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Part 2: The ABC’s of Being an Irreplaceable Presenter

Speaking at The Girl Exhale Conference in FL 2012

Today we are going to take a look at letters D, E and F when it comes to presenting with power. By learning and applying the alphabet speaker tips, you will become more valuable in every phase of your presentation. And as your value increases, you will become more confident in your presentations, more productive, more vital to event planners, coordinators and those who seek to hire you. This is the alphabet soup for presenters, speakers, or anyone who has something meaningful to say.

Let’s begin…

D-Double dip.  Prepare yourself for the opportunity within the opportunity. This means that you set yourself up for the next ____________(fill in the blank). As a presenter or a speaker you must learn how to be an opportunist. How can you leverage this opportunity to build your list, join a future webinar, tele-seminar or smaller event based on your topic? Find out how you can partner or further support the organization that hired you to speak. This way you can engage the audience and the organization to hear more than your 15min-45min spiel. Presenting is one opportunity but look for an additional opportunity within the opportunity to build your platform and establish a stronger relationship.

E-Energy. Come prepared to fill the room with vim and vigor. Consider some techniques that will help shift the energy. Keep in mind your audience is just as nervous as you are. Ice breakers, music, affirmations or prayer are great ways to initiate the energy in the room. I found props and exercises to be a huge hit for my presentations. It calms my nerves and allows me to find out where the energy in the room is. Once you find out where the energy in the room is, then you can pull from that side in order to engage the other side of the room. If you feel the presentation is running dry or the energy is too low, consider giving them an exercise to do, give away some prizes, call up a few volunteers. Keep the ENERGY flowing. (Know your audience as well, based on the age range and the seating in the room, don’t ask everyone to stand up when the seating is awkward. Avoid the “butts in the face” and “boobs on the back” exercises because of limited space.  Avoid breathing exercises especially after lunch; the worst thing is to have someone breathing on your neck after an onion salad or fish sandwich ~ewwww).

F-Face locution. Remember that your face is talking just as you are presenting. What do I mean by “face locution”? You must be aware of your facial expressions and keep in mind that people are watching your facial reactions. If you look in the mirror and start to do a mock presentation, watch how your eyebrows move, your lips, your eyes, your forehead, etc. Your facial expressions in addition to your tone of voice give your words more definition and power. Your audience is going to respond based on your facial talk. So take a look at a past video you have done, or record yourself and see if your face is in conflict or agreement with your message. We all know the faces our mother used to give us and we know what those facial expressions meant without her opening her mouth. The same goes for us presenters. Watch what your face says…lol It may be cursing your audience out…

More speaker tips tomorrow…. (G, H, & I)

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Lucinda Cross, The Activator

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The ABC’s of Being an Irreplaceable Presenter

The secret sauce as a speaker building her platform is YOU. In order to be referred and chosen for those engagements that you love and enjoy, you must shift your thinking and change your approach.

The one thing that I hear from coordinators who hire me to speak is that they appreciate how I was present my content and engage with the audience. They appreciate how I allow my personality to work the room.

For some reason Feb and March are the months that I get lots of calls for presentation and platform coaching. I want to share with you the alphabets that I share with my clients that can support you in showing up powerfully every single time.

A- Attraction.  Make sure your message is just as attractive as you are. Attraction has nothing to do with size or shape. Attraction has everything to do with confidence, clarity and energy.  Make sure you feel good, look good, sound good, smell good and your message makes their mouth water, wanting more of those juicy tips and words of encouragement. Tap into the five senses when it comes to Attraction.

B-Be YOU. The worst thing any speaker can do is show up as someone else other than themselves. I have been to conferences where if I closed my eyes, the presenter souned like Les Brown or Toni Robbins. I have been to engagements where the speaker is doing a full YouTube clip of someone else’s presentation. The best gift you can give to your audience is YOU. Give them your personality, and your style. When YOU show up and leave Iyanla Vanzant behind or Lisa Nichols you will step into your power and rock the stage. Be YOU.

C- Creativity. Think of ways you can be creative to stand out or to make your presentation memorable. Can you wear a special color shoe, a broche, a certain hat or t-shirt? Is there something that can be included into your signature style by bringing in extra large pens or giving out signature journals, maybe even having a signature song? Whatever you decide make sure you think of ways that you can make your presentation memorable. At one of my networking events I handed out oversized pencils to all the writers, they loved it, took pictures and tweeted about it. Think of ways that you can show your creative side.

More speaker tips tomorrow…. (D, E & F)

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Lucinda Cross, The Activator

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Surround Yourself with Completer’s not Competer’s

Lead from the heart. ~Lucinda Cross






Surround yourself with COMPLETER’S not COMPETER’S.  Ask God to surround you with people who lead from the inside out. Your goal this week is to check your own heart’s motives and seek out those who are ready to help you complete the mission and not looking to compete with the mission.

Are you a ? leader?
Are you a completer?

If so, I would like to get to know you better. There is a place for us called Hearts Desires in the city of The Land of More Than Enough, come check it out.



Blessings and Gratitude,

Lucinda Cross

Author of the Best Selling book the Road to Redemption

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Including Men in Women’s Empowerment. To be or not to be?

Big question for the day. Should men be engaged in women’s empowerment?

As I am planning my 3 day intensive in November and Writers Retreat for January 2013, I had to stop and think what about empowering the men?  I try my best to include my husband and children in my success plan.  Often times I see women creating the “me, myself and I” plan that excludes the inclusion and suggestion of their loved ones.

Problems arise when the vision of your life and biz is not in alignment or in sync with your family. Everyone should be on one accord or close to it.

Here is another question:

Should our loved ones, partners and significant others be included in the upliftment and empowerment? Do they want to be included? I believe they have the same or similar limiting beliefs such as low self esteem, self- sabotage, fear to name a few that we are on a mission to overcome.

If I am gathering a group of women together to become the best version of themselves using their God -given talents to change their portion of the world, should I also create something for men as well and get a male facilitator? I am considering a way to combine the two, whether it’s women and her family or women and her significant other.  We all need love don’t you think? We all need to go to the next level together.

Tell me your thoughts and I will answer them on my next Activate Live video. Place your questions or comments below.



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Show and Tell: 3 Elements to a Great Presentation

Remember in grade school you had “Show and Tell” day.  Well as an adult “Show and Tell” day is every day. Your performance and your presentation is more than what you know, and what you’ve done in the past; it’s about what you do with what you know. Your reputation is a combination of how you show up and what you do when you show up in life.  How are you showing and telling in your day to day interactions? For example when you are interacting online as motivational speaker and your post are complaints and mishaps. There are no time-outs, or do-over’s when it comes to our performance in life. All it takes is an instant to touch someone-or to undermine a lifetime of good “Show and Tell” performances.

Every moment is an opportunity to shine. Regardless of your position or profession, you are on stage at all times.  Your local postman has a reputation to live up to, your bus driver has a reputation to live up to, your local mom and pop shop has a reputation to live up to, etc.  Your performance is ultimately not about thinking or knowing but doing. What are you going to do when it is your time to present or perform?

Here are three elements to consider:

Be innovative: Go above and beyond to establish a positive reputation and go beyond the rudimentary to hone your skills to a higher level so when you enter the room, when you show up at work, when you present your biz, etc. it supersedes your expectations.

Be committed: Discipline yourself to become better and do better than the last performance/presentation. Demonstrate that you know how to do what you do, practice and perfect what you do, and have the passion to become better.

Be consistent: Make sure your values reflect in your actions.  Be known for something.  Your performance tells a great deal about your commitment level, consistency, mastery of skills and professionalism. Consistency builds trust.

Remember this side note: performance and presentation matters. It is the “Telling” part of the “Show and Tell”. I was inspired to write this post thanks to my Twitter friend @elaynefluker who posted: “Your reputation determines what they think of U before U enter the room. Your presentation = what they think of U when you’re IN the room…”



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Embrace the “oops”

If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not moving. (Lucinda Cross)

In my world it is hard to learn to Activate if you are scared to make mistakes.  If you are afraid of error and embarrassed by messing things up.  Many times I had to laugh at some of the senseless mistakes that taught me how to be consistent, patient and have a “good is good enough” attitude in order to get things done.

Here are some mistakes that really made no sense but I learned valuable lessons from.

Mistake #1: Responding to an email without removing certain individual names attached to it. So I sent it to Jane, Shawn and Rachel when the email was for Jane.  I just clicked reply instead of bcc’ing the others.

Mistake #2: Not locking my cell phone, so my client that I just got off the phone with hears my 1 yr old dialing her number and me singing “For the love of money” by the O’Jays in the background.

Mistake #3: Forgetting to do a spell check, I sent my newsletter to 12k people with the title “Forgive and Fourget”, instead of “Forgive and Forget”….duh…

Mistake #4: Not charging my phone before a radio interview and or teleconference.

Mistake #5: Leaving my dress hanging up by the kitchen where I just made garlic shrimp. (there is no perfume that can remove the fresh garlic smell out of your dress minutes before you have to put it on)

Mistake #6: Scheduling a group coaching call on the same night of my anniversary. (not a happy hubby)

Mistake #7: Parked in NYC parking lot (ridiculously expensive). Left the house w/o cash, changed pocket books and forgot to put my wallet in. (Thank God I had some books in the trunk to sell or else I would have been walking home)

Embrace the oops in your life, it may take some getting used to because no one likes to make mistakes, but guess what, we are not on America’s Next Top Model and Simon is not judging our every move.

Mistakes prep us to do something risky, challenging, something out of our comfort zone.  A mistake is something often unplanned something unexpected, an odd outcome or side journey, usually something that alerts us to either get going or slow down.  Next time you make a mistake ask yourself, what can I make of this? What kind of bonus is this?

Make mistakes and keep it moving.


Lucinda Cross is a Lifestyle and Business fire starter specializing in women’s success. She is the CEO and Founder of Activate!, Author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs, Founder of Praying Moms.org and Activate Me 24/7 Membership. She is also co-owner of the Super Mom Entrepreneur Conference and Expo. Her journey into entrepreneurship began when she became a mom and she has been building businesses ever since as a mompreneur. She has defied all the odds both in life and in business and has mastered the ability to turn adversities into advantages. She travels the world sharing her message and inspiring women to Activate in all areas of life! Her new book “The Road To Redemption: Overcoming Life’s Detours, Obstacles and Challenges” is set to release in Mar 2012.  You can find out more about Lucinda Cross or request to hire her for your upcoming conference, seminar, graduation or celebration by emailing her agent at  lcspeak@mahoganycommunications.com or simply connect with her on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/lucindacrossspeaks.com , Twitter @lucindaspeaks.



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