Whatever you do in business and in your day to day life, do your best.  Keep in mind that competition is only proof that there is someone, somewhere who is capable of doing what you do.  Here is the beauty of competition, you can BE on FIRE and stand out from the rest and make your competition irrelevant.  You have indispensable and irreplaceable qualities.

Yes, you!

The are over 3 bakeries down the block from me, but there is one reason why I keep going back to the old rinky dink one.  They always give free samples of the days specials (cakes, cookies, etc) when you order a baked delight.  Just that simple added value keeps her customers loyal and coming back for more…she also remembers my name.

Here is 5 tips to keep yourself on FIRE and In Demand:

  1. Be your best when others are looking and even when they are not looking. Be your best whether it is one client or 10 clients, one member or 100 members.  Keep up the momentum and give your best.
  2. Focus on one thing at a time. Never ever multitask to the point you become ineffective and confused.
  3. Take a rest and recharge your mental batteries.  This will help to keep your productivity and performance levels high.
  4. Learn to say no.  Don’t worry about losing the sale or missing the opportunity especially when it involves you compromising your fees, rates or schedule.  Each time you say no you will feel more confident in your decision and the ability to achieve those things that are a priority for you.
  5. Always add value, to your services, products, conversations, presentations.  Be known for the one who brings value and substance to the table.


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Lucinda Cross


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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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