3 Easy tips to “do you” & leave the phone home

A huge part of being productive at your personal development goals is to take time out for you. There is a beautiful word to describe being in the good company of oneself: solitude.  It simply means not being by yourself, but with yourself.  It’s the blossoming of independence and the path to cultivate inner strength.

How awesome is that?

Make time to “do you” even if you have to pencil yourself in on the calendar.  Trust me it will help you to clear your mind.  It will feel like you hit the reset button.

Do you feel like you are too busy to think?

How often do you decide to do something for yourself only to find yourself still in a position doing something for someone else?

Have you tricked yourself into believing that you were going to relax and release but you constantly are responding to text messages and emails?

Let me help you out a bit my friend, especially if you are on the writing binge for the month of August.

Tip #1: Leave the phone at home

Okay I already hear you making all kinds of excuses of why you need your phone. What if something happens to the kids? What if my mom calls? What if I get stranded? Keep bringing up all the reasons why you need to have your phone with you 24/7. Sounds like you need a tech detox. it may feel weird at first going on a date by yourself but, get over the uncomfortable feeling and embrace the time.

Tip #2: Leave the phone home

Leave the phone home so you don’t have anyone calling you and interrupting your tan, your massage, your meal or you thoughts.  I dread the calls that go like this, “babe, where is the ketchup?” or “babe, do you know where the remote is?”, uggghhhhhh. If there is an emergency at home, the only thing you can do is pray that everything is okay and when you get home just hope and pray that all the kids have their body parts in tact and no one is bleeding, the fire department is not in front of your house and your 2 year old is not playing in your makeup bag. Other than that enjoy yourself. Bring your journal, bring your inspirational music or CD.

Tip#3: Leave the phone home

How often have you seen people on a date or walking togther and they are on their phones texting, tweeting and posting? I remember taking myself out for a nice walk and of course I had my phone with me and instead of walking and meditating, I started to take pictures for my blog, I started to ask other people to take a picture of me.  I was tweeting and texting until I walked into a pile of dung while texting….that was it for me…my casual relaxing walk turned into a embarrassing dung washing by the hydrant.


Post a comment below and let me know what date you decided to pick for your date night out.

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Turn Your Experience Into Your Empire

How can you turn your trials into a turnkey business?

How can you monetize your message?

At first when I started speaking I told myself and others that I did not care if I was speaking to a chair, when the truth of the matter is that I did care.  I wanted to be heard and the chairs and four walls just would not cut it.  I wanted to heal someone else with my message, the chair can NOT identify with my message.

At some point we all have walked a similar path. Experiences are not a black thing or a women only thing.  No matter what culture you look at, the journey is pretty much predictable. Think about how you can prevent someone from going through what you went through, how can you support someone in going through it after it has happened. Whatever it may be…poverty, homelessness, success strategies, single parenting, family issues, career to business, or from being in business to getting back to the work force. Whatever “IT” is, it can be monetized and leveraged.

You are meant to make it happen. Any doubts you feel are holding you back and robbing the world of your special past experience. YOU are a blessing to someone else, you are a shero/hero in the making.

In honor of Women’s Month, I have reached out to this phenomenal woman who has turned her experience into an non-profit empire.  Her name is Jas Boothe founder of  She will be speaking tonight to my Activate members and those who have taken the Lead-her-ship class at 8pm.



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Cheers To The Crazy Ones,The Misfits,The Rebels. Thanks to Steve Jobs










Thanks to those who are not afraid to be different and think different.

Visions such as the one Steve Job had was one that will carry on a legacy so strong that it allows others to dare to dream and dream big.  He is an example of what it means to have a clear and focused vision.

I dare you to grab a hold of your vision with all our might.  Go beyond dreaming and become a visionary. Grab a hold of that vision that is so grand and much larger than your own comprehension, that vision that is so crazy and out of this world, that vision that makes people say “hmmm okay, wonder how she/he is going to pull that off”.

Check out this Think Different video that Steve Jobs so eloquently express the position of a visionary.

Cheers To The Crazy Ones, The Misfits, The Rebels…


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You are the Celebrity in the room.

You are the star.

You matter.

You count.

You need to show up.

I hear it all the time people looking for celebrities before they invest in an event online or live.  Are celebrities preventing you from getting what you need because if they don’t show up you don’t show up? Well here is a tip from someone who worked with celebrities before.  Before they became who they are, they showed up when no one else did and they made sacrifices.

I am in the process of putting together a series of events and I don’t want you to contemplate whether you should attend or not based on celebrities who are living the life they want, making the money they want and doing what they want, while you sit back and watch and wait for them to show up.  At my event the only celebrities in the room are YOU.  You are the only celebrity that needs to be in the room.

I have been to some events where there were celebrities who came by for a brief moment without speaking to the people or even depositing any valuable information.  They were paid to make an “appearance” and that is all they did.  They walked in and people watched and took out their cameras and that was it.

I have been to some events that were not packed because there was no celebrity invited to attend and the information that was provided was life changing, and the people in attendance walked away with more than they bargained for.

My point in this post is that YOU are the celebrity, you should not miss out on another opportunity to get what you need or meet someone fabulous because the event is not star studded.

Celebrities are living their life, its time for you to live yours.

I hope to see you at my upcoming events because the only celebrities I am inviting are you.  Can you make an appearance at my next event?


Lucinda Cross,


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Mondays Prescription: Fear Is Not The New Fad

People talk so much about fear these days that is has become a convenient excuse just to sit in the corner and not take action.  Being fearful should not be a fad and it is not cute as my mother would say.  Giving your power away to fear is like a Lion giving up his position in the animal kingdom.  Its normal and human in nature to be afraid of the unknown, but don’t let it dominate you.

Life doesn’t reward quitters, towel throwers or forfeiters.  If a lion doesn’t conquer his fear, he would not be able to hunt the wild game; he would die from hunger all because he was afraid. So how does the lion conquer his fear, he goes after the big game.  Game that is bigger and sometimes faster than him/herself.

We must be like the lion and roar, stop rattling like a snake and roar like a lion or lioness. Lions are very social and live in families called prides, notice the word pride.  They are amongst other fearless lions.  When you observe the lion in nature, you will notice that it is best described by its strength, natural dignity and demand for respect. The lion is born as a powerful creature and power naturally comes to it. (you attract what you are)

Each of us was not born with fear in us, which is something we decided to adopt.  We told ourselves that fear can conquer us, shake, rattle and roll us around.  You must remember your birth right.  You are born powerful, fearfully and wonderfully made, just like the lion.

Get your roar back by doing the following:

  • Hold your head high – even in times of conflict – conduct yourself with dignity and demand respect
  • Stand tall, remember your birthright of power is moving through you at all times
  • Showcase your authority (not by dominating and being arrogant) but lead others with a loving heart, love conquers all
  • Protect your pride, stand up for what you believe in, protect your vision, and be aware of enemies and friendemies (friends that really don’t like you).
  • Have courage to act and move when needed.
  • Have faith

No matter what you have been through that may be paralyzing you, no matter what traumatic experience you have encountered now or in the past.  We all are fearful of something, someone or someplace.  But you cannot sit there blessed with and gifted to paralyze yourself.  You are cheating the pride from having a strong powerful leader; you have to go from crawling to walking at some point, so why not stand tall NOW.

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Call of Duty: Making The Transition

Do you sometimes wonder what would life be like or whether the career path you are charting is the right one for you? Do you have a pulling force inside that there is a great deal to accomplish and that somehow, you are not living up to a fraction or percentage of your potential? Do you often tell yourself ‘Is this all that life has to offer” or “I know there is more to life than this”?

Are you somehow, someway, at some level, unsatisfied with the way things are in your life or your profession?  This does not mean that you are not successful right now; this does not mean that you are not making good money or achieved a certain level of achievement. You may have received all of that and then some in your life so far, but there is a strong nagging discomfort tugging at you.  Does your mind challenge you with creative ideas and radical visions?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, if you agree slightly with any of these statements made thus far, then it is time for three levels of changes that you must experience.

  1. Embracing your inner core
  2. Expanding your vision
  3. Evaluating your circle of influence

We will elaborate on this for the rest of the week. If you are ready to take action, join us on July 9th in NYC for the “Call of Duty: The Transition” seminar.  Click here for details. If you are not able to make it to the big apple then send me an email and I will let you know when we will have the virtual seminar starting July 25th at 9pm. This is extremely exclusive and for those who are ready to make some sort of shift in their business and their lifestyle. Send an email to my assistant Phara at



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7 Steps to Recovery for Email-aholics

The first step is to admit that you have a problem. Once you admit that you are addicted to emails is a good sign that you know you need help.  Checking your emails morning, noon and night is an indication that you are addicted to “missing out”.  You will not miss out if you take a shower without your phone.  You will not miss out if you eat breakfast without scrolling through your emails.

The second step is to acknowledge you need help. This is where we ask that you say I_________have an addiction to emails and I acknowledge that I need help.

The third step is to ignore the notifications. Receiving emails does not mean you have to answer all of them.
This specifically applies to the cc’d emails. Receiving emails is a process. You have to open, review, think, write and review again before replying. My advice is, only reply when you really have to.

The fourth step is to organize your emails. Flag those emails that you are not replying immediately to. You can do this after reviewing the email and move them to a @Reply folder. This enables you to differentiate them from other emails by flagging them to be replied to immediately.

The fifth step is to filter unimportant and pleasure mail. Particular senders are better black listed. The individuals known to either send or forward non important stuff to you are better filtered out from the inbox. This will enable you to read them at your on pleasure since they are placed in a special folder.

The six step is to create folders. Move the emails that you are not in hurry to read to the @Read folder. Apply this to those emails you have started reading and found there is no need for urgent reply. They are better manually filtered to @Read folder where a particular time is allocated for reading all of them.

The seventh step is to schedule review time. Reviewing the folders is better done at a scheduled time. This is best done at a time that will not affect the working hours and specifically applies to those emails that are carbon copied and memos since they act as point of information and do not call for the need to reply to them immediately.  Scheduling in email time 3x a day can save you time.

Bonus tip: Hire someone to review your emails for you, forward you the important emails, and organize the other messages for a more convenient reading time. You can get help for $5 check out

I hope these tips will be helpful to you in managing your emails. May you enjoy every moment of email communication without tweaking out.



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