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Keep The Fire Burning

Often times I would attend a conference and after the conference the momentum is lost. After all that hard work that the host goes through in order to put on a stellar event it is lost in time and people are now looking for the next big thing. In my experience in planning the Activate Conference, I felt like I was planning a wedding. Post conference is when the executing the vision started. Just like a marriage, after the big day when you declare your “I Do’s”, the real work begins when you come back from your honeymoon. It is my responsibility to keep the momentum going and the fire burning.  I consider the Activate Conference an experience that will continue to offer great information and ongoing edu-tainment until we meet again.

With that being said I just want to thank everyone who participated in the Post Conference Marathon last week and now I am excited to announce the launch of the Keep The Fire Burning: Activate Post Conference Marathon Part 2 featuring our break out session speakers.

Everyday for 15min starting at 1pm EST on October 8th to October 17th.



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Building the A-Team: I Am Only As Great As My Team

 “Just as the spider unfolds its web from
within its own being, so we must unfold
grace, wisdom and power from within
our own being.”
Joel Goldsmith

This past weekend I was able to sit back and reflect on the awesome job that the A-Team has done for the first annual Activate Conference held on Friday Sept. 20th, 2013. The team has been diligent and consistent in spreading the word and build the hype.  After moments of consulting with Stephanie Voong of SV Consulting, she had us set up with a Twitter Page, Instagram and she was posting on the Facebook fan page. 

With a team of Activate Ambassadors the Activate conference was a complete success, thanks to Neoshi Green and Ke’Aundra McIntyre. The vendors were trained and cared for by Coach Nic on how to work the crowd. Not to mention Monique Smith-Person from Maryland, this phenomenal woman had the audacity to charter a bus of 50 women who were hungry for Activation, and there’s more to be announced.

The point that I am making here is that we can try to get it done on our own but you are a powerful force when you have a powerful team.  Just as the spider unfolds its web from within, we must be willing to work on building a team from within. In order for us to see greater results in the outer world, we have to do the inner work first and it starts with you and within your team.

Every great successor has a team.

Every powerful leader has a team.
One plants, another waters and God gives the increase.

Here are 3 things to do to start building a team.

1. Ask for help. First you have to know what kind of help you need.  This artist by the name of Neo sings this song: “I’m a movement by myself, but I’m force when where together…you make me better”.  Drop all ego and pride and ask for help. You have not because you ask not! Get rid of the I can do this by myself attitude, it will keep you stagnated.

2. Share the bigger picture. Since people are not mind readers you have to be willing to expose the bigger picture in order to keep the team motivated. People buy into the vision, so go deeper than book sales and speaking gigs. Tell your team how you want their support in impacting the world.

3. Set clear and concise goals. Prepare an agenda for your team. Make sure you are able to answer the Who, What, When, Where and most importantly the Why? A team dream-killer is when you start relaxing and chillaxing on the task at hand. This is your vision and you have to take full responsibility by showing up, answering questions, checking in and making connections.

If you would like to join the A-Team inbox me for details at lucinda@lucindacross.com

If you would like to see highlights from the Activate Conference please visit the fan page at http://fb.com/activateconference

P.S.  Always give the team incentives. Everybody like to be rewarded.

Lucinda Cross

Mama Activator

For bookings contact Iris at booking@lucindacross.com

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The Art of Activation

heart-2-ConvertedAttending the Activate Conference is about creating a platform for your message, movement and ideas. Many people are running around buying stuff they don’t need, to impress people they don’t like, in order to live a life they don’t enjoy. Why?  because they have not grasped the Art of Activation.

3 Steps to Activate Your Life Today:

1. Give Your Voice Value: When you begin to realize how important and valuable your message is, you will understand that you have been undercharging life. This can be a huge disservice for your personal and professional growth. My mentor told me to put a sticker on my computer that reads: “I deserve to be compensated because I bring value to the table”

2. Get your Blessings   Confidence: Go get your confidence and then go grab your blessings. One of the reasons why I have Les Brown leading a two hour session first thing in the morning at the Activate Conference is because many people bypass their customized blessings due to lack of confidence.  When you are confident in your ability and understand that you bring value to the table, you begin to take inspired action towards getting all the flavor out of the sweet blessings God has placed at your feet.

3. Cross colors: Embrace diversity, I like to call it adding color to your profile. I have a mix of business associates from all colors, races and nationalities. This helps my brand awareness and outreach. I have a message that is for any nationality and gender. I chose to direct my focus towards women with a message. Embrace change and get in the mix.

Pick up your yellow brick and meet me at the round table at the Activate Conference.




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You have the authority to be amazing

Reason #7 to attend the Activate Conference:

64315_10201647963063214_1610064995_nYou have given yourself the authority to be amazing.


Excuse me, miss. Yes, YOU reading this blog. Take a look in the mirror.  Stare at yourself really intently. Do you know that you have the authority to be amazing? You don’t need fancy licenses, certificates, degrees or awards. All you need is you.

We allow so many things to define who we are—our materialistic possessions, the people in our lives, the amount of money we earn, and the accomplishments we’ve made. Those things become synonymous with our power. So what happens if those things are stripped from us? Well, we feel as if we have no significance, or better yet, as if we have no authority over our lives. But I’m here to tell you that your existence—your ability to breathe and have a name– is what gives you power. You give yourself the authority to be amazing.

The Activate Conference with Lucinda Cross, reinforces your authority. The speakers, presenters and guests will be a mirror which reflects how amazing you are. Some of you will be reminded that no matter how big your struggle is or the amount of trouble you’ve endured, you still have the authority to reclaim your greatness. Some of you will be given the courage to tell others how amazing you are and make them respect what you are building for yourself. Regardless of who you are, the Activate Conference is meant to help you embrace your authority and show you how to wear it proudly.

If you haven’t yet figured out how to take control over the things that make you so powerful, the Activate Conference is a wonderful place to start. Think about it, you’ll be a in a place filled with people who expect nothing less than for you to show up and be authoritative. These women want you to be courageous, captivating and sensational. So if you haven’t done so already, give yourself the authority to be amazing! You are worth it.


Shannon Henderson ImShannon.comThis countdown blog has been provided by Shannon Baylor-Henderson, your “Start-Up Coach” from ImShannon.com.


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Your Message Has Purpose

Reason #8 to attend the Activate Conference:

images (14)You know your message has purpose and now others need to know it.

When you speak, you want others to listen. When you write, you want others to read it. Why? Because you’ve realized your words move mountains. For you, talking and writing is more than a method of communication, it’s a tool to inspire, educate, uplift and rebuild. Your message doesn’t just show that you’re intelligent. Your message has a purpose and now others need to know it.

The Activate Conference with Lucinda Cross is going to ignite the flame of your words and kindle that fire until your words are explosive! You have a message that has been building from experiences, journeys, the sweet smell of victory and the burning sting of defeat. All of that has marinated into a message and once you learn how to craft it, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. The Activate Conference will be led by people who have built messages and platforms that reach beneath the surface. It will be attended, by people like you, who know their message has a purpose and they are ready to share it with others.

You’ve probably asked yourself “do my words have weight because they don’t captivate my audience?” or “how can I show people that the story I have is worth listening to and learning from?” The answer is by surrounding yourself with professionals with proven results. You must be in the company of people who know how important it is to build a message, share it with others and watch the sparks fly. The Activate Conference’s speakers and panelists will show you how to enhance your message and brand.  When you attend the conference, you won’t have to worry if your message is strong enough or if people will listen to it. After you leave the conference, all you’ll be thinking about is how you’ll manage the abundance of new speaking requests.

Shannon Henderson ImShannon.comThis countdown blog has been provided by Shannon Baylor-Henderson, your “Start-Up Coach” from ImShannon.com.


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The New Mandate For Female Entrepreneurs

Reason #9 to attend the Activate Conference:

It’ time to replace fear with ferocity.


Look out behind you! There’s something lurking and if it catches you, it’ll be a disaster! It’s a four letter word…F-E-A-R. Run, girl, RUUUUUUUUNNN!

Fear is like a big, ugly monster waiting to claim you as its victim. It hides and sneaks up on you just when you think you’ve conquered what you’re afraid of. It can stop you in your tracks and make you second-guess and doubt everything you want to do. But you must remember, you can fight back! You have to attack your fear with ferocity.

Admit it. You’ve stopped your progress on several occasions by letting fear take over your actions. You’ve told yourself  “I’m not ready for that yet“ or “I don’t think I can do that”. And whether you believe it or not, those statements are full of fear. The Activate Conference with Lucinda Cross will compel you to face, address and conquer your fears.

When you’re afraid, you need to be comforted and you need to feel empowered. The women at the Activate Conference have faced their fears and are able to show and tell you how to face yours. What’s even more dynamic is that some of the attendees are still running from their fears. BUT they’ve made a decision that they and fear will both arrive at the Activate Conference, but only one of them will walk out alive. Can you guess which one it will be?

Your ferocity is trapped underneath challenges, resentment and self-sabotage. The Activate Conference will help you remove those layers and unleash ferocity which is so bold and so powerful, it’ll make fear run away from you! If you know it’s time to replace your fear with ferocity, then you need to attend the Activate Conference.


Shannon Henderson ImShannon.comThis countdown blog has been provided by Shannon Baylor-Henderson, your “Start-Up Coach” from ImShannon.com.

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The Silent Killer Is Keeping It A Secret

How many people do you think were freed by Magic Johnson’s story? or Les Brown’s Story? What about Tony Robbins?

What about S. Monique Smith-Person, Advocate for missing and exploited children and author of I Am The Ancestor?

or Christine Carter Founder of The Against All Odds Organization, Geneva Farrow Founder of A Young Mothers D.R.E.A.M and Joan Wilson author of  The Corner Woman and Advocate for The National Kidney Foundation to name a few?

From survivors of terminal illness, domestic violence, homelessness, child abuse, exploitation and other test and trails that life dished out. These trail blazers are now living testimonies that are healing a nation and saving communities.

Your mission must be bigger than your scars and wounds from life. You were chosen, you are chosen.  You have been through obstacles and challenges and maybe still going and growing through it, but the breakthrough, the comeback, the fact that you are being set up to do something greater is part of the remarkable process.

I applaud you, standing ovation and encore for being unique. Your story is unique, your trials and tribulations are unique and so is the outcome.  I have learned to be free, totally.  Refusing to allow my past to dictate and predict my future.  I refuse to allow my scars and wounds to be the source of my pride but humbled by the fact that I was chosen to go through and grow through the process of strength, tenacity and endurance to prove that I am cut out for my mission. I am not going to allow a “boo boo” or “life hiccup” to keep me in bondage and fear and neither should you.

The silent killer is keeping it a secret.  If you are wondering why YOU, look at the benefits of what you can do to heal, save, inspire and uplift OTHERS with your story of victory, overcoming and simply thriving and surviving against all odds.

I challenge you to join the #BeRedeemed movement. Life starts the moment you breath life into your situation.  Join me as I am on my Road to Redemption.  Read more by clicking here.


Lucinda Cross is available for bookings contact her at lucinda@lucindacross.com

Lucinda Cross is available for coaching and consulting send an email to her assistant Jeny Murillo to get set up assistant@lucindacross.com

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Les Brown: It’s Possible

Do you truly believe that “It’s Possible”?

I truly believe that it is possible not only for you but for me.  What you want to receive in life you must give to others.  I believe that it’s possible for you to achieve your greatest desire.  I believe it’s possible for you to raise the bar. I believe that you can be the best, have the best and do the best in this life.

If you want love, you have to learn how to give love, and then give it freely.  If you want appreciation, you must learn how to appreciate, and then give appreciation.  If you want abundance, you must help others find abundance.

Giving others what you desire is the simplest way to get your own desires met.  This is the biggest law in life.  The law of giving.  This means that you are joyfully and cheerfully giving with no regrets or cringe in your spirit. Giving is the mindset. Giving is a magnet.

Think about what you have been expecting to receive or expecting to attain?  If you have not received it, ask yourself “Have I sowed the same seeds that I am expecting a harvest in?”.





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Who Told You that Brand Stinking Lie?

Brands that are successful have a well defined position in the marketplace. Brands following the hype are just winging it on “a hope and a prayer” that their customer will “get the concept.”

Would you rather base your brand on sound principles and a firm foundation or hype of trying and buying, hoping something will work?

Here are some great Brand Re-Position examples: Gucci, Apple, Tropicana okay how about Ali Brown, Toni Robbins, Les Brown, and Walmart, okay how about Oprah excuse me, the OWN Network?

There is this buzz word called Brand going around and I think people are sitting at the edge of their seats, pinching pennies to try to make sure that their Brand is in order. Every coach and meme is talking about what TO DO; let’s look at what NOT TO DO.

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