What is a mompreneur and what is a mompoorneur?

This post is in no way meant to offend anyone, this is based on my personal experience and observation.  I have been on both sides and I am still a work in progress.  This post in no way means that you have not achieved  “success”. You very well may have, but you may be operating from a “poor position”. (read on if you will)

Mompreneur- a mom entrepreneur who has positive habits and positive results.

What does a mompreneur do?

  • Spend time with her kids more than her computer
  • Enjoys dates with her husband
  • Enjoys a girls night out every now and then
  • Treats herself to something
  • If she is single, may go out on a dates
  • Only brings her cell phone for emergencies
  • Enjoys quiet time, meditation and praying
  • She moves in silence, unpredictable and unstoppable
  • She spends 20% of her time producing 80% of the intended results she wants out of life

What is happening to a mompreneurs business?

  • Business is operating without her micro managing
  • She has a social media campaign on auto pilot
  • Her assistant is finalizing her calendar
  • Her PayPal is going cha-ching for her summer special on her products and services
  • She has a few new subscribers to her email list from her often updated website/blog
  • Her new joint venture is looking real promising as far as passive income for the winter.
  • Her homework for her coach is complete
  • Her accounts are up to date

How does mompreneurs feel?

  • Free, glad to be in the position she is in, feels grateful and happy
  • Feeling as if life is finally looking up and moving in the right direction
  • Her mindset has experienced a dramatic shift and is now is creating abundant thoughts and producing rewarding results.
  • She feels excited about what is happening and she is in a constant state of expectancy, leaving the control in God’s hands and out of her own.
  • She feels confident and blessed.

*please note that this does not mean that every mompreneur is walking around with their head in the clouds, but the ones I interviewed in Corporate Mom Dropouts do.  They have purposefully created this type of lifestyle. (Fabienne Fredrickson, Kelly O’Neil, Sophfronia Scott, Alexis Martin Neely, Victoria Colligan, and more, get the book if you have not read up on them yet)

Mompoorneurs- still a mom entrepreneur, but with poor habits and poor results

What does a mompoorneur do?

  • Her husband is upset from the lack of attention
  • Her children are taking advantage and acting out for the sake of getting attention.
  • She is probably a computer and email junkie, spends 80% of her time producing 20% of the results.
  • She has no work schedule
  • She does not make time for meditation or saying more than one prayer a day
  • Her kids are probably off putting nail polish on the coach because they are watching themselves as she responds to unproductive emails and phone calls.
  • She moves in a boastful and loud manner, she is very predictable and often trying to make (IT) work, whatever (IT) is.
  • Tells to much to the wrong people

What’s happening in a mompoorneurs business?

  • Her business is like an elevator, some good months and some bad.
  • She is winging it regardless of whether she is in business for 1-3 yrs or 3- 5 yrs.
  • She lacks a system.
  • Her products and service packaging is at a stand-still because she has not prioritized her time
  • She continues to work on projects that yield no financial increase.
  • She has no coach or mentor, just a few other mompoorneurs telling her what to do.

How does a mompoorneur feel?

  • Stressed
  • Worried
  • A tad bit overwhelmed
  • Slightly confused
  • Pressured from a neglected spouse, family, friends and/or children.
  • She has not done something for herself in a while


Side bar: Stop right now and evaluate your life. Evaluate your business. Is it filled with experiences that give a feeling of effervescent peace? Ask your self are you living life or is life running you? Is your business running you or are you running a business? If you are like the some of women I have coached, mentored, trained, advised and consulted, you probably feel somewhat trapped, in a job you don’t like, in a business position you don’t like, in a relationship or friendship you have outgrown, in responsibilities that feel erroneous and you feel suffocated mentally.

Do you sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel, or like the honey dripping slowly out of a jar? Do you need to reestablish and restore your marriage, relationship or connection with your children? Do you sense that there is much work that you have to do but are unsure of what, and how to go about doing whatever it is.

Life is way too short to precious to waste, and each day that you are given the gift of breathe to endure another radiant day, cease the opportunities and keep your mind focused on what’s important. Get your house in order first and watch how success comes creeping in, and then rushing, into your life.

If you are not busy on July 9th and you feel like you need to experience some sort of breakthrough.  I invite you to join me in NYC for the “Call of Duty: The Transition” seminar.  Click here for details. If you are not able to make it to the big apple then send me an email and I will let you know when we will have the virtual seminar starting July 25th at 9pm. This is extremely exclusive and for those who are ready to make some sort of shift in their business and their lifestyle. Send an email to my assistant Phara at assistant@lucindacross.com.




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4 Comments on Living the Mom- pre-neur or Mom-poor-neur life

  1. Maurissa Stone
    June 27, 2011 at 3:07 pm (7 years ago)

    Great post – which I can relate. I have a Living Arts Studio named The Living Well.

    It would be great for you to present something for us wearing many hats in Baltimore.

    Please contact me if you are interested.


    Thanks Maurissa

  2. Oh, Goodness! Desserts
    June 28, 2011 at 1:55 pm (7 years ago)

    Excellent article, Lucinda. This was a great message that I needed to hear. I feel so motivated to make so many changes in my business so that I can make sure I am a mompreneur and not a mom-poor-neur!

  3. Jewel Williams
    July 3, 2011 at 7:27 am (7 years ago)

    I have been following one of the “fearless” leaders in being a mompreneur. However, no matter how many times that I read or listen to an article with inviiting widsom about “running one’s business”, there are always ways to say it differently. This article is very important to the mompreneur.

  4. simone hardy
    July 21, 2011 at 9:00 pm (7 years ago)

    Wow. I just read my life story (my business life that is). Great eye-opening article.


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