Work in progress: “Raven Gets In”

by Walt Pascoe


There is something phenomenal going on in you.

Do you feel a little uncomfortable?

Do you feel pushed and pulled to do something else?

Do you feel as if you want to cry because things are not working out?

Do you feel impatient with the level of success you have now and ready to uplevel?

Do you feel like what you want to do is not what you are supposed to do?

Do you feel over excited like something is about to happen?

Do you feel sad at times as if something is fading away or dying inside?

Well these feelings that you have been having is symptoms to what I observed as the “REINVENTION” virus.

When I realized that for myself, I began to get scared because it required me to reinvent myself.

Reinventing yourself requires a brand change, a new direction of your business/life, a shift in my inner circle and a personal and emotional check up.  Ofcourse it is going to be an uneasy process, but when something phenomenal is going on in you, you have no choice but to strip out the weeds surrounding you and begin to help the real you breathe and become visible.

The ability to reinvent yourself is one of the key tools you need in order to stay ahead of the game, with new ideas, products and a market who is thirsty and a closer relationship with your family.  It makes no sense to operate in non productive habits.  If your business/relationships are broken and/or unsustainable and you have given it your all, don’t wait too long before you decide to change and begin the reinvention process.  That is why I say something phenomenal is going on.

It has to do with change, growth and evolution.  It has to do with women, and moms.  There are changes that are taking place in the hearts and minds of us women that are going to literally rock this world.

Women/Moms are changing their minds about who they are, who they service, what their role is in their family and in the world.  What role are you playing? Do you need to reinvent yourself?

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