Beware of Chronic Freebie Seekers

The business building process has many levels, and many people come to me for coaching for visibility and marketing strategies that open doors but they complain about the fear of charging what they are worth.

I believe that Fame and Fortune are twin sisters. Don’t run for the spotlight to be seen, but you fear charging because you believe that charging will keep you from getting your foot in the door. In my experience and observation- professionals get paid, amateurs get swayed.

Choose which one you want for your brand and business and let’s get this money.

It’s normal to feel empathy or sympathy for those who are struggling financially. Luckily, with the career you’ve chosen of providing useful information, you can help those people succeed.

You’ll feel good about yourself and the ones you help will be lifelong customers. You’ll both benefit from the help you give. As an entrepreneur who is in the business of helping others achieve success in whatever niche you’re leading, you should go above and beyond.

That doesn’t mean giving away all of your knowledge and secrets for free, but the products you do offer should have meat in the content and go beyond a simple freebie that you secured from the Internet.

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What does Callan Rush and Miley Cyrus have in common? Marketing Brilliance

The biggest challenge that almost all women business owners face is filling their pipeline with clients. No clients means no money, no money means you have an expensive hobby.  In order to fill your pipeline with the right clients you are going to have to have a “beast mode” marketing plan.  This is an area most of my clients really struggle in. The idea creation is comes easy to them, the marketing on the other hand is a thorn in their side.

Your marketing plan requires a kick butt strategy, fearless execution and a few good friends. Exactly what kind of marketing plan depends on the value you are selling.  Once you know the value you are marketing and the problem it will solve, then you will be able to figure out how you are going to reach them.

The next thing you are going to have to determine early on is your product or services unique difference. Trying to sell exactly the same thing as your neighbor aka competitor is a ‘crabs in the barrel’ way to do business.  The only thing that you can compete on is prices and rates. There needs to be something uniquely different about your product or service that sets you apart other than price.


This is what Callan Rush is successfully executing with her Wealth Through Workshops marketing campaign.

Callan launched her book on November 7th and has been executing powerfully ever since.  Her organic marketing plan has taken internet marketing by storm based on three things.

1. The Big Give: She is giving away loads of information and tips and strategies on getting wealthy by conducting successful workshops. She is giving so many golden nuggets daily, and really bringing her book to life. She is offering her book for free, conducting webinars and tele-seminars for free. She is allowing people to download all kinds of assessments and templates for free. She is giving away so much, it forces you to spread the word because it’s…  Her list is being built and her name is being spread like wild-fire.

2. Build and Borrow Power: Callan is the talk of the marketing town as Miley Cyrus is the talk of the music industry.  She has connected with industry leaders who are at the top of their game, who have big list, who have power of influence. Callan has partnered with them to share her solution to a major problem many of their clients have.  She made it clear that her product and services is designed for a particular audience; coaches, consultants, authors, speakers, or workshop leaders. Therefore her clarion approach is makes it easier for others to open their networks featuring her as an expert in ONE solution.

3. Consistency:  I have over 23 messages starting from November 7th Callan launched her book to the world for FREE. She has used all no cost and low-cost facets to market. No fancy website, no extra bells and whistles, just consistent content.  Callan has embraced YouTube, Social Media, Email Blast, Webinars, Tele-seminars, PDF downloads, etc..

Your turn…

What can you give?

What is ONE problem you can solve? Of course

Callan could have said she wants to inspire entrepreneurs but people don’t invest in “inspiration” as much as they invest in solutions.

Is she inspiring us with her Wealth through Workshops? Absolutely.

Is Callan solving a major problem for small business owners? Yep.

Callans focused driven approach has positioned her as a visible, profitable and credible magnet for wealth.

Can someone say”beast mode”?



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Keep The Fire Burning

Often times I would attend a conference and after the conference the momentum is lost. After all that hard work that the host goes through in order to put on a stellar event it is lost in time and people are now looking for the next big thing. In my experience in planning the Activate Conference, I felt like I was planning a wedding. Post conference is when the executing the vision started. Just like a marriage, after the big day when you declare your “I Do’s”, the real work begins when you come back from your honeymoon. It is my responsibility to keep the momentum going and the fire burning.  I consider the Activate Conference an experience that will continue to offer great information and ongoing edu-tainment until we meet again.

With that being said I just want to thank everyone who participated in the Post Conference Marathon last week and now I am excited to announce the launch of the Keep The Fire Burning: Activate Post Conference Marathon Part 2 featuring our break out session speakers.

Everyday for 15min starting at 1pm EST on October 8th to October 17th.



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Is Your Writing Boring?

People like to know what to buy, why to buy, when to buy, and how.

In terms of writing and content there are 3 styles of writing.

Aristotle talks about persuasive writing: ethos, logos, and pathos.

  • Ethos is the style of persuasive writing that appeals to credibility
  • Logos is the style of persuasive writing that appeals to logic
  • Pathos is the style of persuasive writing that appeals to emotions.

If you are considering writing a compelling sales page. Take a look at this image and start to write compelling copy for your products and services.


Interested in getting help with your copy inbox me at and ask about the Hot Copy session.


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4 Rules of Imperfection: Imperfection Looks Good On Me

Imperfection rule #1: So what! In order to be imperfect you have to have an outcome.  What is the outcome you desire to see? Once you have clearly defined the outcome you are expecting, detach from it.  Hope for the best, wish for the better.  Either way you win.


Imperfection rule #2: Is it working? Are you aware enough to see whether what you’re doing is working or not working? Many people continue to do what’s not working trying to be perfect.  Perfection can keep you stuck.  Doing your best and doing what works will get you to where you need to be.


Imperfection rule #3: Have a smorgasbord. A great way to move forward with your plans is to have a variety of ways that you can prosper and succeed.  Have more than one income stream, have more than just a book, have a workshop to go with it, have more than one way to get things done, make more money, have more time.  The more you are flexible the more harvest you will reap.  Harvest comes from planting more than one seed.


Imperfection rule #4: Do something. Nike told you to “just do it”, Rocky told you “you are the champion”, President Obama told you “Yes we can”, God told you “you are more than a conquer” so TAKE ACTION and put what you know into PRACTICE.


Being imperfect is fun there is no failure, no pressure, no stress or anxiety.  Imperfection is results driven and productive. Try it on, one size fits all.


Activate News Flash: This weekend there was a tragic accident, Ms. Self Sabotage died from an overdose of confidence. This is not the time to second guess your self or let people talk yourself out of what you need to do or decide to do. This is the time to trust, pay attention, and operate out of “READINESS”. Talking about ready is not going to do it, thinking about ready is not enough, writing about ready is not going to work. Help yourself to some confidence, you can drink as much as you like as long as you Activate!




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11/11/11 Friday Flavor Sale

Today is 11/11/11 and I decided to offer some fabulous services and products for the price of $1.11 to $111.11  How cool is that?


Take advantage of many of the items and services that I usually chagre anywhere from $497 to $$19.97 for only $1.11 to $111.11 TODAY.


Here is the message for today: Success is not an accident.  We must prepare for it, equip ourselves with tools to increase our mindsets, our value and our position.  Harvey McKay said ” The more you learn…the more you earn.” So the question from me to you is.  Where are you headed?  and what are you doing to prepare yourself for success?  The answer is right in front of you: Its through attending seminars, listening to audios, reading books, taking classes, taking notes, doing the action work, subscribing to publications, associating yourself with those who have a winners mindset, visiting the richest place in the world which is the library, taking heed to the weekly sermons and learnign from your mentors.  That is how you can get prepared for the limitless opportunities.

So here are a few items you can begin to invest in for the 11/11/11 sale for $1.11 to $111.11

Take advantage of this great offer.


Item 1: F’ing Up ebook $11.11

This ebook talks about balancing your faith, fmaily, finances, friends and fitness.  Great book to keep you focused on what’s matters most, while accomplishing your goals.

Item 2: Corporate Mom Drop Outs book $11.11

This book has been featured on ABC, NBC as the ultimate guide to helping any mom and women who is interested in learning from other highly successful entrepreneurs who have made a smooth or almost smooth transition from corporate America to Entrepreneurship.

Item 3: 60 Minute product creation consultation $111.11

Not sure what product to create, not sure how, not sure how to place a signature mark on the industry you are an expert in?  Well this session is packed with answers to your questions and a how to, step by step formula to get the job done and start creating your info product.

Item 4: Authorize Yourself Book Writing Homestudy kit: $111.11

Ever thought about writing a book, of course you have, ever wondered about self publishing or traditional publishing? of course you have.  Well this kit is filled with information from the top gurus in the publishing world who are NY times best sellers and they each provide you with tips that will get you out of writers block into a complete book and a complete marketing plan to go with it.

Item 5: Business Improv 6 week online teleseminar: $111.11

This is an online 4 week session that starts right after Thanksgiving on 11/28 to get you in gear for the new year.  This is held both online and off and you can get access to the sign up that is only being offered to private clients.  We will act as if, in this course and get out of the fake it till you make it mentality.  In this 4 weeks you are guaranteed to walk away with a winners mindset and a direct plan of action.

Item 6: How to give a powerhouse presentation: $11.11

Get out there and let the world know you are here.  This home study kit is filled with audios and audios and written examples of what to say, how to say it and how to blow your audiences mind and walk away with $$$ and a new gig.

Item 7: Balancing The Super Mom Act ebook: $11.11

Need balance, need a system?  Well, this ebook has pages of information and links and resources on how to stay on top of your game in business and still be home in time for dinner.  Many moms have appreciated this book and non moms, used it to systematize their life.  Try this if you have a hard time getting the job done and need help with team building and organizing.


Item 8: How to Overcome Work At Home Stress Special Report: $11.11

It is not an easy job working from home.  Many corporations have used this guide to help their employees with downsizing.  This will help you avoid being stressed out and unproductive.  You will learn how to work effectively even when the there is distractions surrounding you. Trust me this is a must on the list.

Item 9: How to Build A Money Earning List in 90days Special Report: $11.11

List building takes time and so does networking.  This special report will guide you through some simple yet effective strategies that will move your fans, to subscribers and your followers into clients.

Item 10: 55 Products in 52 weeks Special Report: $11.11

Ever heard the statement, “If you build it they will come…..” This gives you 55 products that you can build so that the target audience can come buy.  If you don’t have a solution to a problem then you are a part of the problem. Create something that can teach someone else how to achieve or accomplish ……(fill in the blanks) with your product.

Item 11: Bonus access into the Activate membership for one month free.


Pick Your Friday Flavor



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Life Strategies: Stay Grounded Without Settling


Living life on purpose means that you have strategies in place that help you go from the land of not enough to the land of more than enough.

Life has many ways of putting a hold on us as a way to mold us for our mission.  From work related pressure, family stress, health issues, political discomfiture and religious principalities.

What comes out when you apply life strategies to your life?

What comes out of you when you are squeezed, watered, shaped, reshaped, pressed, pulled, molded and formed?

More likely you will wreak the scent of “settling”. Smelling as if you have showed in guilt, envy, jealousy, unhappiness, frustration, anger, depression, fear, hate, embarrassment, sorrow, nervousness, shame, pride, ego and or doubt. This aroma is something that you picked up during the process and have now gone from weeds, to stems, to branches.

Your life strategy was to start a business and you suffered financially because you refused to believe in yourself enough to charge more, so you settled for less.

Fear was a branch you grew.

Your life strategy was to build a happy home and you were emotionally, physically or either mentally abused, so you settled for less.

Depression was another branch you grew.

When the strategy fails, you plan again, you set a new goal, you devise a clever way to accomplish and overcome.

If we are to possess the land, why are you looking for a corner in the box?

If you believe that you are destined for greatness, why are you afraid to step out of your comfort zone?

If you are looking to be grounded, why do you allow other people to uproot you?

If you are waiting for your knight and shining armor to show up, why are you trying to change him into what he’s not?

You must remember, remember, remember your thoughts, choices, actions have great power. You are not just a piece of flesh at the mercy to whatever life puts on your plate.  You are a co-creator of the reality you live in. Life strategies only work if you work them. The next time you feel discouraged, or disempowered. Know that you are anything but powerless and never, ever, ever, ever settle for less.

If you would like to discuss how you can experience a personal and professional breakthrough, schedule a confidential session with me by visiting, let’s get to the bottom of this once and for all.


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Work Your Money Mojo

Before you begin to start marketing and selling your products you should look at your business model as a whole.

I want you to take a good look at your market.

Now, take a good look at your market potential.

Can you capture 25% of the market share of your target market?

There are thousands and thousands of organizations, coaches, service providers, info products, representatives, multi level marketers, bloggers, experts in their own field, gurus, etc… Your Money Mojo is hidden in your uniqueness not your sameness.

Are people crystal clear on what you do?

It is imperative that you position yourself first place in your target markets mind. You do that by putting systems in place.  Your clients must go through a seamless process that flows.

Do you have systems set up?

I used to work behind some of the top internet marketers business models, one thing they all had in common is systems.  The systems supported them in cultivating proactive relationships and that supported them in leveraging opportunities.

Here is a sample case study of a current client that I am currently supporting with her Mojo.

Here is an example of questions I asked her prior to creating her Mojo. This particular client was interested in working with women celebrities and public figures.

Let me put my coaching hat on:

Okay Jane Doe let’s get started…

1. What are the top three things your clients want most?

A: To have better communication with their family, to make more money, to give back to the community.


2. What are their top three fears?

A: Getting a divorce, having poor health, not leaving an inheritance for their children.


3. What are three solutions you currently provide for this problem?

A: Lifestyle coaching to help with her relationship with her husband and family, access to resources to support her in project management, creating a business and life plan.


Answering these initial questions was an important step before finalizing her Money Mojo, and the answers also helped Jane Doe recognize various opportunities she might have missed. To complete my evaluation, I asked additional questions:


  • What method of access do you want to give your clients face to face, email, phone, video, or snail mail?
  • Would you be interested in partnering with talent agencies and publicist to provide services to enhance their clients brand image?
  • Have you considered targeting the organizations and associations many of these public figures are members of, such as the NBA Wives Association, The Professional Sports Wives Association, or WEEN?
  • Have you considered connecting with women in the entertainment industry who would like to start their own businesses or philanthropic venture?
  • Since many affluent women travel, have you looked into partnering with travel agencies, and perhaps offering coaching services along with a retreat during All Star games when most wives are home alone?


Based on her answers, it was time to design Jane Doe’s Mojo. Her initial responses revealed the three main concerns of her target audience: (1) Image and Brand; (2) Health and Wellness; and (3) Family legacy. Using these concerns as the root for Jane Doe’s solutions, here is a sample product funnel we developed together:

Level 1:

– A book and audio CD package  Price: $20-$100.

– A private membership community featuring weekly or bi-monthly teleseminars, guest speakers and resources. Price: $297-$497 a month.

Level 2:

– An VIP seminar, featuring guest experts specializing in finance, health and relationships, led and facilitated by Jane Doe. Price: $1000-$3000.

– A quarterly bootcamp–offered either live as a vacation-style retreat (preferred for this target audience). Price: $3000-$9000.

Level 3

– A group coaching program comprising three modules: finances, health and relationships. The end result is a personalized life/business plan for each client. Price: $300-$500 a month.

– Individual coaching. Price: $500-$900 a month for 90 days or 6 months.


Keep in mind, any of the events featured at the different levels can also be recorded and offered later as info products.

How can you begin to work your Money Mojo? We all have it, we just need a little support in packaging and assembling it. For the month of August ONLY.  Here is what I decided to do and my coaches are screaming at me right now for doing this, but I will take the heat if you step up to the plate.

Are You Ready To Get Your Mojo?

If you’re ready to start creating your Mojo, then here’s how we get started:

  1. Purchase your consultation using the link below.
  2. You will be immediately sent to my online calendar so we can get you scheduled.
  3. I need you to show up transparent and ready to take action.  I have to get a full diagnosis of your Money Mojo, so honesty is the best policy. Each session includes an hour or so of check ups, questions, answers and solutions.

You’ll walk away with a customized Money Mojo, action steps, an implementation plan, and a better insight and perspective about your uniqueness.

If you don’t walk away with what you expected, I will immediately refund your payment. No questions asked, no lost love, no unfriending you or unfollowing you.

Ready, Set, Go


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It’s Cash Flow Time: Create A Continuity Income Stream

When it comes to building a revenue stream that will keep your head way above water during the summer months you must consider implementing one of the thre continuity income streams listed in this post. Contintuity programs allow you to have a steady flow of estimated income on a monthly bases.  This type of income stream allows you to enjoy your summer months, prepare for the fall and plan for the coming year with ease.  The last thing I want to worry about during the summer is where my next check is coming from.


Here are a few simple and surefire ways to get in the income flow started today using subscription and membership-based continuity income streams.

1. Community Tribes

Last summer (I was on maternity leave, yes even as an entrepreneur I took time off) 60% of my income generated from membership based programs.  Before the summer started I had created a membership based continuity program, that generated an extra $2k a month without me leaving my house, picking up my phone or pitching how great I was to a new prospect.  First, I built a strong following of people who were interested in reaching the same desired result. Second, I created a learning platform for them such as or Lastly, I provided content rich information that produced real time results such as special reports, activity sheets and monthly calls.

Start out by creating a low cost membership based offer and charge anywhere from $9.95 to $47 a month. (using 5’s, 7’s and 9’s at the end of your price is a marketing technique I will discuss later).  Make a list of the benefits of the membership and the problem that the membership program solves for both the individual and the business as a whole.  You can include a few monthly calls, some expert interviews and special bonuses from other top professionals.

2. Content Packaging

Everyone likes to know if there is a quick way or blueprint to doing something better, quicker or stronger.  Creating a subscription based income stream allows you to package a series of interviews, newsletters, CDs, tip sheets, templates and any other information of value to your niche market. Once you package this material think about the delivery of the contents.  Will you be emailing, or snail mailing the content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

This helps you with re-purposing the information later on to create info products. Once again every business can package their intellectual capital and deliver it to a carved out niche who has a similar problem.

3. Implementation

Many people are looking for the “business in the box” or the “marketing in the bottle”.  If you can create a system that will support your clients in getting stuff done, they will stick with you for the long haul.  This allows you to calculate a certain amount of income from a “done for you”, “set it and forget it” type of income stream.  One of my biggest income stream hits in business is when I decided to do a social butterfly package for coaches and authors. I would create a 90 day social media outreach campaign and automate the complete process for them. I charged a reasonable fee and accepted only 10 clients per quarter.  This increased my income by another 40%.

I want you to think about how you can make your clients life run a lot smoother.  You can make life easier for you by either building a team or putting in systems and processes that will do the implementation work for you.  This allows you to keep your creative ideas fresh.


Sidebar: We just discussed three continuity income streams that can turn your hot summer into a cool cash flow process while you kick back at the beach. Which one are you going to implement?

If you are looking for ways to build your business using simple yet effective strategies, join me on July 9th for the Call of Duty: Part 1: The Transition. This is a live seminar in NY. Click here for more information.



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Will Work For Food: Time to INCREASE your value?

Take a good look at your market, and decide where you stand in the world of pricing.  What are you currently charging and what would you like to charge? Can you charge more than you do now? Of course you can.  We all can, but some of us suffer from low price self esteem. Which one of these symptoms do you possess?

I cringe when asked what my rates are.

I often bargain and discount before the person makes a decision?

I feel as if my prices are too low, but afraid that my target will never pay what I require?

I usually give a quote that is lower than my standards?

I find myself working for peanuts and can barley survive?

I often regret or find myself frustrated working for clients that I have discounted?

I am afraid they will not come back if I keep my prices high?

I don’t know what to charge, so I am happy to receive any payment amount?

If you feel like you are holding a “Will Work for Food” sign, I suggest you start to increase your rates by 20-40%.  There is nothing wrong with having a premium price, just as long as you are offering premium service.  Charging what you are worth means that you know the value of the results you deliver, and you know that you are worth the price you are quoting.

Value is perceived by your prospects and clients, pricing is perceived by you. If you are comfortable with your mid-range, and lower level rates then start to leverage that. Brag about how low your rates are for the value they are going to receive.

Whatever your current situation is, make sure that your pricing fits your concept, your value, and your market position.  Replace your “Will Work for Food Sign” with “Under New Management”. Consider changing your internal dialogue to one that supports you financially and ethically, so that you can make more, feel valued and have fun doing what you love. YOU ARE WORTH THE INCREASE.



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