My mother always told me that death comes in three’s.  Well we witnessed the passing of Mrs. I Can’t, then Ms. Self Sabotage and now the tragic passing of both Mr. and Mrs. People Pleaser.

Some may say that this is extreme, but when you think about it, if we constantly allow the EGO and the limiting beliefs and behaviors die, we will be free.

The best and most successful Activators I know have built solid relationships with their customers by letting their personality, or uniqueness, shine and letting their fears die.

Life gets a lot easier when you give up trying to please the people who will never accept the real you. That’s true in relationships as well as business. It’s true in life.

You’re not wrong, or broken. You’re just a unique individual. So quit trying to hide it and celebrate it!

Many blessings for 2012. Don’t wait till the last minute to connect with me for my 2012 Activation Incubator or Spring Protege Program.  Email me right away after you view this inspiring clip.

Here is an awesome 2min clip from Bishop T.D. Jakes



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1 Comment on Life gets easier when you stop trying to please the people

  1. Larie
    January 10, 2012 at 9:35 am (7 years ago)

    Lucinda this is great! I totally agree with you and am a happy product of burying my people pleasing habits.



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