connect further and most of all it was a small business work space called:  Entering the location on one side is the mini conference room where we all gathered and on the opposite side was booth space for people who needed a virtual space to work and I seen one mom there with her son just plugging away at her business. (Awesome)

The team- The people who were hosting and representating for Crave were inviting and made you feel like family.  Instantly as I sat down I was greeted with a smile and shoves of agreement throughout the conversations, we laughed and joked as if we were girlfriends already. Anytime you have someone representing your company make sure they represent the brand image and these ladies were awesome.

The panel- This was a perfect set up.  We each complimented each other; we each had a huge sense of humor that lightened up the conversation of business and most of all we are already thinking of collaborating and taking the show on the road. I have been to some panels that were more of an EGO challenge, where one panelist wanted to appear savvier than the others, but this was quite different we all had an expertise and we all finished each other’s sentences.  It was weird how it happened but we had fun.

Crave was a great place to be on a hump day (Wednesday).  To top the night off we had one of the sponsors Love Potion 214 give us a delicious taste test of their Love Potion 214.

More about Crave:

The Location: In Good Company:

More about Love Potion 214:

And my new BFC’s: Best Friend Coaches are

Rebecca Rodskog

Michelle Ward


Special thanks to my agent Desiree Frieson who stayed calm during my rant in traffic, since Obama was in town and Bieber fever was at the tree lightning.  Talk about a gridlock alert. I could have got out of the car and walked and would have been there faster than the traffic that night, but it was worth every minute of it. #getadrivernexttime




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Women In Business Need To Get Naked

Women in business need to get naked.





Oh yeah! get naked but, please don’t take your clothes off.  When I say get naked I want you to start to advertise, advertise and advertise.  Stand behind your product, stand behind your service, stand behind your brand.  You have to find savvy ways to tell people what you do without shoving it down their throats. Get naked by showing the world what you do and what your working with.

In order for you to be the ONE, to be the TOP CHOICE, you have to be willing to get naked.  Take off what you have been wearing and start to put on the face of your business.  Show people what your hidden talents are.  Show people what you are working with.  Show people what you are passionate about.   My mother always told me if you got it flaunt it.  Take mommies advice and flaunt it.

In order to get noticed you have to show more, be fun and be consistent. Tell your people about your business in a different and exciting way.

Start to get naked by doing the following:

  1. Send out a tip of the week, or day and give it a catchy title. For example, if you are a baker, you may want to have a “Sweet Tooth tip of the week” or include your name in it for branding “Carlton’s Sweet Tip”.
  2. Stop covering up your brand, expose it by blogging. 70% of my revenue comes from clients who are avid readers of my blog.  Think about how you can incorporate your product or service into a blog post 2-3x a month. For example as a Relationship Coach you may want to do a 3 part series called “What’s Love Got To Do With It” part 1 and then offer an relationship laser session for $97.
  3. Get in front of a camera. Don’t be afraid to do a video every once in a blue.  This gives people the opportunity to feel like they know you better and this helps to build trust.

This is just some of the ways you can begin to get naked with your business.  It is all about exposing yourself and what you have to offer.


Do you find yourself stuck? Do you find yourself with a list of items that don’t get done, or maybe a feeling of overwhelm when you think of your to do list? Are you ready to balance maybe some of your life gradually while growing your business?

Get this Ebook and instant audio. It walks you thru the process, and makes it easy for you. Get your instant copy of F’ing Up: How to balance Family, Faith, Friends, Finances and Fitness



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11/11/11 Friday Flavor Sale

Today is 11/11/11 and I decided to offer some fabulous services and products for the price of $1.11 to $111.11  How cool is that?


Take advantage of many of the items and services that I usually chagre anywhere from $497 to $$19.97 for only $1.11 to $111.11 TODAY.


Here is the message for today: Success is not an accident.  We must prepare for it, equip ourselves with tools to increase our mindsets, our value and our position.  Harvey McKay said ” The more you learn…the more you earn.” So the question from me to you is.  Where are you headed?  and what are you doing to prepare yourself for success?  The answer is right in front of you: Its through attending seminars, listening to audios, reading books, taking classes, taking notes, doing the action work, subscribing to publications, associating yourself with those who have a winners mindset, visiting the richest place in the world which is the library, taking heed to the weekly sermons and learnign from your mentors.  That is how you can get prepared for the limitless opportunities.

So here are a few items you can begin to invest in for the 11/11/11 sale for $1.11 to $111.11

Take advantage of this great offer.


Item 1: F’ing Up ebook $11.11

This ebook talks about balancing your faith, fmaily, finances, friends and fitness.  Great book to keep you focused on what’s matters most, while accomplishing your goals.

Item 2: Corporate Mom Drop Outs book $11.11

This book has been featured on ABC, NBC as the ultimate guide to helping any mom and women who is interested in learning from other highly successful entrepreneurs who have made a smooth or almost smooth transition from corporate America to Entrepreneurship.

Item 3: 60 Minute product creation consultation $111.11

Not sure what product to create, not sure how, not sure how to place a signature mark on the industry you are an expert in?  Well this session is packed with answers to your questions and a how to, step by step formula to get the job done and start creating your info product.

Item 4: Authorize Yourself Book Writing Homestudy kit: $111.11

Ever thought about writing a book, of course you have, ever wondered about self publishing or traditional publishing? of course you have.  Well this kit is filled with information from the top gurus in the publishing world who are NY times best sellers and they each provide you with tips that will get you out of writers block into a complete book and a complete marketing plan to go with it.

Item 5: Business Improv 6 week online teleseminar: $111.11

This is an online 4 week session that starts right after Thanksgiving on 11/28 to get you in gear for the new year.  This is held both online and off and you can get access to the sign up that is only being offered to private clients.  We will act as if, in this course and get out of the fake it till you make it mentality.  In this 4 weeks you are guaranteed to walk away with a winners mindset and a direct plan of action.

Item 6: How to give a powerhouse presentation: $11.11

Get out there and let the world know you are here.  This home study kit is filled with audios and audios and written examples of what to say, how to say it and how to blow your audiences mind and walk away with $$$ and a new gig.

Item 7: Balancing The Super Mom Act ebook: $11.11

Need balance, need a system?  Well, this ebook has pages of information and links and resources on how to stay on top of your game in business and still be home in time for dinner.  Many moms have appreciated this book and non moms, used it to systematize their life.  Try this if you have a hard time getting the job done and need help with team building and organizing.


Item 8: How to Overcome Work At Home Stress Special Report: $11.11

It is not an easy job working from home.  Many corporations have used this guide to help their employees with downsizing.  This will help you avoid being stressed out and unproductive.  You will learn how to work effectively even when the there is distractions surrounding you. Trust me this is a must on the list.

Item 9: How to Build A Money Earning List in 90days Special Report: $11.11

List building takes time and so does networking.  This special report will guide you through some simple yet effective strategies that will move your fans, to subscribers and your followers into clients.

Item 10: 55 Products in 52 weeks Special Report: $11.11

Ever heard the statement, “If you build it they will come…..” This gives you 55 products that you can build so that the target audience can come buy.  If you don’t have a solution to a problem then you are a part of the problem. Create something that can teach someone else how to achieve or accomplish ……(fill in the blanks) with your product.

Item 11: Bonus access into the Activate membership for one month free.


Pick Your Friday Flavor



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