I want you to consider this simple truth.

Your life can change at the drop of  a hat. Cherish it.

This means that giving up is never an option.  We have leaders who show up to support the community to make sure that justice is served.  They have sacrificed their own lively hood, families and “me time” to make sure that change happens, or a small voice is heard loud and clear.  Yesterday I posted a late night Activation status message on Facebook.  I realized not too long ago that it is not always going to be easy to make it through, it is not always easy to follow through and it may even get difficult to stand at times.  But, we can not give up.  We have to “try one more again baby girl” as my grandmother would say which means “give it your best shot”.

You have a purpose and renouncing that purpose will just allow injustice to happen in situations like this. Execute what you are called to do, because someone’s life depends on it. Yes it can be as modest as a 100 page book. Write it, it may hearten a mom, inspire a dad, save a child from abuse, amend a law or pioneer a movement. You never know unless you keep moving forward.

Here is the post and I hope it inpires you to push forward another day.

It may get frustrating at times, you may feel discouraged at times, you may even feel like g*v**g up. Think about how that will change your life, if you just threw in the towel. Would that make you feel better? Detach from the “I feel like doing this, I don’t feel like doing that, I’m not feeling you today & so on”. SO WHAT! You have books to write, children to raise, parents to help, a community to reach, mouths to feed, women/men to educate. Could you imagine if God did not FEEL like doing, giving or being…Don’t drop your crown because your not FEELING it today and let’s Activate anyway. Some nerve of you.


FYI: We all have areas of our life where we just need a little nudge in the right direction to get unstuck. We may feel like we hit the “sleep” button not even the snooze on our clock.  Now is the time to take control of the life you really want to live. Become a part of the Activate Me 24/7 family and I will help you breakthrough the places where you hold your fear and together we will Activate the life you desire. If you need private one on one support go here http://www.lucindacross.com/sales and you will get the first 3 months of membership free. We are in this together.

Contact me today at assistant@lucindacross.com


Condolences go out to the Martin family and the community who is hurting from this tragedy.  We are praying for you. If you would like to connect with the Martin family please contact The National Action Network. As a other of 3 small children I could not imagine this happening and neither could Mrs. Martin. We are praying for peace, truth and love to be restored in the family who is mourning and the community who is hurting.

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