It's Time To Get Your "ASK" Together. This Is The Year!

ABOUT THE BIG ASK In today's society, women are blazing trails by being the first to do what people said they couldn't do. We've become CEOs in male-dominated fields, Politicians like the first woman Mayor of San Francisco, and we continue to break records. However, there are still a significant number of women who are hidden talents merely because they're not asking for what they want. My entrepreneurial journey has been built on me asking for what I want, what I deserve, and I am on a mission to activate other women to do the same. An actionable and easily implementable book, The Big ASK gives you 21 strategies to break through your brick wall of limitation and turn it into a window. So that you open yourself up to receive more, share more, and live a life of abundance. The Big ASK: 21 Keys To Get Everything You Desire and Deserve