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Twitter Party: 2 Tweet Minimum #BeRedeemed


Pre-Release Twitter Party for new book “The Road to Redemption: Overcoming Life’s Detours, Obstacles and Challenges”.

  • No cover charge
  • If you don’t have access to a computer, you can Twitter-pool with someone who does
  • From the comfort of your iPad, phone, laptop or desktop, no need for the shoes that look cute but hurt
  • No need for a babysitter, bring the little bundle of love with you
  • You don’t even have to be home, party right where you are, on the metro, in the gas station, at the salon or in the laundry room…
  • There is a 2 Tweet minimum: meaning you have to post at least 2 tweets during the party or answer 2 questions or answers

Join us this Thursday, April 19th at 1pm ET or 8pm ET for a #BeRedeemed pre-release book twitter party focused on the new book “The Road to Redemption” set to be released on Amazon May 21st. We all have areas of our life where we just need a little nudge in the right direction to get unstuck. We may feel like we hit the “sleep” button on our clock. Now is the time to take control of the life you really want to live. Come chat with us about how the Road to Redemption will show you how to get out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals.


Let’s get our tweet on!


Come meet your co-host, check out the bonus give-a-ways, and others who have already RSVP’d. Click here for more details


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The Trust Exchange: You Have To Understand People

Our survival in business and even in life, depends on us developing trust and being authentic in this crazy and mixed up world.  It may take sometime for you to understand people and the importance of communicating with people in order to develop the trust that is needed to get to second base. But you have to work on getting clear and focused as to what you stand for and believe in before approaching others who are interested in doing business with you or connecting with you on a deeper level.

If you really want to help people then work on your 1st base so that you can get to 2nd base.

1st base is to be honest and authentic to avoid cincism.  Say what you mean, do what you say you will do, and create a communication space that speaks true for you whether you are online or in person.

2nd base is when people open up to you because they feel as if you understand them.  This is when they are ready to buy and connect with you. Since trust is a feeling you have to make sure the message you are projecting are clear, focused and positive and they are receptive to what you are saying both verbally and non verbally with integrity.

Do you understand the people you are approaching?

Do you understand your targets wants vs. their needs?

Do you understand the mindset of your audience or customer?

What messages can you project both verbally and non verbally to develop trust?

One of the biggest complaints that most people have is that they feel that “she did not understand my problem” ” I don’t trust her, she did not follow through as promised”. Trust can be lost in a micro minute if you send off the wrong messages.  Not everyone will agree with your method and your beliefs but they must all agree that you are a man or woman of your word and you operate in integrity for their best interest.  This will keep your doors of opportunity open.

Activate: Develop a trust statement.  Meaning that you have a statement that you project to the world that they can trust you and hold you accountable for. Here is an example from a radio station:

The Shine Statement of Trust

Our Guarantee to You:

Here at Louisville’s Shine 105.9 FM, we’re working hard to be a radio station designed for families. Shine 105.9 is a station that you can listen to anytime, anywhere and one that will never embarrass you in front of your children. We want you to know that we don’t just say it, we mean it! That’s why we give you the Shine 105.9 Statement of Trust! No songs with filthy lyrics, rude or crude humor, or commercials that are unsafe for families.

We need your help! If you ever hear anything that you may think violates the Shine 105.9 Statement of Trust, please let us know. We welcome your e-mails at

With your help we will continue to make Shine 105.9 your favorite radio station. The station that listens to you. Thanks for listening to Shine 105.9 FM.

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4 Rules of Imperfection: Imperfection Looks Good On Me

Imperfection rule #1: So what! In order to be imperfect you have to have an outcome.  What is the outcome you desire to see? Once you have clearly defined the outcome you are expecting, detach from it.  Hope for the best, wish for the better.  Either way you win.


Imperfection rule #2: Is it working? Are you aware enough to see whether what you’re doing is working or not working? Many people continue to do what’s not working trying to be perfect.  Perfection can keep you stuck.  Doing your best and doing what works will get you to where you need to be.


Imperfection rule #3: Have a smorgasbord. A great way to move forward with your plans is to have a variety of ways that you can prosper and succeed.  Have more than one income stream, have more than just a book, have a workshop to go with it, have more than one way to get things done, make more money, have more time.  The more you are flexible the more harvest you will reap.  Harvest comes from planting more than one seed.


Imperfection rule #4: Do something. Nike told you to “just do it”, Rocky told you “you are the champion”, President Obama told you “Yes we can”, God told you “you are more than a conquer” so TAKE ACTION and put what you know into PRACTICE.


Being imperfect is fun there is no failure, no pressure, no stress or anxiety.  Imperfection is results driven and productive. Try it on, one size fits all.


Activate News Flash: This weekend there was a tragic accident, Ms. Self Sabotage died from an overdose of confidence. This is not the time to second guess your self or let people talk yourself out of what you need to do or decide to do. This is the time to trust, pay attention, and operate out of “READINESS”. Talking about ready is not going to do it, thinking about ready is not enough, writing about ready is not going to work. Help yourself to some confidence, you can drink as much as you like as long as you Activate!




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Digital Underground: Is it taking over human interaction?

No one is talking face to face anymore; we have slowly become cyber robots.  Church is online, school is online, you can go food shopping online, work fulltime online, virtual dates and even bullies are online.  Where is the human interaction? We are doing more emailing, more tweeting, more status updates, more blog reading (including this one), and less interaction. Guess what? This is making us less human and more technical in my opinion.  People are online all the time, mobile devices, mobile home offices, instant access to anyone at any time.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy my virtual world, but it is essential to be fully engaged in REAL life experiences.

I see people texting while waiting in line for their coffee, while exercising in the gym, while going up or down in an elevator, on their way to the train, during dinner and even during family emergencies you get notified on Face Book. Yes, we are able to maximize the tiny windows of time, but we are slowly losing the very thing that keeps us alive. Scientists are discovering an unexpected side effect: The higher digital input we receive, the less time our brains get to process information, learn and become creative. In other words: We need downtime away from the gadgets to get new insights and new creative ideas.

I myself have created a digital diet.  I am on the computer for a certain amount of time, and then I am on the phone certain amount of time and then no texting when family is home or around.  I have to give myself time to think without being on warp speed all day.   I don’t run to my phone first thing in the morning and I don’t rush to Face book or Twitter, I give myself thinking time especially when my mind is still fresh in the morning.  I love the internet but I use it to keep me above ground and ready to activate.

If you’re wondering what is happening to your brain and why it’s difficult to retain information or stay focused, it’s probably due to being on digital overload, in what I call a digital underground, never surfacing for air. If you are looking to renew your creative fire you have to be less online. “Almost certainly, downtime lets the brain go over experiences it’s had, solidify them and turn them into permanent long-term memories,” said Loren Frank, assistant professor in the department of physiology at the University of California, San Francisco recently in The New York Times.

Be moderate and responsible with your time online.  If you feel you are a tad bit addicted, start to wean yourself off slowly.  Cherish your offline moments while you can.

Lucinda Cross is a Lifestyle and Business fire starter specializing in women’s success. She is the CEO and Founder of Activate!, Author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs, Founder of Praying and Activate Me 24/7 Membership. She is also co-owner of the Super Mom Entrepreneur Conference and Expo. Her journey into entrepreneurship began when she became a mom and she has been building businesses ever since as a mompreneur. She has defied all the odds both in life and in business and has mastered the ability to turn adversities into advantages. She travels the world sharing her message and inspiring women to Activate in all areas of life! Her new book “The Road To Redemption: Overcoming Life’s Detours, Obstacles and Challenges” is set to release in Mar 2012.  You can find out more about Lucinda Cross or request to hire her for your upcoming conference, seminar, graduation or celebration by emailing her agent at or simply connect with her on Facebook , Twitter @lucindaspeaks.



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Social Media: Groupies and Raving Fans

I know what you are saying to yourself, Lucinda has lost her marbles with this post.  But let me explain…

According to Wikipedia a groupie is an enthusiastic or uncritical follower and a fan is an ardent devotee; an enthusiast. I have been on social media for a while now and I have been a part of many groups on face book and twitter.  I personally only like to share with a select few with the intent to get to build, support and share any information that can them “ACCELERATE”, (using our action word for the month) with thriving in their business and their life.

What I see now on face book is people adding you to groups without asking permission or even caring if it align with what you are doing.  People are going “group crazy”, and on top of that the people they are having a “sell fest” inside the group.

In our efforts to build our list please keep in mind it is Quality not Quantity.  Stop asking people to “like” your page if it is not in alignment with your vision or theirs.  You can have a group of 1k, 5k or more, what is important is having a group of raving fans who are devoted, enthusiastic and uncritical.

If your goal is to increase your fan base, think about what kind of fans you want, identify who fits your group profile.

The profile for my group is women 30-55, in transition, tired of working for someone else, serious about leaving a legacy, extremely creative and would like to create a service package or info product, women and moms who are tired of making a dollar out of 15cents, heck a women who knows that God has given her a vision of being in business and is ready for the “What”, or a woman who is a corporate mom drop out.

If I don’t run across this type of individual then I sit back and interact, find out what they like and don’t like, find out what their visions and aspirations are…then BAM…they get an invitation.

Hi, my name is Lucinda Cross, I am the author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs, and I have a fabulous group called Corporate Mom Dropouts on face book which is a supportive group for creative visionaries such as yourself.  We discuss family balance; business building and we encourage and inspire each other to be the best we can be on all levels.  Join us and introduce yourself, your business and vision. We would love to have you share your expertise. Just by joining us you will have the opportunity to win a copy of my book that has been featured on ABC Money Matters for Mompreneurs.


This is a brief intro to let her know that we care about her and we are interested in her success.  I am not just adding her because “I think” she is not a good fit, nor am I selling in her group or promoting my group in her group without proper study and permission.

Here in this invite I am engaging the 1. Connectivity, 2. Credibility, 3. Awareness. I tell them who we are, what we do and why we do it.  I am not asking her to join because I need 10k followers. That message send out the wrong persona, you want to tell people how they can benefit by being a part of your group, how they can transform, how they can transition, etc.

Here are some of the red flags that go off when you tell someone to “like” your page without proper CCA rule above.

  • I don’t have quality folks in my group
  • I am in competition with myself and I have something to prove (EGO)
  • I really don’t care about you or your business just “like” my page
  • I don’t care to know you, just “like” my page
  • I don’t care if you are a tea drinker, just “like” my coffee drinking page
  • It does not matter that you pray to God, just “like” my atheist page.

We have to become more conscious on how we are presenting ourselves online.  We must be hungry for the right connects and not thirsty for the wrong ones.

I love my groupies and my fans, meaning I love the devoted, enthusiastic and uncritical followers who are supportive of what I do. Tell the quality folks in your group to invite more quality folks who fit your “groupie or fan profile”.

Creating Raving Fans requires a you finding a better way and the discipline to communicate and connect with your audience consistently and deliberately.

*please come back to read our blog on Friday for a new post*



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America’s Most Wanted: Unethical Internet Marketers

News Flash: Unethical Internet Marketers are caught stealing hopes and dreams

If you ever invested in your business, you may relate to this.

As a “preneur”, entrepreneur, mompreneur, infopreneur, solopreneur etc…, you are constantly looking for golden nuggets that will help you build your business. During my journey, I have experienced unethical Internet Marketers all selling the same thing, different name, same game.  Well I am proud to say, “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, I am free at last”.

There is a set of internet marketers who are out to make a quick buck, and they could care less about you and your business.  We must use discernment when it comes to linking our vision to an individual whom may appear to be a trusted advisor. Do not let their fancy titles and large list fool you, look at what these people are really selling.  I have invested over 30k in my business and ½ of that was a hard lesson to learn.

Watch who is teaching you, and making deposits into your business. I was told by one of my mastermind members that authenticity and integrity went out the door after Thomas Leonard passed. If you don’t know about him, Google him, and if you want to see the fruits of his labor check out the awesome Andrea Lee who is depositing doses of truth, reality, purpose and authenticity back into the coaching world.

I refuse to gamble my money that I work hard for to another “Power Puff doll guru in training” and walk out with just another book shelf collector’s item. I refuse to give up my time to someone who is practicing with my vision, or has elevated to a point where they no longer give value and I am just another number on their list.

Here are some unethical tips to write down. Matter of fact, print this out and email it to your entrepreneurial friends.

Unethical tip #1.

It’s important that you be aware of anything that sounds unethical or illegal. Paying something for nothing is a red flag off the bat. Swindles crop up all the time, so you need to make yourself aware of their existence. Follow the adage that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Also, listen to sales pitches with both ears open and do plenty of research before you make any commitments.

Unethical tip #2.

Some Internet marketers use fluffed up language to mislead customers to believe in the benefits that don’t actually exist. You’ve probably seen advertisements with pictures of private jets, exotic cars; expensive vacations that lead the reader to believe that, 1) the business owner on the website is living this lifestyle, or 2) the opportunity or product being promoted can provide this kind lifestyle for you. However, it is the blatant or intentional misleading, or implication of unrealistic expectations that borders the unethical in the internet marketing world.

Unethical tip #3.

Do your research. Use Google search, call up the testimonials they have listed on the sales page or the website. Just as if you were checking out a new community to live in, you would checkout the schools, the neighborhood, the stores, the convenience and etc, same thing goes for your business.

Sidebar: Keep your eyes open…If you have a story or a company that you would like to warn us about, please share so that the next “preneur” does not get burned. I really hold my clients close and refuse to allow you to fall into the same traps I did. Don’t follow the glitz and glamour.

Tweet this and you can get a chance to win a copy of Corporate Mom Drop Outs revised eversion.


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Does Your Blog Need A Face Lift?

4 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Blog

1. Be brief and to the point as much as possible

Cutting down the number of words used to pass a message without distorting it is so vital. You have to be sensitive that some readers are commonly put off by the use of over communicating to express a point.

Being concise is very important as it facilitates the concentration and focus on a story by an individual. Keep in mind that busy readers are likely to read and comprehend on a story that is brief and to the point. Follow the “K.I.S.S” rule (keep it short and sweet).

2. Uphold accuracy


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Are You Googlelicious?

Google Alerts is ‘email updates’ of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. It distills the results from the first 20 or so pages of its search engine results and sends you the alert. The most important aspect of being on the web is your online reputation. Making sure that the information regarding yourself and your business is Good and True and not anything, that is going to hurt you or your business. Now, there are many different aspects of reputation monitoring, and one in particular is Google Alerts.

As a business owner whose specialty is marketing, Google Alerts is a tool that I cannot live without. I get to find out about my clients and their competition, see if anyone is plagiarizing their content, and see who is searching for them. Google Alerts is the ultimate internet spy.

Here are some ways I use the service to save me lots of time and energy marketing in the wrong places.


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Get to know Mark Zuckerberg and his friends

Social Networking Inner Circle

Social networking can seem a little daunting if you’ve never dipped your toes in. There are so many different sites – What is each one about? Which ones should you sign up for? How do you use them?

In this post, you’ll learn enough about each social network to get you started. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg the CEO for Facebook, we are allowed to connect, make money, entertain and market faster than popping popcorn in the microwave.


Facebook is the largest social networking website in the United States and Europe. Its main features are that you can add your friends and stay in touch, as well as see a constant news stream about what’s going on with the people around you.

In many places in the world, “Facebook me” is a common phrase. Being on Facebook will allow you to stay in touch with people you may otherwise slip out of contact with.


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