When you decided to become an entrepreneur, you envisioned it as a purpose driven journey that has great rewards and unlimited opportunities right?  

But something happened on your yellow brick road to success.  

* You started to get distracted. * You started to get overwhelmed. * You started to feel over worked and underpaid. * and then the worst thing happened  

You started comparing your brand, business and offerings to others, and this placed you in a game of tug of war. At one end of the rope was activation and on the other end was procrastination. Some days you woke up excited to take over the world and some days you asked God if this is really what you were called to do.  

Trust me. I have been there.  

Let me tell you something that helped me. I realized that in order for me to reap the rewards and benefits of entrepreneurship I needed to break free from other people's half a** systems and create my own system. I needed to drop everyone else's "good talk, but no results half-baked strategies" and become my own strategist.  

Imagine the outcomes you could achieve for your business in just a few weeks and the smell of success in your bank account in a few months. 

As a mom of 3 plus a bonus and wife, I understand that balance is not in my vocabulary. I had to learn how to make my business work for me in order for me to be present for my family and most importantly for myself. I spent countless hours some night re-working, re-vamping, re-branding my business plans only to find myself at the same challenge over and over again.  

What was the challenge you ask?  

  • The challenge was spending more time in my business and less time living life. 
  • The challenge was spending more time on low paying clients and less time charging what I was worth. 
  • The challenge was missing out on date nights and intimate moments with my family and spending more time stressed out on how to turn a profit for my services and products. 
  • The challenge was setting great goals and no clue on how to accomplish one. 
  • The challenge was making money in my business but not knowing how to leverage my small success for greater opportunities.  

What do you need right now to push you out of stuck, into soaring, and into securing the bag?




  • How to market on a shoestring budget and stand out in this crowded marketplace .
  • How to position yourself as a leader and an expert in your industry even if it's your "side-hustle".  
  • How to scale your business and build the right team for the right project.  
  • How you can be the "top of mind" superhero/heroin that media can call on.  
  • How to leverage your time and talent so you can make a lot more money with your products and services.  
  • and much more
  • Visionaries who want to build an unforgettable brand presence.
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready reach new income brackets by creating a scalable and marketable strategy.  
  • Social influencers and marketers who desire more exposure, more access, more media. 
  • Leaders who have been searching for a course that will inspire not just who they are but impact how they show up in the world.



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