When it comes to this purpose driven life that we are leading, we must be strong enough to stand up for what we believe in regardless of what your life or business looks like now. Eliminate self doubt and any limiting beliefs that do not support your YES I CAN campaign.

Starting a YES I CAN, YES WE CAN campaign will result in you becoming more positive minded, and aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions. Awareness helps you identify the negative thought patterns that are preventing you from achieving success you deserve.  You will also begin to learn how to overcome the incessant outpour of any thoughts that label, judge, condemn, or criticize you or others you come in contact with.

Thoughts have no value, until they are backed up by an action.  President Obama positive thoughts pushed him to take action, which resulted in winning, not only the election but a winning attitude that CHANGED history. I doubt if he woke up every morning in a positive state mind feeling sunny and funny, but I bet you he thought about his affirmation YES I CAN, YES WE CAN in order to kick self doubt in the butt, so that he can kick butt in the campaign for the people who needed a CHANGE.

Are you ready to change?

Are you willing to stand up for yourself?

Are you ready to eliminate self doubt?

Make a decision to start your YES campaign, by saying YES to your life.  Here is a technique that can help you start the process of elimination:

Sit quiet in a less distracting space and connect with yourself. Become aware of any thoughts that condemns or judge you. Start to tell yourself YES I CAN (say your name) go that extra mile, get   out of this abusive relationship, get that job, ace the final exam, get that government contract, love myself, continue this diet, stop this addiction, etc…

I love comments and would love to hear if you have any tips that other can use to support them in the YES campaign. For more information on how to work with Lucinda Cross on your YES campaign, please schedule time using http://www.tungle.me/lucindacross .

Support my Yes campaign by signing up on my list by visiting the Home page and entering your name and email.  We would love to include you in the family.

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