Info Products: Did you create one yet? Why not?

If you are looking to create residual income, you may want to look into creating and selling your own information products. This will allow you to do the work once, and then continue to profit from it by selling it over and over again.

An info production can come in the form of an ebook, a special report, an Mp3 recording of yourself reading an ebook, a recording of an interview between yourself and an expert, a recording of a teleseminar or webinar, the transcription of a teleseminar, or any other form of information. These can also be combined together to form a larger packet of info.

One of the main reasons people come to the internet is find information. Instead of sitting around and wading through and endless amount of web pages, trying to find what they are looking for, many people will simply pay for an information product that will teach them what they would like to know.


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Tailor Made Target

I know that most of my clients hear the term target market and target audience but, they still are not quite sure who they are selling to, who they are servicing and where their target audience is located.  Many unfocused business owners spend most of their time attending networking events, conferences, seminars and they leave these events with more business cards, than actual business.  Tailor made target audiences start from identifying why you are in business and what does your ideal prospect want. This will set the pace for your business profits months and years from now.

How do you find your target market? Where do you look for ideas? Once you have a target market in mind, how do you research it?

Here’s two things you can do right now.


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Adapt to Suit Your Business Environment

Be Focused, Stay Flexible

As an entrepreneur, it’s important that you’re able to adapt to your environment and do what’s necessary to make your business succeed. This and staying focused may sound like contradictory concepts, but they’re actually very complimentary.

Most experienced business people agree that business seldom goes as you expect. If you have one plan to generate traffic, one plan about what to sell, one plan about how your business should look and you’re not willing to change strategies, chances are you won’t make it in the long run.


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Get to know Mark Zuckerberg and his friends

Social Networking Inner Circle

Social networking can seem a little daunting if you’ve never dipped your toes in. There are so many different sites – What is each one about? Which ones should you sign up for? How do you use them?

In this post, you’ll learn enough about each social network to get you started. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg the CEO for Facebook, we are allowed to connect, make money, entertain and market faster than popping popcorn in the microwave.


Facebook is the largest social networking website in the United States and Europe. Its main features are that you can add your friends and stay in touch, as well as see a constant news stream about what’s going on with the people around you.

In many places in the world, “Facebook me” is a common phrase. Being on Facebook will allow you to stay in touch with people you may otherwise slip out of contact with.


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