Inspirational and Edu-tainment Youth Speaker

Book Lucinda Cross and have her deliver a high energy, impactful message of confidence, faith, determination and courage at your next youth conference, college or high school assembly or youth leadership conference.

Lucinda Cross is and inspirational and motivational sensation for student leadership conferences and At-Risk Youth Programs Nationwide. Her message is designed for:

  • Student-led High School and College Organizations
  • Incarcerated or Re-Entry Youth
  • At Risk Youth
  • Academic Clubs & Organizations
  • High School and College Student Orientation
  • Government Associations
  • Campus Activities
  • Greek Organizations

Lucinda Cross shares how she has overcome many obstacles as a inner city at-risk youth who has achieved great success with her  leadership style and how she lives her life full of purpose and promise despite the odds. Her triumphant personal story has inspired many youth conferences, girl empowerment programs, student leadership conferences, at-risk youth conferences, youth shelters, colleges and high school assemblies.

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