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Lucinda Cross Interview with Giving Voice to Your Courage Podcast

Interview by: Dorit Sasson
Giving Voice To Your Story Podcast

Activate your vision with courage and strength.

Research shows that people who have a vision supported by goals are more likely to achieve their goals than those who do not. Lucinda Cross knows what it takes to reach high heights of success and how to navigate this journey with courage. Tune-in for an informative chat with Lucinda on the in-s and outs of what it takes to have the courage to stay the course of faith.

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I’m Featured: 2013 Amazing Women of the Year Issue Presented by Stiletto Woman

2013 AWOY-COVER (1)Oh yeah baby!  Guess who is featured in the 2013 Amazing Women of the Year Issue Presented by Stiletto Woman? Check it out…

Hope to see you at the Activate Conference so we can celebrate this awesomeness.  Thanking God for every recognition, feature and mention….whooo hooo

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Get a new ’tude

Yep, you need a new attitude if you are walking around with stinking thinking and expecting other people to cover up the funk. Please change your attitude towards your situation so that you can see the goodness and greatness in what you already possess.  In order to maximize and leverage your personal or professional life, you have to be grateful for what you have and who you are becoming.

Why should your business increase if your attidue is the same? Why should your marriage improve if your attitude is still the same? Why should you be called and chosen if your attitude is the same ole stinky thinking?  Get over yourself and move on.

“The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of attitude on life. Attitude, to me, is more important than facts. It is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than failures, than successes, than what other people think or say or do. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. It will make or break a company… a church… a home.” Charles Swindoll


I had a conversation with someone who often times goes into a complaining spree.  She complains that things are not working out, that she can’t find a job, that she hates where she lives, that she is tired of “making do” and needs some real money.

Now I am completely sympathetic to her needs and her cry.  But the pity party is where I draw the line. Let’s do a little compare and contrast.

Compared to someone sleeping on a concrete floor or wooden bench, she has a warm bed and clean sheets.

Compared to the dirt under that pan-handlers nails and the hole in her sneakers, she has a $45 french gel tips and $18 pedicure.

Compared to the  bedbugs, this child lost everything from being in shelter after shelter, she has $75 hair extensions and a perm, including the extra $$$ to get conditioner.

Compared to her Victoria Secret bra and the lady who just got the news that she has to have a mastectomy.

Oh here is one more….

Compared to the fact that she graduated school and has skills she can build on, compared to the child who doesn’t know how to read because she was told to quit school and work.

I think most people need to have a gratitude check.  When you look at the comparison above who has the advantage? Who needs a new attitude of gratitude?

We do need to realize that God does not give us more than we can bare, and this too shall pass.

What are you grateful for? Go ahead and take 2 seconds to post it…take time to do a gratitude check right here, right now.

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Don’t let FEAR bully you

The FEAR bully never sleeps.  Just because you have made  strides to fight FEAR and be this FEARless being…FEAR is a bully, it’s like the boogie man. It will show up in the form of your mom, dad, children, supervisor, husband, you name it.  But here is the remedy: Activation!…FEAR and Activation can’t be in the same room, because there will be a good old western cowboy show down.

I remember during one of my workshops FEAR popped its head in and was loud and boisterous.  Side bar: FEAR will lose control if it feels like its being challenged, it will get loud or either tries to complain and cop a plea to get out.

So during my presentation, I addressed an issue that was bound to bring the FEAR out of the room and I talked about self sabotage. Well as soon as I addressed self sabotage in great detail, FEAR started to talk out loud, someone’s FEAR even made them leave the room.  Now this is not because I was challenging them personally, but I was fostering a breakthrough using change strategies and FEAR wanted to fight back so that it would not be exposed.

In short, I called FEAR to the front of the room to be exposed and BAM! POW! BOOM! FEAR left the individual alone and the person was mentally free and focused enough to enjoy the rest of the workshop and receive her blessing.

Please don’t let FEAR stop you from getting married, moving on with your life, starting a business, apologizing, forgiving, succeeding or even speaking or writing that book.  FEAR and Activation can’t be in the same room, so who are you going to let rule your next step?

If you are interested in how to write that book, when to write that book, what you should write that book about and then what to do before, during and after you write the book—- join me on June 4th at 9pm EST (Call in Number 218-895-0814 Primary Passcode225323#) for a brief preview session on a workshop I have designed just for you called “Write It Already!”. It’s available in both live and webinar format for your convenience.  The preview call is free and will offer a chuck full of information. Here is the call in information, place it on your calendar, so you don’t forget.

Oh, before I close, if you have not ordered your copy of the best seller The Road to Redemption, run over to  We have sold out for now, but we suggest you pre order so that when the shipment comes in next week you can get your copy shipped ASAP.



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Show and Tell: 3 Elements to a Great Presentation

Remember in grade school you had “Show and Tell” day.  Well as an adult “Show and Tell” day is every day. Your performance and your presentation is more than what you know, and what you’ve done in the past; it’s about what you do with what you know. Your reputation is a combination of how you show up and what you do when you show up in life.  How are you showing and telling in your day to day interactions? For example when you are interacting online as motivational speaker and your post are complaints and mishaps. There are no time-outs, or do-over’s when it comes to our performance in life. All it takes is an instant to touch someone-or to undermine a lifetime of good “Show and Tell” performances.

Every moment is an opportunity to shine. Regardless of your position or profession, you are on stage at all times.  Your local postman has a reputation to live up to, your bus driver has a reputation to live up to, your local mom and pop shop has a reputation to live up to, etc.  Your performance is ultimately not about thinking or knowing but doing. What are you going to do when it is your time to present or perform?

Here are three elements to consider:

Be innovative: Go above and beyond to establish a positive reputation and go beyond the rudimentary to hone your skills to a higher level so when you enter the room, when you show up at work, when you present your biz, etc. it supersedes your expectations.

Be committed: Discipline yourself to become better and do better than the last performance/presentation. Demonstrate that you know how to do what you do, practice and perfect what you do, and have the passion to become better.

Be consistent: Make sure your values reflect in your actions.  Be known for something.  Your performance tells a great deal about your commitment level, consistency, mastery of skills and professionalism. Consistency builds trust.

Remember this side note: performance and presentation matters. It is the “Telling” part of the “Show and Tell”. I was inspired to write this post thanks to my Twitter friend @elaynefluker who posted: “Your reputation determines what they think of U before U enter the room. Your presentation = what they think of U when you’re IN the room…”



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Stand Up and Speak Up for September

The theme for this month is Stand up and Speak up.

One thing we all want is respect.  We want others to believe in us and in what we do.  In order to make the necessary shifts we must tune into our power.  Many of us are on the wrong channel in our lives.  We are on the Entertainment tonight channel when we should be tuned into the Discovery channel.


This month I challenge you to Stand up and Speak up. Start with confronting any fears you have.  Once you confront your fears then you can truly create the life you desire and that takes time.


Ask yourself this question.  If I was to step up to the challenge of speaking up and standing up for myself or my beliefs (more money, better job, a better relationship, more pleasure, better health, more clients, public speaking) would it hurt, will I start to bleed, will it kill me?


Here is the bottom line. If it doesn’t kill you and your not bleeding, then whatever trial or challenge you face will push you forward to creating a better life, a better attitude, a better way of being and showing up in the world.


We all have something to Stand up and Speak up about; we all have a story to tell.  For many of us, we’ve created a whole reality series that keeps us rooted in fear, resentment and stagnated. We refuse to exercise the power of Speaking up and Standing up for who we are and what we believe in. Many of us end up doing the following:


  • Doing things because we feel we had to do them, should do them or because you couldn’t say no.
  • Allowing our friends or associates abuse our generosity because we were playing the role of a people pleaser.
  • Complaining all the time and not doing anything about it
  • Hoping and wishing to be rescued, but not taking the first steps
  • Putting our own needs last
  • Making excuses for people and their behaviors or actions
  • Not admitting we were wrong, and unable to take criticism
  • Manipulating others to get what we want
  • Hesitating to speak up
  • Being defensive when confronted
  • Calling ourselves names or allowing other people to call you names(crazy, silly, stupid)
  • Denying our creativity or afraid to use it
  • Emotional eating
  • Drinking too much
  • Refusing to exercise

Don’t suffer in silence this month.  You are not weak you are strong, you are not inadequate you are more than capable, you are not boring, you are a pleasure to be around, you are not rejected, you are accepted for all the opportunities that align with your mission, you are not abandoned you are welcomed, you are not ridiculed, you are complimented.


Speak Up and Stand Up for September. I would love to read your thoughts on this post. I also invite you to “Like” my Activate Me 24/7  fanpage at


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August is the month for Acceleration

This is ACCELERATION month.

We need to kick it up a notch this month. When the velocity of an object changes it is said to be accelerating. Acceleration depends on the change in velocity and velocity is a vector quantity — one with both magnitude and direction. Acceleration occurs anytime an object’s speed increases, decreases, or changes direction.

Are you going to ACCELERATE this month? What?

Are you going to expand and stretch yourself this month?

Are you ready to change your velocity?

Don’t just get excited and say yes, you must believe it. You must declare it and take action on it.

This month I challenge you to get in expanded conversations, travel outside of your day to day life and outside of your day to day operations at work and in your biz.

What do you do that propels you and others forward?

How can you go beyond your comfort zone this month?

The key to moving forward and ACCELERATING this month is to look for opportunities to be of service, to give and to share.

Don’t parade around talking about ACCELERATING your life, with skeptical friends and relatives.  Their skepticism can overwhelm you and slow you down. Do this ACCELRATION silently and let your faith develop and your goals be manifested, then tell them, “wow, in August I changed the direction of my life”.

Walk the talk.

Be patiently persistent this month; keep your intent alive and strong.  You can ACCELERATE your life in both magnitude and direction.

I want to encourage you to leverage what you have scheduled this month, if you struggle visit for advice.  What are the things that will move you forward in your business and career? What needs to happen in order for you to ACCELERATE forward like never before? What programs do you need to sign up for? Events you need to attend? And people you need to connect with?

Talk to me, I love comments and make sure that you do these 3 things.

  1. Sign up for the FREE 6-day ecourse.
  2. Be a part of the Ask Lucinda Cross call tonight at 8pm EST (FREE)
  3. Visit the After Hours Mastermind Group and let me know if you will be one of the 10 joining the creative visionaries who make things happen this month.



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