Dear Self,

I want you to understand that you are responsible for the success or failue, improvement or stagnation, your own actions and reactions, you are responsible for creating your visions and dreams and setting your own goals, you are responsible for believing in yourself, for improving yourattitude, for developing positive habits and getting rid of the negative ones, you are responsible for your success, manging your time, ceasing opportunities and controlling your emotions.


Here are a few words I wanted to tell you today.


I love you today!

I honor you today!

I value my time today!

I respect you and others today!

I am growing stronger today!

I am expecting a miracle today!

I am on time today!

I am prepared today!

I am using my creativity to shine today!

I am focused today!

I am showing up in the world differently today!


Today is my day to make a difference!


Written by : Lucinda Cross

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