We have provided “Ms. I Can’t”  with her final resting place and we pray you pick up and move your life in her absence.

She left behind two sisters, Ms. I Can and Ms. I Will who are working hard to make an impact in your life.

This is a special broadcast announcement:

We are just  16  Days   — or —   2  Weeks and  2  Days away from an experience that will put somethings into perspective, clarity for other things and letting go of the old.
“They” say that health, wealth, love, peace and joy are your birthright. Do you secretly feel an internal struggle because the gap feels huge between where you are and where you want to be?
You ARE good enough right here and right now.
The Saturday Nigt Live experience will help you turn your ideas into action, help you activate your unique creativity, launch effectively and increase your vision.
  • Who wants lifestyle freedom?
  • Who wants to write their vision and make it plain?
  • Who wants to go to the next chapter in their life, without turning back to page 1?
  • Who dares to re-position themselves?
  • Who is bold enough to fight fear, laugh in the face of adversity and stand?
  • Who is ready to step up and step out and celebrate their season, reason or lifetime experience?
  • Who is ready to answer the call by showing up?
These 4 hours of can help shape the next 4 years of your life.
What are you waiting for?  We buried Mrs. I Can’t s what is holding you back now?
Still not sure if this is the time.  If not now , when, if not you then who?
Sign up for NYC Saturday Dec. 10th or MD Saturday Dec. 17th or ATL Mar. 10th:
More cities to come, stay tuned.
P.S. We have just been contacted by FL, ATL, Michigan and NC to bring this experience there.
Until next time stay true and stay you,
Lucinda Cross
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