How many people do you think were freed by Magic Johnson’s story? or Les Brown’s Story? What about Tony Robbins?

What about S. Monique Smith-Person, Advocate for missing and exploited children and author of I Am The Ancestor?

or Christine Carter Founder of The Against All Odds Organization, Geneva Farrow Founder of A Young Mothers D.R.E.A.M and Joan Wilson author of  The Corner Woman and Advocate for The National Kidney Foundation to name a few?

From survivors of terminal illness, domestic violence, homelessness, child abuse, exploitation and other test and trails that life dished out. These trail blazers are now living testimonies that are healing a nation and saving communities.

Your mission must be bigger than your scars and wounds from life. You were chosen, you are chosen.  You have been through obstacles and challenges and maybe still going and growing through it, but the breakthrough, the comeback, the fact that you are being set up to do something greater is part of the remarkable process.

I applaud you, standing ovation and encore for being unique. Your story is unique, your trials and tribulations are unique and so is the outcome.  I have learned to be free, totally.  Refusing to allow my past to dictate and predict my future.  I refuse to allow my scars and wounds to be the source of my pride but humbled by the fact that I was chosen to go through and grow through the process of strength, tenacity and endurance to prove that I am cut out for my mission. I am not going to allow a “boo boo” or “life hiccup” to keep me in bondage and fear and neither should you.

The silent killer is keeping it a secret.  If you are wondering why YOU, look at the benefits of what you can do to heal, save, inspire and uplift OTHERS with your story of victory, overcoming and simply thriving and surviving against all odds.

I challenge you to join the #BeRedeemed movement. Life starts the moment you breath life into your situation.  Join me as I am on my Road to Redemption.  Read more by clicking here.


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Written by : Lucinda Cross

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