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The Same Old Routine Can Be Sucking The Life Out Of You

What’s working and what’s not working?

Routines can get boring in both your personal and professional life if you are not willing to try something new.

Many of us can easily get caught in the matrix of doing the same thing over and over again, doing things the same way, cooking the same food, going to work with the same attitude, intimately loving our significant other in the same way…doing everything the same way for years can be mentally draining. It also can lead to living a life of “sameness” and not allowing anything new to bless your days or your life.  If you have been following a daily routine but it isn’t working, there could be a lot of reasons why. Rather than giving up, there are things you can do to revamp your routine to make it more effective. Below, you’ll discover what to do if your current routine isn’t working.

Discover the Reason

It can really help if you identify why your current routine isn’t working. Is there a specific area you struggle with? For example, your routine may require you to exercise early in the morning. However, this may make you feel even more tired, rather than energized. It would then cause you to struggle with the rest of your routine.

It could also be that you have changed since you first created your routine. Once you know why your routine isn’t working, you can take steps to rectify it. Depending on the issue, you may need to change something about yourself, your expectations, or the tools and equipment you use.


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GOALS: My Mentor Made Me Do This Sh*t

Daily Routines of Successful People

If you want to become more successful, daily routines can help. Just look at some of the most successful people in the world and you’ll see the one thing they have in common is they follow a strict routine. I remember sitting day after day watching my mentor move strategically day after day and I have to be honest, I used to think he was OCD or a structure lunatic. As a person who winged it most of my life and operated under pressure, I did not understand the importance of operating in decency and order in my personal or professional life.

The question is, what does a daily routine of a successful person look like? To give you inspiration, below you’ll discover some great examples of what I studied and observed of what successful people include in their routines.

Start With a Morning Routine

One of the main things that successful people have in common, is that they all have a morning routine, as well as afternoon routines, and evening routines. It might not be the exact same routine, but they do have one that they follow religiously.

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Be Unstoppable

The value of today. I never really understood the value of each day until my mom passed away…I never really understood the value of today until my freedom was snatched away. Today is a defining moment. I live for today. I grind for today. I love for today.~ Lucinda Cross~

What is stopping you from doing and being all that you can be?

What is stopping you from going where you want to go?

What is stopping you from saying what you want to say?


The more you look deep within and realize that there is bliss just waiting to be exposed. No on can stop you but you.   To change at a deep level, you have to go within and find those old beliefs, confront them, and trash them.

This is what Steven Pressfield had to say about this: “RESISTANCE will tell you anything to keep you from doing your work. It will reason with you like a lawyer, or jam a nine millimeter pistol in your face like a stick-up man.”

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Including Men in Women’s Empowerment. To be or not to be?

Big question for the day. Should men be engaged in women’s empowerment?

As I am planning my 3 day intensive in November and Writers Retreat for January 2013, I had to stop and think what about empowering the men?  I try my best to include my husband and children in my success plan.  Often times I see women creating the “me, myself and I” plan that excludes the inclusion and suggestion of their loved ones.

Problems arise when the vision of your life and biz is not in alignment or in sync with your family. Everyone should be on one accord or close to it.

Here is another question:

Should our loved ones, partners and significant others be included in the upliftment and empowerment? Do they want to be included? I believe they have the same or similar limiting beliefs such as low self esteem, self- sabotage, fear to name a few that we are on a mission to overcome.

If I am gathering a group of women together to become the best version of themselves using their God -given talents to change their portion of the world, should I also create something for men as well and get a male facilitator? I am considering a way to combine the two, whether it’s women and her family or women and her significant other.  We all need love don’t you think? We all need to go to the next level together.

Tell me your thoughts and I will answer them on my next Activate Live video. Place your questions or comments below.



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Personal Improvement starts with Personal Declarations

Okay so we just finished celebrating The 4th of July here in the states. One of the challenges that I had given my clients is to make their Personal Declaration of Independence. I asked them to take a stand and be free…

I invite you to take time this week before the month is out to take a stand and be in your own life.  First, make a declaration
to yourself that you WILL take your vision, life and goals to the next level. Make your vision for your life real! Make a declaration that you WILL make happen. Decide with certainty that this is what you WILL create.


Write out your Personal Declaration of Independence! It might look something like this:

‘I, __________, declare that I shall live  a life that operates like _______________. I will have a vision that touches the lives
of _____________people, and gives my life the fun, fulfillment, and the freedom I desire!

I declare that I WILL do WHATEVER it takes to make it happen, and give myself permission to receive all the support necessary!’

After writing your Personal Declaration of Independence, send it to 5 (or more) people you respect. Sending to other people makes it more realistic and it holds you accountable.

Written word has power. I know most people will never actually write a declaration (or type it) and send it to anyone. Why? Because most people are too busy.  But, there are a few of you who will. These are the people that usually make things happen in the world.


If you want to be the kind of person that gets results, start today by declaring what you WILL do in order to go to the next level in your life, career, business, etc…


Looking for a coach to push your onward and upward connect with me for my Summer Special at


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80-and-over NYC Marathoner Champion. Are you ready to train harder in 2012?

Looking for some inspiration, I ran across this archived article posted by the Wall Street Journal  featuring Joy Johnson, the defending 80-and-over champion in the New York City Marathon.  She is a true runner and was competing against her last run time.  Not pleased with her performance she turned up the heat in her training, she connected with a trainer and worked on reducing her finishing time for the NYC Marathon for 80 and over.  I found it fascinating that she was competing against herself.  How much further ahead many of us would be if we tried to beat our best record.  Without looking at others and trying to compete with others, how amazing it would be and better we would become if we tried to out do ourselves. Through determination and motivation, Lady Johnson accomplished her goal.

If this does not inspire you to train harder in whatever you do, then I have no clue what to tell you.  If you are a speaker, work on your presentation skills, if you are a coach, work on your strategy and process, if you are an assistant or virtual assistant work on your implementation and systems.  We all have something we can train harder on, not work harder but train harder.  If you train hard, the work will be easy when it is time to perform.

How are you going to compete against your last performance?

How can you begin to challenge yourself to raise the bar in 2012?

How can you increase your speed in retrieving results?

This is a 2 min video worth watching and I dare you to raise your training regimen.  As always I am here to consult and coach anyone who is ready to turn up the heat in accomplishing their goal.


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Women In Business Need To Get Naked

Women in business need to get naked.





Oh yeah! get naked but, please don’t take your clothes off.  When I say get naked I want you to start to advertise, advertise and advertise.  Stand behind your product, stand behind your service, stand behind your brand.  You have to find savvy ways to tell people what you do without shoving it down their throats. Get naked by showing the world what you do and what your working with.

In order for you to be the ONE, to be the TOP CHOICE, you have to be willing to get naked.  Take off what you have been wearing and start to put on the face of your business.  Show people what your hidden talents are.  Show people what you are working with.  Show people what you are passionate about.   My mother always told me if you got it flaunt it.  Take mommies advice and flaunt it.

In order to get noticed you have to show more, be fun and be consistent. Tell your people about your business in a different and exciting way.

Start to get naked by doing the following:

  1. Send out a tip of the week, or day and give it a catchy title. For example, if you are a baker, you may want to have a “Sweet Tooth tip of the week” or include your name in it for branding “Carlton’s Sweet Tip”.
  2. Stop covering up your brand, expose it by blogging. 70% of my revenue comes from clients who are avid readers of my blog.  Think about how you can incorporate your product or service into a blog post 2-3x a month. For example as a Relationship Coach you may want to do a 3 part series called “What’s Love Got To Do With It” part 1 and then offer an relationship laser session for $97.
  3. Get in front of a camera. Don’t be afraid to do a video every once in a blue.  This gives people the opportunity to feel like they know you better and this helps to build trust.

This is just some of the ways you can begin to get naked with your business.  It is all about exposing yourself and what you have to offer.


Do you find yourself stuck? Do you find yourself with a list of items that don’t get done, or maybe a feeling of overwhelm when you think of your to do list? Are you ready to balance maybe some of your life gradually while growing your business?

Get this Ebook and instant audio. It walks you thru the process, and makes it easy for you. Get your instant copy of F’ing Up: How to balance Family, Faith, Friends, Finances and Fitness



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Monday Prescription: Reinventing Yourself

Work in progress: “Raven Gets In”

by Walt Pascoe


There is something phenomenal going on in you.

Do you feel a little uncomfortable?

Do you feel pushed and pulled to do something else?

Do you feel as if you want to cry because things are not working out?

Do you feel impatient with the level of success you have now and ready to uplevel?

Do you feel like what you want to do is not what you are supposed to do?

Do you feel over excited like something is about to happen?

Do you feel sad at times as if something is fading away or dying inside?

Well these feelings that you have been having is symptoms to what I observed as the “REINVENTION” virus.

When I realized that for myself, I began to get scared because it required me to reinvent myself.

Reinventing yourself requires a brand change, a new direction of your business/life, a shift in my inner circle and a personal and emotional check up.  Ofcourse it is going to be an uneasy process, but when something phenomenal is going on in you, you have no choice but to strip out the weeds surrounding you and begin to help the real you breathe and become visible.

The ability to reinvent yourself is one of the key tools you need in order to stay ahead of the game, with new ideas, products and a market who is thirsty and a closer relationship with your family.  It makes no sense to operate in non productive habits.  If your business/relationships are broken and/or unsustainable and you have given it your all, don’t wait too long before you decide to change and begin the reinvention process.  That is why I say something phenomenal is going on.

It has to do with change, growth and evolution.  It has to do with women, and moms.  There are changes that are taking place in the hearts and minds of us women that are going to literally rock this world.

Women/Moms are changing their minds about who they are, who they service, what their role is in their family and in the world.  What role are you playing? Do you need to reinvent yourself?

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