I decided to go on a social media, blogging and email break, thanks to the advice from one of my accountability partners Todd Jones of Cuzins Duzin.

I learned to do this every so often to get stuff done without distractions. Every so often I catch myself doing a lot of stuff and get nowhere fast.  I have to stay focused on the results and not the fact that I have a lot going on.  I prefer to have a little going on and making a lot of money, than having a lot going on making a little money.

I decided that I needed to scale back a bit and focus on results. Results for me look like completing information products that can support others in accelerating. Having products, tangible or e-version is important.  It makes it a lot easier for me to do what I need to do and support others without giving my time, undivided attention or intellectual property for free.

Educating is my goal for this season and when you educate you help people to understand why they should do business with you. For example: I love going to Stop and Shop because they always have their signature 10 for $10 sale and they always keep their store layout clean, but when I go to Stew Leonard’s they advertise fresh food, meats and just overall healthy eating because they always promote top choice foods.  Both stores are great but one focuses on a solution of getting more for less and the other focuses on getting healthy fresh foods.


When you look at this example I want you to think about what you are creating.  Is your message consistent?  What is the overall message, what are you an expert at?  My message to the world is to dramatically increase your value in every area of your life.  My products, videos, blogs and messages are all surrounded around value, how you can increase your value to become more secure in your job, in your business, more vital to your friends and family.


People like to connect with a powerful and consistent message and it does not matter what business you are in, as long as your message and solution is results driven and consistent.


Completion wins the day!


Lucinda Cross


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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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