Look at how many people were enraged, swarming  outside the court room, investing their time to feed into the frenzy of a verdict that would either set Casey Anthony free or put her behind bars. (well now she is free)

My question is…where are the people praying, investing their time to be unified, and reaching out to one another? We cannot lose focus on what is really happening here.  We need to get in position to prevent something like this from happening again or at least start in our own communities to enforce safety in and outside the homes by being AWARE. Losing focus on the real reasons WHY causes us to miss the opportunity to see warning signs and smoke signals that may be going off by another  little girl somewhere who is being kidnapped, raped, tortured, abused by her stressed out parents or by some deranged stranger.

This is just one case that should wake up the communities, we are all responsible when it comes to a neglected child.  We need to check in on our neighbors, and locals.  There is a stressed, burned out, overwhelmed mother/family who needs support most of the time mental help.  Yes, mental support as in a phone call, a conversation to know that someone cares, maybe even professional counseling or a simple a walk in the park by herself and a prayer.

We should not be in a community where, no one cares, until something happens. We have to care to avoid it happening.

Here are some things I am implementing in my community and feel free to share what you are working on or have in place for safety and security for these families, including our own.

1. Create a community watch board (yes, this is a group of nosey bodies who have nothing else to do but check the sex offender listings, frequent knocks on your door to say hello, they are the ones that tell your kids to be careful and don’t throw the ball in the streets.)- It’s important to know who your neighbors are.

2. Support circle: Who is a good cook in the area, who has a good cleaning service, who can watch kids, who can help with carpooling the kids to and from school, who can help with transportation to and from work, who can help out with food shopping, who can reach out to sponsor a neighborhood family. – Create a local resource manual with agency numbers and outreach support.  (Carry a bat phone; this is an inexpensive cell phone that is only used for the local community in case of an emergency you can report it, that is the only phone number you are to give out)

3. Pray meetings. Helping one another stay connected and praying for one another’s family. (Local church access on a Wednesday night, virtual meetings on the phone, or meet up in the local park or diner)

4. Play dates: where are the local parks and events that you can team up to go out together?

5. Moms night out: making sure that all the kids are in one central location or with a trusted source.  This helps you to connect with one another on a deeper and more fun level.

Don’t be afraid to be nosey, there is a child waiting for a nosey angel to save them. Remember “It takes a Village”.

Please post any resourceful phone numbers or hot lines or agencies that support families, single moms and moms in general.

Join us for our National Prayer Walk on July 30th. www.prayerwalknyc.eventbrite.com

Written by : Lucinda Cross

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  1. Sara Broers July 18, 2011 at 8:55 pm - Reply

    What an awesome post!

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