Show and Tell: 3 Elements to a Great Presentation

Remember in grade school you had “Show and Tell” day.  Well as an adult “Show and Tell” day is every day. Your performance and your presentation is more than what you know, and what you’ve done in the past; it’s about what you do with what you know. Your reputation is a combination of how you show up and what you do when you show up in life.  How are you showing and telling in your day to day interactions? For example when you are interacting online as motivational speaker and your post are complaints and mishaps. There are no time-outs, or do-over’s when it comes to our performance in life. All it takes is an instant to touch someone-or to undermine a lifetime of good “Show and Tell” performances.

Every moment is an opportunity to shine. Regardless of your position or profession, you are on stage at all times.  Your local postman has a reputation to live up to, your bus driver has a reputation to live up to, your local mom and pop shop has a reputation to live up to, etc.  Your performance is ultimately not about thinking or knowing but doing. What are you going to do when it is your time to present or perform?

Here are three elements to consider:

Be innovative: Go above and beyond to establish a positive reputation and go beyond the rudimentary to hone your skills to a higher level so when you enter the room, when you show up at work, when you present your biz, etc. it supersedes your expectations.

Be committed: Discipline yourself to become better and do better than the last performance/presentation. Demonstrate that you know how to do what you do, practice and perfect what you do, and have the passion to become better.

Be consistent: Make sure your values reflect in your actions.  Be known for something.  Your performance tells a great deal about your commitment level, consistency, mastery of skills and professionalism. Consistency builds trust.

Remember this side note: performance and presentation matters. It is the “Telling” part of the “Show and Tell”. I was inspired to write this post thanks to my Twitter friend @elaynefluker who posted: “Your reputation determines what they think of U before U enter the room. Your presentation = what they think of U when you’re IN the room…”



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Work Your Money Mojo

Before you begin to start marketing and selling your products you should look at your business model as a whole.

I want you to take a good look at your market.

Now, take a good look at your market potential.

Can you capture 25% of the market share of your target market?

There are thousands and thousands of organizations, coaches, service providers, info products, representatives, multi level marketers, bloggers, experts in their own field, gurus, etc… Your Money Mojo is hidden in your uniqueness not your sameness.

Are people crystal clear on what you do?

It is imperative that you position yourself first place in your target markets mind. You do that by putting systems in place.  Your clients must go through a seamless process that flows.

Do you have systems set up?

I used to work behind some of the top internet marketers business models, one thing they all had in common is systems.  The systems supported them in cultivating proactive relationships and that supported them in leveraging opportunities.

Here is a sample case study of a current client that I am currently supporting with her Mojo.

Here is an example of questions I asked her prior to creating her Mojo. This particular client was interested in working with women celebrities and public figures.

Let me put my coaching hat on:

Okay Jane Doe let’s get started…

1. What are the top three things your clients want most?

A: To have better communication with their family, to make more money, to give back to the community.


2. What are their top three fears?

A: Getting a divorce, having poor health, not leaving an inheritance for their children.


3. What are three solutions you currently provide for this problem?

A: Lifestyle coaching to help with her relationship with her husband and family, access to resources to support her in project management, creating a business and life plan.


Answering these initial questions was an important step before finalizing her Money Mojo, and the answers also helped Jane Doe recognize various opportunities she might have missed. To complete my evaluation, I asked additional questions:


  • What method of access do you want to give your clients face to face, email, phone, video, or snail mail?
  • Would you be interested in partnering with talent agencies and publicist to provide services to enhance their clients brand image?
  • Have you considered targeting the organizations and associations many of these public figures are members of, such as the NBA Wives Association, The Professional Sports Wives Association, or WEEN?
  • Have you considered connecting with women in the entertainment industry who would like to start their own businesses or philanthropic venture?
  • Since many affluent women travel, have you looked into partnering with travel agencies, and perhaps offering coaching services along with a retreat during All Star games when most wives are home alone?


Based on her answers, it was time to design Jane Doe’s Mojo. Her initial responses revealed the three main concerns of her target audience: (1) Image and Brand; (2) Health and Wellness; and (3) Family legacy. Using these concerns as the root for Jane Doe’s solutions, here is a sample product funnel we developed together:

Level 1:

– A book and audio CD package  Price: $20-$100.

– A private membership community featuring weekly or bi-monthly teleseminars, guest speakers and resources. Price: $297-$497 a month.

Level 2:

– An VIP seminar, featuring guest experts specializing in finance, health and relationships, led and facilitated by Jane Doe. Price: $1000-$3000.

– A quarterly bootcamp–offered either live as a vacation-style retreat (preferred for this target audience). Price: $3000-$9000.

Level 3

– A group coaching program comprising three modules: finances, health and relationships. The end result is a personalized life/business plan for each client. Price: $300-$500 a month.

– Individual coaching. Price: $500-$900 a month for 90 days or 6 months.


Keep in mind, any of the events featured at the different levels can also be recorded and offered later as info products.

How can you begin to work your Money Mojo? We all have it, we just need a little support in packaging and assembling it. For the month of August ONLY.  Here is what I decided to do and my coaches are screaming at me right now for doing this, but I will take the heat if you step up to the plate.

Are You Ready To Get Your Mojo?

If you’re ready to start creating your Mojo, then here’s how we get started:

  1. Purchase your consultation using the link below.
  2. You will be immediately sent to my online calendar so we can get you scheduled.
  3. I need you to show up transparent and ready to take action.  I have to get a full diagnosis of your Money Mojo, so honesty is the best policy. Each session includes an hour or so of check ups, questions, answers and solutions.

You’ll walk away with a customized Money Mojo, action steps, an implementation plan, and a better insight and perspective about your uniqueness.

If you don’t walk away with what you expected, I will immediately refund your payment. No questions asked, no lost love, no unfriending you or unfollowing you.

Ready, Set, Go


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It’s Cash Flow Time: Create A Continuity Income Stream

When it comes to building a revenue stream that will keep your head way above water during the summer months you must consider implementing one of the thre continuity income streams listed in this post. Contintuity programs allow you to have a steady flow of estimated income on a monthly bases.  This type of income stream allows you to enjoy your summer months, prepare for the fall and plan for the coming year with ease.  The last thing I want to worry about during the summer is where my next check is coming from.


Here are a few simple and surefire ways to get in the income flow started today using subscription and membership-based continuity income streams.

1. Community Tribes

Last summer (I was on maternity leave, yes even as an entrepreneur I took time off) 60% of my income generated from membership based programs.  Before the summer started I had created a membership based continuity program, that generated an extra $2k a month without me leaving my house, picking up my phone or pitching how great I was to a new prospect.  First, I built a strong following of people who were interested in reaching the same desired result. Second, I created a learning platform for them such as or Lastly, I provided content rich information that produced real time results such as special reports, activity sheets and monthly calls.

Start out by creating a low cost membership based offer and charge anywhere from $9.95 to $47 a month. (using 5’s, 7’s and 9’s at the end of your price is a marketing technique I will discuss later).  Make a list of the benefits of the membership and the problem that the membership program solves for both the individual and the business as a whole.  You can include a few monthly calls, some expert interviews and special bonuses from other top professionals.

2. Content Packaging

Everyone likes to know if there is a quick way or blueprint to doing something better, quicker or stronger.  Creating a subscription based income stream allows you to package a series of interviews, newsletters, CDs, tip sheets, templates and any other information of value to your niche market. Once you package this material think about the delivery of the contents.  Will you be emailing, or snail mailing the content on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

This helps you with re-purposing the information later on to create info products. Once again every business can package their intellectual capital and deliver it to a carved out niche who has a similar problem.

3. Implementation

Many people are looking for the “business in the box” or the “marketing in the bottle”.  If you can create a system that will support your clients in getting stuff done, they will stick with you for the long haul.  This allows you to calculate a certain amount of income from a “done for you”, “set it and forget it” type of income stream.  One of my biggest income stream hits in business is when I decided to do a social butterfly package for coaches and authors. I would create a 90 day social media outreach campaign and automate the complete process for them. I charged a reasonable fee and accepted only 10 clients per quarter.  This increased my income by another 40%.

I want you to think about how you can make your clients life run a lot smoother.  You can make life easier for you by either building a team or putting in systems and processes that will do the implementation work for you.  This allows you to keep your creative ideas fresh.


Sidebar: We just discussed three continuity income streams that can turn your hot summer into a cool cash flow process while you kick back at the beach. Which one are you going to implement?

If you are looking for ways to build your business using simple yet effective strategies, join me on July 9th for the Call of Duty: Part 1: The Transition. This is a live seminar in NY. Click here for more information.



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Brand Leverage: Double the Flavor, Double the Funds

Marketing your business is a must. In my observation the mistake most business owners make is marketing division, versus marketing leverage.

There are so many opportunities for you to get your products or services in the front of your target market. Most business owners over look the opportunities of expanding their reach and their brand awareness by thinking of “I” instead of “we”. You can collaborate and partner up with just about any business online and off.  It all depends on what they are offering, and if there is room to add value to what is not being provided.

Many people look at the competition and see what they are not doing right, when they should be looking at what the competition is doing right and then figuring out ways to create a cross- marketing campaign or joint venture.

For example a coach:

If you are a coach, couldn’t you find a virtual assistant who’d like to offer specific services to your clients in addition to your coaching packages that will help them with implementation?  This can add that extra value that most coaching packages do not include.  Here is your point of differentiation and you are now being marketed without any extra effort or time.

Another example is the graphic designer:

If you are a graphic designer, couldn’t you find a blog/website designer who’d appreciate your service for their clients as they focus on installation and customization of the clients’ website?  This can support your client in getting their logos, banners and custom images created all in one stop shopping.

I want you to think about your product or service offerings and begin to make a list of potential partnerships you can create.  Work smarter by working together.

If you need assistance adding value to your product or service contact us so we can support you in creating a “value added” plan. Use our online scheduler or email my assistant at

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Bathroom Marketing: Increase your awareness in the ladies room

When it comes to marketing we have to be outrageous, we have to be radical, and we have to think “in the box”.  Yes marketing in the bathroom is “in the box” and here is why.

Where is the first place all women go when they enter into any establishment? Yes the bathroom.  This is something we do all the time, even when we don’t have to use the bathroom.  The thought of promoting your business or event in the bathroom can be one of the most effective ways to get prospects attention. You can display your signs, fliers and posters in both the men’s and the women’s bathroom to market your special events, current promotion, workshops and your products.

If you are thinking of ways to get the word out there, without you being at every networking event in the city, or spending money on a street team to give out fliers that you find on the floor.  Invest in your nearest business owner and their establishment.  Ask the owner or the manger if you could place your flier in their bathroom stalls for a low fee.

Be sure to update and visit the bathrooms to add more fliers, update information, and remember to keep the marketing fresh.  The same old flier gets boring, stick to your brand, but switch up the words and the images a bit.

Now if you want to hire someone to pass out fliers, hire a bathroom monitor who will check on the “Take One” flier that you created based on the last blog post. 😉

I will be sending out my Bathroom monitor next week. (Want to be a Corporate Mom Drop Out? Want to give birth to your Business in 90 days, instead of 9 months?) take one…

Need assistance with coming up with marketing ideas? Schedule some time with me Lucinda Cross by visiting or sending an email to my trusted assistant Phara at

Please comment and share…we also love re-tweets.

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Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Where is your biggest check?

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Where is your biggest check?

When it comes to doing business in your city, what has been your experience?  Where did your biggest opportunities and paychecks come from? Do you find yourself doing business with people locally, nationally or globally?

I live in New York – the City that never sleeps. People come from all over the world to stake their claim and create legacy wealth.  With all of this access to capital, isn’t it interesting that my business is not fueled by New Yorkers.  My V.I.P clients come from the West Coast, my Blue Chip (mid-level) clients come from the Midwest and my Try and Buyers come from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area.

In order to render high quality service, I am constantly doing research on my target audience. I’ve discovered that it is necessary to dig deeper than the general questions of, who they are? What problems do they have that I can solve? Where do they hang out? What do they read?

Going below the surface has enabled me to connect directly with my ideal client. When I attend and speak in conferences, opportunities to create joint ventures with other business owners emerged. When you look at your client base and your service offering, who are the current buyers? Who needs what you have and where they are geographically located? Make sure you include this in your marketing plan; this can literally mean the WORLD of a difference.

Check out this article from Bloomberg  Business Week: Women and Wall Street.

Countries which are best for Women in Business Women empowerment has been one of the major criteria for discussion over a period of years. A trend that began from gaining voting rights in USA, proceeding to a grapple in liberty of clothing and finally in establishing itself in the market of businesses, it has been a long journey.

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Super Tired Mom

As a mother of three, I realize that it takes a lot of mental stability to get through each and every day. The daily regimen of being a mother, wife, business owner, cook, maid, etc. is quite demanding and at times overwhelming.  I am fortunate enough to have a husband, yet honestly, at times that seems to add to the pressure.  My intention is always to provide the WHOLE family with the sufficient amount of attention and loving support they need.   Sometimes, this takes a toll on the business of being a mom and the functions of running a business.

I decided that in order for me to stay sane and keep a smile on my face I needed to engage in self-care. The first step was to look at my thoughts and the corresponding effect on my life.  D.N.A of Excellence is my daily mental workout, and ensures consistent grooming of my thoughts.  Just like the body, if you do not take care of the mind it will begin to sag and drag.

What Category do you fit?

Category A: Business is booming, this is your best year, you have seen tremendous growth, clients are knocking down your door, you have systems in place, a virtual assistant or two, you have really found your comfort spot in your industry doing what you love to do.  Everything is running smooth at home and the kids are just so warm and fuzzy.


Category B: You are wondering what you are going to do to get clients, make money, sell more products or get the clients you want.  You are questioning if you should get a job but feel like if you had the right instructions or placed in the right direction you could skyrocket.  Your husband is on your back asking you about your business progress, your kids are being slightly neglected because you are constantly thinking about what to do next in your business so you are glued to your laptop, cell phone or business book.


Category C: You have had it with your job! You really want to lose your religion and tell them how you really feel, or you have been laid off and you are devastated that you don’t have a check but happy that you don’t work there anymore and wondering how you are going to have to cut down some luxuries such as the trips to the salon, manicures, pedicures, dining out, going to the movies. You are not sure if you should downgrade your car, cancel your gym membership, pawn valuables, have an estate sale, or your unemployment is about to be cut off in a few weeks and you feel pressured to act quickly.

As a marketing strategist and lifestyle mentor, I have been blessed to be able to help lots of women and mom entrepreneurs, and one thing I know for sure is those who are most successful operate from a smart and well-executed plan.

And those who find themselves struggling do so because often they are “winging it.”
Let’s be completely transparent with each other; do you have a clear, concise and strategic marketing plan, or strategic action plan designed to help you become an indispensable Trail Blazer this year?

If you are shaking your head “no,” you’re in the right place at the right time, because I can help.I am pleased to introduce “The D.N.A of Excellence: Renewing the Creative Fire!”

This customized program will help you:
* Clarify your 2011 goals
* Reset your thinking and expand your vision for what is possible
* Provide you with a step-by-step guide for the next twelve months
* Introduce you to marketing strategies that will help put you in front of your ideal target audience
* Show you how to leverage your skills and talents so you can create multiple streams of income
* Identify your big-stretch goal and give you a formula for reaching it

This offer is for a limited time only and limited to TEN people. Stop making excuses, this is your chance to “get off the sidelines and into the game”. It’s time  to renew that creative fire so that you come out blazing!

If you are ready to reserve your spot CLICK HERE.

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The Significance of Re-launching, Re-creating and Re-branding

It is understood that serious entrepreneurs who want to thrive in their businesses invest a lot of money regularly in an effort to reinvent themselves. Please don’t do this in haste, take some time to think about the messages you want to project and the message you want perceived.

Side note: Marketing is not branding and branding is not marketing.  You create your brand, and market the brand. Got it?

Re-branding is a very vital element for the success for the business. Unfortunately most of us make detrimental and costly mistakes in the process. Everyone should clearly know the do’s and don’ts when carrying out the brand plan. Keep in mind that it takes time and repetitive efforts before a brand name is established. To avoid frustration of Identity Theft, be patient and take time in establishing a brand name and image. Think about your logo, your colors, and your look and feel. Does your brand need a slight change? A little tweaking? A little more clarity and direction?


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Adapt to Suit Your Business Environment

Be Focused, Stay Flexible

As an entrepreneur, it’s important that you’re able to adapt to your environment and do what’s necessary to make your business succeed. This and staying focused may sound like contradictory concepts, but they’re actually very complimentary.

Most experienced business people agree that business seldom goes as you expect. If you have one plan to generate traffic, one plan about what to sell, one plan about how your business should look and you’re not willing to change strategies, chances are you won’t make it in the long run.


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