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HELP I Need a Coach

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

– John Whitmore

When it comes to getting the support you need this year, consider partnering up with a business coach.  When it comes to finding the right fit for you and your business needs, consider what ESPN had to say about some of the top coaches they picked and the characteristics and legacies that these coaches have built.  As you read the list, figure out whether you need a coach that is in your face and pushes you to the limit, a coach that outlines strategies and processes, a coach that supports you in certain aspects and levels of your life. You may need a  personal trainer, relationship coach, marketing coach, spiritual coach, life coach, etc…  The big question is: What level of guidance and support do you need right now?


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Avoid Having A One Night Stand With Your Clients

It’s all about your clients’ experience- how to create an experience that keeps the referrals coming, helping your clients to the best of your ability and over delivering

The basic ways in which you can effectively deliver customer service is through making the customers’ needs a priority, listening keenly to the customers and ultimately putting efforts to exceed their expectations. However, there are a number of other ways you can utilize to win customers’ loyalty thus keeping them coming back and attract other new clients through referrals. These include:

Having a rich knowledge on the product/service: As the client’s agent, having a deep understanding concerning the product/service will enable you to effectively represent the client while dealing with the customer thus meeting or exceeding their expectations.


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Passive Income Takes Aggressive Actions

For many entrepreneurs, passive income is the holy grail of online and internet marketing. I must say that making money day and night without much effort sure sounds sweet. Unfortunately, there are so many misconceptions around passive income that entrepreneurs often have unrealistic expectations that keep them from having real passive income.

How does passive income work, really? What can you really expect if you want to embark on the journey of creating streams of passive income?

Passive Income Requires Upfront Work to Create and Aggressive Actions

Passive income is a bit like a rocket. It takes a lot of energy to get it off the ground. Once it’s off the ground however, it requires far less energy. The expenditure is no longer on getting the rocket moving, but on steering the rocket.

There are two ways to create passive income: To buy it or to create it. And to create it is a lot of work. There’s no such thing as passive income for nothing.


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