Secure The Bag Crash Course Series

Secure The Bag: Visibility Segment
Date: March, 3rd
Location: Midtown Manhattan
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Explode Your Visibility With Your Million Dollar Signature Message
  • How to turn a free speaking gig into a top dollar opportunity
  • How to cultivate a powerful personal brand that gains media coverage
  • How to mark your territory as a credible leader in your niche
  • and much more…

5 Types Of Clients And How To Deal With Them

When it comes to being an entrepreneur, you can expect to run across a wide array of customers. It takes a lot to knowing them, identifying them, understanding them, and then working with them. During my time as an entrepreneur, I have run across 5 main types of clients which have distinct personalities and approaches.


These are the ones who have skin in the game they have had their ups and downs in business and clearly can identify their needs vs. wants; they also pay well, are easy to deal with, and will often send random gifts of appreciation. They are usually mentally free and understand their position in the marketplace and have made an impact in their industry as an expert and trendsetter.

Tips for working with them

  • Keep open communication and stay in contact!
  • Results are all they want.  Keep with the facts.  You don’t need to convince them of the value you bring, either they need what you have or they don’t.
  • They are very clear on what their next level is so when approaching a champion makes sure you understand their business model and their motivation. Champions want to stay champions so if you can assist them in marking their territory you will be retained for a large fee, as long as you produce.

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