How often do you see the same people at different networking events?
How often do you see the same folks at different conferences and seminars?

I do believe it is important to make friends and connections outside of the current circle you are in. I remember when i used to attend every networking event that came up and what started to happen is that I was not seen as someone who is indispensable but someone who had a great pitch and great ideas.

No real money was made, no real collaborations happened and I found myself wasting time and money because I did not have clear networking goals and I kept circulating within my same group. I did not add a little diversity into the mix.

I challenge you to go outside of your zone this month and search for an event that is not in your zone. If you can’t find one, then create one.

Activate: Become Indispensable…you do this by changing the faces that are in your face. If you keep seeing the same folks at networking events, conferences and seminars that means you are in the “mix” and not a “special sauce”. I challenge you to network out of your “mix” once a month. Go the extra mile to make new connections. You don’t want to blend in, you want to be that “special sauce” that stands out. I remember I went to speak at an Arabian networking event, I walked away with 4 high end clients because I positioned myself as the “special sauce”. If you are in the “mix” and nothing changing then its time to pack up and change your zone. #crossthebridge


Read: Seth Godin’s book Linchpin : Are You Indispensable?

Not sure how to start your vision or how to stand out from the crowd. Join a group of Activators who are committed to marking their territory and staking their claim.


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