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Black America Web Interview w/ Nikki Woods: Take Your Expertise to the Masses

Are you ready to take your story, your expertise or your experience and create a signature platform?

Do you want to turn your experience, your story and your message to the world and create profitable opportunities for success by setting your own stage and building your own platform?

If you are ready to BE the voice of change by using your two most valuable assets, your power to write and the power to speak?

Then I want to introduce you to Lucinda Cross who travels the country to show women how to do just that.

We both believe that you have the power to heal, educate, inspire and uplift using your expertise or life experience. Join our conversation as we discuss tips and strategies on how to help you get your message to the world.

Click here to watch this cool vlog.


Lucinda Cross

Find out when we will be in your city or ask us how to get us in your city


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New Author Tip #4 Eliminate Time Wasters

New Author Tip #4 Eliminate Time Wasters

I want you to identify three to five time wasters and get rid of them. If you are an email junkie, Quit! If you are a phone addict, Quit! If you are spending too much time doing a bunch of minor task, Stop!

Take a look at how you spend your time, and honestly assess your time usage. It will be hard for you to complete your book and all the task that is needed to effectively promote, sell and position your book for success if your all over the place. The thing I hear most often from soon-to-be authors is “I don’t have enough time to write!” And guess what…that’s why they remain “soon-to-be authors.”

Not enough time?

When you really want something you make the time. If you are truly committed, you will make time for something you truly desire. If not, then you are just kidding yourself and wasting your own time just adding on more task that you don’t plan on completing.

I want you to write down a writing schedule.  Schedule regular time slots to work on your book and your marketing plan. If you’re a morning person get up an hour earlier. Usually around 5am/6am, the hour right before the sun rises is one of the most creative times of day. If you’re a night owl, such as myself, stay up an hour later and get to work. Either way, give yourself a regular slot of at least sixty minutes per day (2 hours is even sweeter) three to five time per week.

If you have children, schedule your time to work when they are doing their activities or take them to the park. Find a way to make it happen. The most important thing is to get into a rhythm and stick with it. Don’t use children, family, job or some other excuse for not writing your book. They are the reason you should write your book…think Legacy…think Generation…think Catalyst!

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Mindsturbation may be stopping you from???

Mega Mind

The Road to Redemption:

Overcoming life’s obstacles, roadblocks, detours and challenges

How to use this book: If you decide to dive in and out of this book expecting a miracle, you have just picked up the wrong book. If you decide to act occasionally on the suggested strategies, you will undoubtedly receive some benefit but it is highly unlikely that you will experience a transformation. In my experience, mindsturbation is the major difference that separates those who receive remarkable results and experience a major ARCSFL transformation from those who enjoy spurts of success. Mindsturbation is a combination of motivation and temporary mental stimulation. People looking for a temporary feel-good will find innumerable ways not to do the recommended success strategies.

The Road To Redemption is more than just another shelf item that you can read to get a quick fix, steps to, or how to advice book. This is a story of REDEMPTION. This is a process. Activation is required; the change does not happen overnight and requires you to focus fully on your destination in life. Many of us have become so self-sabotaged that we are just tired of being tired. Many of us have given up too soon, right before our breakthrough in life. Many of us have lost our hope and faith and have pulled back from being spiritually connected. Many of us have been motivated and empowered to experience only confusion, loneliness, self-doubt, and feelings of unworthiness. This has opened the door to saying yes, when we wanted to say no, to become unproductive because we allowed distractions and competition to hinder the completion of our process.

The Road to Redemption is designed to teach us to check our character, spiritual beliefs, mindset, relationships, and skill sets. Too often, our intellectual assets are underdeveloped, underutilized, or underperformed. The Road to Redemption will help you reach, stretch, grow, and propel into becoming the greatest and best YOU.


Take Action:

Get your copy today at

Or go to Amazon at

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Are you bolder than a 2nd grader?

On my way to pick my kids up from school we run into a talent scout who was waiting to meet another parent and her child.  The talent scout hands me her card and I instantly thought of my daughter and her desire to be on Disney.  Although this was not a Disney talent scout, we don’t despise small beginnings. I walk to my car and challenge my daughter to meet the scout (sometimes you have to test yourself and others to see if what they/you want, is really what they/you want).  I tell my daughter to come meet this nice lady who is looking for young girls for a few upcoming talent shows.

I walk away and watch from the distance……my daughter is singing… daughter is cat walking on the sidewalk……and now my daughter is giving her best Whitney Houston performance.

Talk about being bold.  The lady was shocked at her impromptu performance.

She asked Kayla “Are you ready to audition in front of a large crowd?”

My daughter replies, “I was born ready, my mother is my activator”.

The lady said “you mean your motivator”

My daughter replied “no, she is my activator, she tells me to be prepared at all times and to do my best.”


Side bar: What seeds are you planting in your children’s mind?  Do they believe in limitless opportunitunities?

Do they believe that they can be and do whatever they set their minds to?

Are you taking bold steps?  Are you showing up in the world ready to do your best and be your best when the opportunity presents itself?

Life is unscripted. Be bold.

(by the way in less than 15 minutes my daughter is the star of the show and will be doing a tribute in memory of Whitney Houston)


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For Immediate Release: The Road to Redemption Book


May 21, 2012

New York, New York



A Road Map of Overcoming and Finding Your Essence by Lucinda Cross

For every success story there is a story of overcoming and a high level of endurance. For author Lucinda Cross, her path to success is about facing life’s adversity with faith and courage.

Author and speaker Lucinda Cross plans to keep using her voice as a vessel to uplift, encourage, educate and empower women and young teens to become the best version of themselves.  In a world where chaos and confusion is the norm, Lucinda Cross reaches out and touches her audience in the most vulnerable places- their hearts, souls and minds.

The Road to Redemption is an honest examination of how Lucinda Cross does it- how she relates so effectively to her community and her network. In such a simplistic but insightful and meaningful way Lucinda Cross compares her past struggles to the challenges we face every day. Her past has been felt or experienced by all of us. The lessons she learned during her intense hardships are lessons we all can benefit from. At the age of 19yrs in college being sent away for 5 years to Federal Prison; struggles of being a single mother with a dream, leaving corporate America to start her business.  But through it all, Lucinda Cross has moved forward encouraging in every setback, mentoring, connecting, and teaching. Her book is an inspirational story and guide of hard-won triumph and optimism over episodes of tragedy and hardships.

Publisher website:

ISBN-13: 978-0615566061


About the Author: Lucinda Cross is a dynamic speaker with an inspiring story and an incredible ability to touch people’s hearts and souls. She is a master at turning her past into a purpose driven life and teaching others to do the same in their own lives.

Lucinda Cross has transformed and transitioned her life, and has dedicated her life to teaching others how to do the same for personal and professional success.


For media inquires, bookings, or other publicity- please contact:

Jenny Murillo- 347-634-5564


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Twitter Party: 2 Tweet Minimum #BeRedeemed


Pre-Release Twitter Party for new book “The Road to Redemption: Overcoming Life’s Detours, Obstacles and Challenges”.

  • No cover charge
  • If you don’t have access to a computer, you can Twitter-pool with someone who does
  • From the comfort of your iPad, phone, laptop or desktop, no need for the shoes that look cute but hurt
  • No need for a babysitter, bring the little bundle of love with you
  • You don’t even have to be home, party right where you are, on the metro, in the gas station, at the salon or in the laundry room…
  • There is a 2 Tweet minimum: meaning you have to post at least 2 tweets during the party or answer 2 questions or answers

Join us this Thursday, April 19th at 1pm ET or 8pm ET for a #BeRedeemed pre-release book twitter party focused on the new book “The Road to Redemption” set to be released on Amazon May 21st. We all have areas of our life where we just need a little nudge in the right direction to get unstuck. We may feel like we hit the “sleep” button on our clock. Now is the time to take control of the life you really want to live. Come chat with us about how the Road to Redemption will show you how to get out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals.


Let’s get our tweet on!


Come meet your co-host, check out the bonus give-a-ways, and others who have already RSVP’d. Click here for more details


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