Big question for the day. Should men be engaged in women’s empowerment?

As I am planning my 3 day intensive in November and Writers Retreat for January 2013, I had to stop and think what about empowering the men?  I try my best to include my husband and children in my success plan.  Often times I see women creating the “me, myself and I” plan that excludes the inclusion and suggestion of their loved ones.

Problems arise when the vision of your life and biz is not in alignment or in sync with your family. Everyone should be on one accord or close to it.

Here is another question:

Should our loved ones, partners and significant others be included in the upliftment and empowerment? Do they want to be included? I believe they have the same or similar limiting beliefs such as low self esteem, self- sabotage, fear to name a few that we are on a mission to overcome.

If I am gathering a group of women together to become the best version of themselves using their God -given talents to change their portion of the world, should I also create something for men as well and get a male facilitator? I am considering a way to combine the two, whether it’s women and her family or women and her significant other.  We all need love don’t you think? We all need to go to the next level together.

Tell me your thoughts and I will answer them on my next Activate Live video. Place your questions or comments below.



Written by : Lucinda Cross

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  1. Valerie N. Jackson September 10, 2012 at 1:50 am - Reply

    Hi Lucinda Cross,

    I hope all is well with you! I am sending you the answers to your questions and I hope you enjoy reading it.

    Nevertheless, first let me commend you on your Blog page. It is beautiful and you look so lovely, graceful and a beautiful looking African black women as well as myself.

    No, I do not think men should be engaged in women empowerment because that is how men got into trouble in the beginning! Men should be involved with their own empowerment.

    Men have their own empowerment that they utilize when necessary. The only thing a women should do, concerning empowerment, is to not get into men way of empowerment!

    I think women and their loved ones, partners and significant others should only give one another moral and spiritual support when needed! I think men should not want to be included in women’s empowerment, even though some do. I also think that if men stay involved with their own empowerment, with women moral and spiritual support, they would not have anything to fear. There is no need for it!

    Men are very smart and intellectual being and are equally capable of utilizing their GOD giving talents as women are.

    The women and their loved ones, partners and significant others, are combined by natural causes in someway or another. GOD gave women and men talents. It is almost like a puzzle, women and their loved ones, partners and significant others’ talents combine and work in harmony together through them! As long as they are themselves and except one another for whom they are!

    Yes, we all need LOVE. That is the powerful key for combining. It is a natural talented gift source of combining. Women and men get their strength from one another by utilizing the talented gift of LOVE that GOD has giving them and with it, they can take it to the extreme next and higher level in life!!!!!

    I hope this answered your questions in some way and it is understandable.
    Valerie N. Jackson

    • Lucinda Cross September 10, 2012 at 5:56 am - Reply


      Thanks so much for the compliments and your comments was very thought provoking. I like how you stated that “men should be involved with their own empowerment”. That is key, they are smart and capable of empowering themselves….I was laughing at some of your remarks because I can see where you might have been holding back what you really wanted to say….lol

      Please continue to comment on any relevant post you feel, I enjoy your thoughts.


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