August is dedicated to new authors.

New Author Tip#1: Please don’t expect to get rich tomorrow.


There’s a big misconception going around that if you self-publish a book you will have overnight success on your launch day, and have thousands of sales, and can take four vacations a years, buy a house and quit your day job.


While I wish this was true, it is not.


Most of the self-published authors I know (including myself), are on the marketing and promotional grind—daily, hourly.  Why? Because writing doesn’t generally make you stacks and stacks of money. There are some exceptions to the rule. But unless you are one of the 1% that strike a chord with OWN network and somehow end up on Oprah’s reading list, then keep your day job or your business in full operation. Write for the message, for the love, for the experience, for the potential opportunities and write to YES make a profit but to also make a change in the hearts and minds of your readers.


If you are considering self-publishing your works, it is true that sites like Amazon, Smash words, Create space,, Lightning Source and Barnes & Noble make becoming an independent author much easier. Yes, you can now self-publish your books and have as much visibility to the public as Jack Canfield. But you still have to do the marketing, and you still have to write a quality book. Key words are marketing and quality.  You have to start to develop your reader fan base ASAP.


Self publishing is about hitting a trend while it’s hot and riding that trend till the wheels fall off, or in our case until the words fall off the pages.  The book is like your business card, your access key to really make the big bucks. So when considering your first or third book, consider the trend, the reader fan base and position you want the book to place you in when published.


May 21st was my book launch, I sold thousands of copies but the real work started 6 months before the release and now I am on double time positioning my book in a way to set me up for government contracts, workshops and empowerment trainings.  The Road to Redemption is not paying the mortgage, the contracts I receive while I am on the road to redemption is.


Set your expectations and intentions right at the start, everything else will just flow.

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