Radiance by Agnes Pelton

c. 1929, oil on canvas, 14” x 16”

Take a look at your inner circle and see who needs a 72 hour eviction notice. Start drafting up your notices this week. We cannot move in action if we allow squatters to take up valuable space. Remember August is about ACCELERATING.


As women on the move, women in action, women of power of mothers of this earth, we have to be careful who we allow to stay and occupy space in our home, our minds, our businesses, our relationships, and our life in general.  We allow people to fill vacancies that need to be left alone. We are growing and need to have room for abundance and prosperity.

I barely watch TV but, I turned it on and wanted to see what the big hype was about with this new show called Hoarders.  Well to my surprise that was one of the worst and gross shows I have ever seen.  These people have allowed the past and the present situations and circumstances cloud their minds and their homes.  They allowed so much stuff to pile up externally that the real work was needed internally, to really be healed.  Many of those hoarders were covering up space with things, and the people around them have just adjusted to the lifestyle and did not attempt to make any changes.  In my opinion they are worse off than the hoarder themselves because they were taking up space as well.

Let’s begin to flush out and clean up the mess we have inside and out.  I always direct the question back to myself.  Where can I begin to clean up in my life? What do I need to do to get my business in order? What do I have clouding my path to success? Is it my inner circle that is taking up space like a squatter or my outer circle which are people who I feed into more than I feed into myself?  How much longer am I going to allow people, things and past situations take up space in my life?

If you have BIG dreams and aspirations and you know you have a destiny to fulfill you must begin within.  I repeat you must begin within.  Who do you need to give a 72 hour notice to? Could it be you? Getting out of your own way your friends, your family, your spouse, your job? Think about it and begin to hand out notices that in 72 Hours you will no longer have room for squatters.

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