In the book Corporate Mom Drop Outs (yes, my first book), it talks about, boosting your business and growing the seed, the financial seed. Here is a snippet, and an awesome video from Dr. Soaries on “Doing What You Love”,  that really inspires me to continue being my best and doing my best.

Page 50. First Trimester: Woman on a Hunt!

The impact of technology, globalization and flatter organizational structures has changed the paradigm of career paths. That’s why employees create and manage their own career avenues in different ways just to getthe promotion they want. Developing a correct promotion plan is the key to achieving a dream. As a business owner and a Corporate Mom Dropout you have the opportunity to create your own salary, your own promotionsand bonuses.

There is no job description; only a biography that you create and build upon based on your experiences. Since you’re already an expert in your field and love what you do, what can you do to take the business to the next level?
The following are some helpful hints in boosting your business and growing the seed.

1. Have a revolutionary mindset and be sanguine. As you go through the process of establishing your business credibility, rely only on yourself when facing obstacles and be positive in dealing with them. Show confidence and leadership skills.

2. Develop mentoring relationships. Build relationships with people in higher positions in your industry,  they’ll easily notice your potential and dedication to your business and can shorten the learning curve. This also helps with getting your business visibility and added credibility based on who your mentor is.  Mentors can give you business guidance, and they can be great sources of information.

3. Display professionalism. Deliver top output and earn a reputation for being dependable, professional and cooperative. Professionalism doesn’t encompass work performance alone but also self-image and brand image. Dress your business smartly and neatly. Make sure you live your message and over deliver.

4. Practice self-promotion. Modesty is a virtue, but you need to be known, sell yourself by telling your accomplishments and contributionsto the ones you’ve helped. You have to learn to express your thoughts in an eloquent and assertive way so that the opportunity to get the self-paid promotion won’t be missed.  Become a money magnet or as Fabienne Fredrickson would say, “Attract Clients Like Crazy”.

5. Expand knowledge and skills. In a fast-paced industry acquiring new knowledge and skills in areas critical to the organization is one of the best ways to get ahead of the competition because it keeps you marketable.

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View this video for further inspiration with Dr. Soaries on “Doing What You Love”.

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