I am a child of God

I am walking in the divine light, in divine timing, fulfilling my divine destiny.

I am a magnet for success

Abundance is the shoes I wear

Love is the dress I have on

Peace is my overcoat

I am filled with his spirit

I am humbled for being called and chosen

I am obedient to my calling

I am making positive changes everyday in every way


I am a queen of my queendom

My crown that he has given me is full of jewels, gifts, talents, skills, knowledge, strength, courage, love, power and greatness.

I walk in the divine path laid before me

I am a worshiper

I am a giver of love

I am impactful

I am a seed sower

I am a planter of inspiration

I am super in my natural

I am extra in my ordinary

I am a leader

I am a prophetic messenger for my life

I consecrate of my thoughts, words and actions

I am in action for God

I am a positive influence to my family, friends, community, business and the world

I am saved, set free and delivered

I Am what I Am because he said I Am

by: Lucinda Cross dedicated to my daughter Asase’ Khayla

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