On my road to success, the one thing, I’ve discovered with many  Mom and Women Business Owners is that they are battling with constant “Fear”.  It is a word that means self-sabotage. I personally don’t like to use that word in my vocabulary but, here is the truth.  Many of us WAHMS, SAHMS, Mompreneurs and (Corporate Mom Drop Outs) CMD’s have either fear of failure, or fear of success.  Both can keep you from moving forward in your business and personal life.

But, here is the part that really hurts…

Motivation and Inspiration: Holding Yourself Back

The fear we encounter and sometimes embrace comes from:

  • Lack of skill
  • Low self esteem- even when we appear to believe in ourselves, the truth is our heart and mind is not in alignment
  • Seeking approval and permission- to be who we are and constantly looking for validation from others
  • Lack of mentorship or not having a coach
  • Super woman syndrome- feeling as if we can please everyone ALL the time ( I learned this the hard way

Speaking for myself I have been made to feel responsible for so much, for so long, there was a part of me that truly believed that I had to do it ALL.  I was the clean up woman and the fix it lady. I felt I had to fix and clean up the emotional mess of my family, my friends, things that happened to my business colleges, and all most anything that came along. The more I fixed, the more I was avoiding ME. The more I fixed the more I was exhausted but felt whole, and needed.

As Corporate Mom Dropouts, Mompreneurs, and Businesswomen we owe it to ourselves and to our life to assist and support, with a clause to remember that we cannot give what we do not have.  A major part of holding your self-back and self-sabotaging your success is when you are not giving to YOU first.

What I would like you to do is list 10 reasons why you deserve to be successful.  This is essential and crucial to creating a mind shift, no matter what phase you are in or what projects you are working on.  At times, we have to re-evaluate ourselves and take a step back, in order to make 10 steps forward.  After you complete your list, jot down what you are currently doing that may be detouring you from achieving your goal.

I suggest you pick up a copy of Corporate Mom Drop Outs and read the tips that some of the greatest mom and womenpreneurs have shared. Fabienne Fredrickson really taps into this particular topic of discussion.

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