Put your thinking caps on.

Take a look at your gift and figure out how you
can reach a larger audience, reach a ready made opportunity
that you can present and contribute your best skills and gifts to.

We have these wealthy gifts, these abundant gifts and talents, we know
how to use them, we have used them before, we know they work, we know we are
blessed, we know how serious our gifts are, and we have seen the results they
produce in other people lives.

Here is the big question. How can I use my gift to live an abundant
lifestyle, start my business, open my restaurant, speak to
the masses?

Well I am going to ask you to let go of the HOW
today. You should not be worrying about the HOW. Your focus should be aligning
yourself and reaching out.

Make the connections, call the person in charge, send in your
information, walk into that bank, doing your research, networking with the
right people, affiliating yourself with those who are already doing it. The HOW
will take care of its self.

The WHAT is your job, what can you do to perfect your skill, what can
you do to operate at your highest and best, what can you do differently today,
what can you do to be prepared.

What is on your agenda this week that moves you closer to your vision,
what numbers should you call, what are you doing in the morning to get closer
to your God for clarity (Are you asking the right questions? Are you commanding
your mornings?).

What are you doing in the evening to make sure your mind is right for
the HOW answer to show up in your most vulnerable state of rest?


Write down the 1 thing that you can create to
expose yourself (talents, skills and gifts).

For example: can you create a motivational audio
cd, an ebook that people can download, an event, a product, a journal, a
t-shirt, a workbook the list goes on.

We are accepting applications for July (1 on 1) coaching. We only have
space for 4 Creative Visionaries. If you are INTERESTED contact my assistant
Phara for an application, assistant@lucindacross.com.

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