President Obama is making his enemies his footstool publicly.

I could not resist to blog about this awesome comeback that our President Obama made during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.  There is a saying that says “what goes on in the dark comes to light”, well how about “watch what you say in the light, it may come back to bite.”

During the first couple of minutes in this clip of President Obama addressing the people, you hear how he allows his humor and personality to show.  This not only proved that he is a great man of Valor, but also a man who can laugh at adversity, such as financial big wig Donald Duck, I mean Donald Trump.  I am sorry I could not resist that blow.  I have always admired Donald Trump for his business master mind but this low blow to the President was so petty. Quack Quack.

Well I hope you enjoy this clip and a special thanks to Chere Cofield for posting the video on her FB news feed.  Watch what you say and watch what you do, it may come back in secret or in public…

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