NEW 12 Week Masterclass Training Program

The Power Of Your Influence

You are already an expert, and an influencer, now let's expand your Brand visibility, no more best-kept secrets. 
It's time to SHAKE THE ROOM!

Time to "Celebritize"

Your Brand!

Good vibes coming to your way Activators,

Let's get up close and personal... My name is Lucinda Cross, I live in NY. I have 3 children, I am a pescatarian, I love to travel, I love neo-soul music and spoken word. I've been a full-time entrepreneur since 2006, never went back to corporate America since. I have a Degree in Business from Mercy College. I am a speaker, author, and women empowerment, personal brand leadership coach/trainer.

I have a unique set of marketing skills that I use to support women in business “celebritize” their brand by creating targeted visibility campaigns to maximize their influence through brand partnerships, media collaborations, and corporate sponsorships.

I’m googlicious and you can be too.

A few questions I often get are:

  • How did you secure sponsorship as a speaker or for your projects?
  • How did you get media without a publicist?
  • How did I get to be a spokesperson for Verizon, NIKE etc?
  • How did you get on CNN and BET Queen Boss or The Today Show?
  • How did you make it on the NY Times Best Seller list without an agent?
  • How did you transition from being a single mom in corporate America to a thriving business momprenuer?
  • How did you land speaking engagements from the top Fortune 500 companies?
  • How did you get featured in ESSENCE Magazine?
  • How did you become a contributor to Black Enterprise?
  • How did you get major brands to pay you as a brand influencer without millions of followers?
  • How did you get your social media accounts verified?
  • How did you secure 40+ paid speaking engagements every year booked out in advance?



Orientation/Session 1 start on May 24, 2022, at 8:00pm EST.

The answers to the questions above all lead to building a tribe of support, collaborations, confidence and consistently nurturing relationships.

I had to become my own client.

I needed to eat from my own table.

I gave myself permission to be clear and to receive.

My main focus right now is to continue to serve, support, and show up for my community, my tribe. If you are a leader, coach, author, speaker, influencer and you feel stuck between “what's working and what's not working” and what you really want to work on, be seen as, and supported in...Let's work together!

No, seriously.

Let’s make some headlines. I am offering an exclusive 12 Week Masterclass to support you in Activating Your Platform.

This program offers you expert guidance on activating your power of influence.

  • How to get paid speaking gigs
  • How to host sold out successful events/training
  • How to get media attention and visibility
  • How to get brand deals and sponsorships
  • and so much more

Here's what I'll be supporting you on...

Launch a Visibility "Shake The Room" Marketing Campaign That Doesn't Devour Your Life and Productivity Time

I believe we can continue to survive through this pandemic and am prayerful that we will rise to the top. In light of the 50million zoom training that is happening all day every day. I will be using a video platform to give us a breather. You will be placed in a private coaching platform to monitor your milestones and success rate, in addition, we will have: 

  • Full detailed assessment plan
  • Weekly check-in for accountability and support
  • Weekly assignments for professional productivity
  • Weekly assignments for your mental/personal stability 


How I Became an Influencer without 1M Followers and just a Strong Email List (and You Can Too)

Businesswomen who feel they could achieve greater and contribute more if they had the right project in place, the right partners, and a plan of action to launch a campaign that will celebritize (yeah this word is made up...LOL) their business or brand.

This is ideal for those who want to develop their brand and marketing position in the marketplace as the industry leader. Whether you are a business newbie or have been in business for a while, you will take away techniques that will enable you to tap into your creativity and passion, while traveling, investing, and just living life.


Permission To Win: Step One in Showing, Telling, and Selling Your Awesomeness

So here's what I've got in mind.

Give yourself permission to succeed.

We will meet to focus on developing strategies, and tools that get you beyond the things that are currently holding you back from creating the life you want. In three weeks you will discover more clarity and focus, and enjoy inspiration, encouragement, and support as you reach your goals.

Oh, and we'll have some fun doing it!


Are you ready to SHAKE THE ROOM?

Normal price: $9750

Option 1: $5500

(Pay In Full)

Option 2: $6500 (Installment)

Down Payment of $1500

*No refunds all deposits are final

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