If I were to nail down the hottest mission of the Activate Movement’s secret sauce, is for women to BE SEEN and HEARD. It’s all about celebrating the raw, real truth, authentic style and approach to celebrating lifes moments.

Inspired Action and Authenticity is the recipe so desperately needed by many brands looking to host meaningful, fun, experiences by way of LIVE events and workshops.

I am obsessed with this topic, and I’ve shared many of my greatest and worst observations and techniques based on my event hosting experiences. From shoe string budget to monetary sponsorships, I’ve had my share of event planning and hosting nightmares and dreams.

This 3 Day Webinar is the foundation in which Activate was birthed out of, and that is why I’m hosting this one time only, tell all workshop next month.

As a speaker, lifestyle coach and Chief Activator to thousands of women, I see the INCREDIBLE stress and frustration we put on ourselves when it comes to hosting our 1st conference, workshop or seminar. I see the mothers balancing their corporate jobs and dipping into their 401K to invest in hosting a big conference with no team and no real guidance, I see the hopeful millennials trying SO hard to showcase their brands and make a name for themselves and they host these extravagant events with a bunch of big name speakers who want big pay-checks, yet they have no sponsors, I see the struggling coaches, speakers or entrepreneurs that just don’t know where to start or how to create a signature experience to expand their brand without going broke.

But then I also see the BOLD and Audacious ones who decided to stop trying to “wing it”, the ones that decided to educate themselves, brand their messages and stepped out on faith with WISDOM and a team to execute their dream event on budget to a hungry target market and found much success along the way, with a few extra zeros in their account to enjoy after the show!

And many of these women just happen to be the fab members of the Activate Your Vision network.

And now, I’m giving YOU the chance to step up and host that dope event you have been dreaming about.

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Are you ready to host a DOPE event? This event is for you…

  • If you are looking to host an event, may not have the finances for a full event planning expert.
  • If you are wondering how to negotiate with venues and want to know what to say and what not to say when scouting the best site.
  • If you tired of spending your paycheck, or robbing Peter to pay Paul to execute your event and need to know the “skinny” on dealing and securing sponsors.
  • If you are hosting your first or 10th event and need fresh ideas and concepts to stand out from the “conference crab in a barrel” crowd, this event is for you.

We can support you.

You are going to learn the answers to these questions and more.