I have had the pleasure to meet their mom Tiffany @tiffanystoybox and now I am making it my business to grab an interview with these twins who are marking their territory and staking their claim in NYC. I call them the “fly guys”.

In my opinion when I went to their blog I expected a nice kiddie site and to my surprise these guys have it together. They are doing what I coach my VIP clients to do. They have their show, they are out interviewing, they are blogging relevant information, they have a sticky brand and a message that speaks to the youth in this economy.

This is what being a kid is all about. They are showing us all the fun and what life is about when you have a team of believers who nurture their creativity and individuality.

Please check them out http://tristinandtyler.com, read their blog, share their page and most of all give mom a shout out, because she is an example of what we as parents should do…nurture the dream, the creativity and the individuality of our children. Whether your kids are 7month, 7years or 17years, find out how you can nurture their inner brand.

Congrats Tristan and Tyler you are my “fly guys” and I owe you a congrats lunch.

Check out Tristan and Tyler and send your kids to this safe site full of fun and information. http://tristinandtyler.com


Lucinda Cross aka The Business Midwife and The Activator

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