Imperfection rule #1: So what! In order to be imperfect you have to have an outcome.  What is the outcome you desire to see? Once you have clearly defined the outcome you are expecting, detach from it.  Hope for the best, wish for the better.  Either way you win.


Imperfection rule #2: Is it working? Are you aware enough to see whether what you’re doing is working or not working? Many people continue to do what’s not working trying to be perfect.  Perfection can keep you stuck.  Doing your best and doing what works will get you to where you need to be.


Imperfection rule #3: Have a smorgasbord. A great way to move forward with your plans is to have a variety of ways that you can prosper and succeed.  Have more than one income stream, have more than just a book, have a workshop to go with it, have more than one way to get things done, make more money, have more time.  The more you are flexible the more harvest you will reap.  Harvest comes from planting more than one seed.


Imperfection rule #4: Do something. Nike told you to “just do it”, Rocky told you “you are the champion”, President Obama told you “Yes we can”, God told you “you are more than a conquer” so TAKE ACTION and put what you know into PRACTICE.


Being imperfect is fun there is no failure, no pressure, no stress or anxiety.  Imperfection is results driven and productive. Try it on, one size fits all.


Activate News Flash: This weekend there was a tragic accident, Ms. Self Sabotage died from an overdose of confidence. This is not the time to second guess your self or let people talk yourself out of what you need to do or decide to do. This is the time to trust, pay attention, and operate out of “READINESS”. Talking about ready is not going to do it, thinking about ready is not enough, writing about ready is not going to work. Help yourself to some confidence, you can drink as much as you like as long as you Activate!




Written by : Lucinda Cross

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