As I was checking on one of my trusted advisor websites,  Alfred Edmond Jr SVP/Editor-at-large of BLACK ENTERPRISE, I noticed his well stated rebuttal to an article posted on by Gene Marks.  The article headline read: “If I Were A Poor Black Kid“.  Well Mr. Edmond decided to write his article called: If I Were A Rich, Privileged White Kid, and here is my two cents to Mr. Marks.


Mr. Marks,

It appears that your intention was to educate, encourage and empower a “poor black kid” on what it takes to be successful in life.   To avoid being “outside of your expertise”, it would have been prudent to interview successful black men and women to find out what it took to bring them out of poverty into prosperity. It also would have shown wisdom to ask them how they handled the shortages of food, clothing, shelter, money, etc.  A “good education”, “good job” and “tech skills” are not necessarily passports to health, wealth, love, career fulfillment or monetary satisfaction. Are you familiar with the term “the working poor?”

In closing, I would like to suggest that you really look at  the power of words. Self-esteem is a critical component of success. Your article title “poor black kid” shows the limitation of your paradigm because it places a dis-empowering  label upon a child. Rather than arrogantly stating that you stand by your words, it would be beneficial to consider that a shift in consciousness is in order as this article in particular clearly reveals your true intention, which was to demean, belittle and criticize. Any child reading this article would be hard-pressed to walk away with self-esteem in tact after reading your post.

I believe that you would greatly benefit from volunteering your time and services. Join the people on the front lines who give generously of their time, undivided attention, intellectual capital and financial resources to solve the problem of poverty. First hand experience would clearly teach you empathy and compassion and the power of “doing” versus “talking about what you would do”.

That is my two cents…

Lucinda Cross is a Lifestyle and Business fire starter specializing in women’s success. She is the CEO and Founder of Activate!, Author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs, Founder of Praying and Activate Me 24/7 Membership. She is also co-owner of the Super Mom Entrepreneur Conference and Expo. Her journey into entrepreneurship began when she became a mom and she has been building businesses ever since as a mompreneur. She has defied all the odds both in life and in business and has mastered the ability to turn adversities into advantages. She travels the world sharing her message and inspiring women to Activate in all areas of life! Her new book “The Road To Redemption: Overcoming Life’s Detours, Obstacles and Challenges” is set to release in Mar 2012.  You can find out more about Lucinda Cross or request to hire her for your upcoming conference, seminar, graduation or celebration by emailing her agent at or simply connect with her on Facebook , Twitter @lucindaspeaks.
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