Let’s look at the characters in the Wizard of Oz. Dorothy was completely out of her comfort zone , she was homesick but was seeking something different outside of herself to validate herself.  Dorothy started to search for a way to get back to a place that she can relate to, once things started to get real weird and unfamiliar.

The scarecrow was in search of a brain

The tin man was in search for a heart

The cowardly Lion was in search for courage

They were searching for the wizard who they felt would give them the gifts of acknowledgement of the essence that they already posses.

The scarecrow had only to acknowledge or validate for himself that he had a brain and was clever. The Tin man had to validate and acknowledge for himself that he had a heart and was compassionate. The Lion had courage in his gutsy rescue of Dorothy he just needed to be confident and acknowledge that the courage was already there.

We are already born and equipped complete and whole. The process of liberation is not having to “get” something outside of ourselves in order to become complete.  We only need to acknowledge the value within ourselves that has always been present, our essence.  The authentic gifts that God has given to us freely and all we have to do is acknowledge that we have them and put them to work.

Dorothy was in search of a place that was already inside of her.  What if I told you that the characters of the wizard of Oz were all of the limiting beliefs that have taken form in Dorothy’s mind?  She was already clever, she was compassionate and she had courage.  The home she was searching for was in her all along.  The conversation she had to convince these characters that they had the power within them is a conversation she had with herself. She was seeking validation and all she needed to do was acknowledge that she was already a complete and whole Dorothy.

You are complete and whole and you are equipped with all you need to move forward.  Please don’t seek validation from the outside; you already have what you need. Your ideas are beautiful.

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