Work It, Whatever It Is!: The Voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash

‘Sesame Street’s’ Little Red Guy is a 6-Foot Tall Black Man named Kevin Clash has worked his mojo to become rich and famous.

In my upcoming book The Road to Redemption, I talk about the importance of using what you have, to get to where you want to get what you want.  This is a clear example of someone who had talent and used it as a child and had no idea that he would be the voice of one of America’s favorite TV show puppets.

This man took his talent and keep in mind this is something that he did as a child, something that he did for fun and he had the opportune time to get the exposure his talent needed.  Clash will soon be releasing a documentary,  Being Elmo, A Puppeteer’s Journey in which he shares his passion for puppetry, and his journey from being a shy Baltimore kid who was teased for making puppets out of slippers to becoming Muppet’s creator Jim Henson’s protege, to creating and giving voice to one of the world’s most beloved puppets. (RollingOut Magazine)

What is your hidden talents, that you use for fun, when no one is looking, when you where a child, maybe in your office…WHATEVER IT IS, WORK IT.

Start to get creative by letting others know that you have a talent, a skill and expose yourself.  Someone is always watching, listening and tuning in.  You never know when your time will come to be used for your greater good and the greater good of others.

Elmo brought such a happiness in many homes, he brought joy to the child who is sick or terminally ill, the voice of Elmo was soothing to the ears of a crying baby, and many times calmed down a temper tantrum.  Elmo was a solution to a problem; he was a character that had a loving voice, energy, passion and drive.  There was a life behind the red costume.

Add some life to your talent or skill.  Let’s see you come to life this month.


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Social Media: Groupies and Raving Fans

I know what you are saying to yourself, Lucinda has lost her marbles with this post.  But let me explain…

According to Wikipedia a groupie is an enthusiastic or uncritical follower and a fan is an ardent devotee; an enthusiast. I have been on social media for a while now and I have been a part of many groups on face book and twitter.  I personally only like to share with a select few with the intent to get to build, support and share any information that can them “ACCELERATE”, (using our action word for the month) with thriving in their business and their life.

What I see now on face book is people adding you to groups without asking permission or even caring if it align with what you are doing.  People are going “group crazy”, and on top of that the people they are having a “sell fest” inside the group.

In our efforts to build our list please keep in mind it is Quality not Quantity.  Stop asking people to “like” your page if it is not in alignment with your vision or theirs.  You can have a group of 1k, 5k or more, what is important is having a group of raving fans who are devoted, enthusiastic and uncritical.

If your goal is to increase your fan base, think about what kind of fans you want, identify who fits your group profile.

The profile for my group is women 30-55, in transition, tired of working for someone else, serious about leaving a legacy, extremely creative and would like to create a service package or info product, women and moms who are tired of making a dollar out of 15cents, heck a women who knows that God has given her a vision of being in business and is ready for the “What”, or a woman who is a corporate mom drop out.

If I don’t run across this type of individual then I sit back and interact, find out what they like and don’t like, find out what their visions and aspirations are…then BAM…they get an invitation.

Hi, my name is Lucinda Cross, I am the author of Corporate Mom Drop Outs, and I have a fabulous group called Corporate Mom Dropouts on face book which is a supportive group for creative visionaries such as yourself.  We discuss family balance; business building and we encourage and inspire each other to be the best we can be on all levels.  Join us and introduce yourself, your business and vision. We would love to have you share your expertise. Just by joining us you will have the opportunity to win a copy of my book that has been featured on ABC Money Matters for Mompreneurs.


This is a brief intro to let her know that we care about her and we are interested in her success.  I am not just adding her because “I think” she is not a good fit, nor am I selling in her group or promoting my group in her group without proper study and permission.

Here in this invite I am engaging the 1. Connectivity, 2. Credibility, 3. Awareness. I tell them who we are, what we do and why we do it.  I am not asking her to join because I need 10k followers. That message send out the wrong persona, you want to tell people how they can benefit by being a part of your group, how they can transform, how they can transition, etc.

Here are some of the red flags that go off when you tell someone to “like” your page without proper CCA rule above.

  • I don’t have quality folks in my group
  • I am in competition with myself and I have something to prove (EGO)
  • I really don’t care about you or your business just “like” my page
  • I don’t care to know you, just “like” my page
  • I don’t care if you are a tea drinker, just “like” my coffee drinking page
  • It does not matter that you pray to God, just “like” my atheist page.

We have to become more conscious on how we are presenting ourselves online.  We must be hungry for the right connects and not thirsty for the wrong ones.

I love my groupies and my fans, meaning I love the devoted, enthusiastic and uncritical followers who are supportive of what I do. Tell the quality folks in your group to invite more quality folks who fit your “groupie or fan profile”.

Creating Raving Fans requires a you finding a better way and the discipline to communicate and connect with your audience consistently and deliberately.

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My Clients Rock! How to use the past to promote the future

Many business owners over look one of the most valuable resources in their business and that resource is past clients.  Past clients understand the value in working with you and the reason why you are the logical choice.

Establishing a relationship with your past clients that fosters referral and funnel building will keep your business in a constant flow.  You want to get them involved in your marketing mix. Leveraging your relationships with past clients will produce greater results in your client attraction and retention strategy. Here are a few tips to get your past clients involved:

1. Create a survey and send it exclusively only to past clients asking them specific questions on their experience and what they would recommend you add, omit or change in order to provide greater value.

2. Provide an incentive for any referrals that turn into clients.  You can offer a commission/percentage of each sale and also a discount on your next event, product or program. (e.g. $100 for each new client retained plus an additional bonus of 2 months free in your membership, or access to a free webinar) Incentives always sweeten the pot and show a high level of appreciation.

3. Clearly define who you are looking for as a client or attendee and be specific.  Often people do not make a referral because they have no idea you are looking for a referral or what type of referral you are specifically looking for.  Make the referral process easy for your past clients to identify the type of referral you are seeking. (e.g., job title, education, location, age, gender, etc.).

4. Allow your past clients to be a problem solver by becoming a resource leader.  Everyone likes to be the go to person for resourceful information, so please provide your past clients with your marketing material that they can distribute.  Each of my clients usually receives a small stack of my business cards and posters that assist them in making the connection.

If your current or past clients have benefited from your program, product or service, then leverage that relationship. People do business with people they think they know, think they like and think they may trust, but you will have a better client retention rate and longevity with clients who know you, because they see the fruits of your labor, they like you because they are being recommended by a trusted source, and they trust you, because your raving fans are long term clients who have been doing business with you for over a year.

I thank God for my clients who believe in what I have to offer. I don’t have to market as much as I used to because of you and I will continue to provide outstanding results because of you.

Sidebar: Give your past clients a call and show them some love. If you have any tips to share please post them in the comments.


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Will Work For Food: Time to INCREASE your value?

Take a good look at your market, and decide where you stand in the world of pricing.  What are you currently charging and what would you like to charge? Can you charge more than you do now? Of course you can.  We all can, but some of us suffer from low price self esteem. Which one of these symptoms do you possess?

I cringe when asked what my rates are.

I often bargain and discount before the person makes a decision?

I feel as if my prices are too low, but afraid that my target will never pay what I require?

I usually give a quote that is lower than my standards?

I find myself working for peanuts and can barley survive?

I often regret or find myself frustrated working for clients that I have discounted?

I am afraid they will not come back if I keep my prices high?

I don’t know what to charge, so I am happy to receive any payment amount?

If you feel like you are holding a “Will Work for Food” sign, I suggest you start to increase your rates by 20-40%.  There is nothing wrong with having a premium price, just as long as you are offering premium service.  Charging what you are worth means that you know the value of the results you deliver, and you know that you are worth the price you are quoting.

Value is perceived by your prospects and clients, pricing is perceived by you. If you are comfortable with your mid-range, and lower level rates then start to leverage that. Brag about how low your rates are for the value they are going to receive.

Whatever your current situation is, make sure that your pricing fits your concept, your value, and your market position.  Replace your “Will Work for Food Sign” with “Under New Management”. Consider changing your internal dialogue to one that supports you financially and ethically, so that you can make more, feel valued and have fun doing what you love. YOU ARE WORTH THE INCREASE.



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Is Your Vision Homeless?

Shelter for Homeless Visions

Whether you’re a newbie or existing vision holder, there are three basic essentials your vision needs in order to survive.  Some of these essentials have been over looked or have not been considered in order to shift your vision to the “next phase in development”.

Every vision needs a place to stay so that it can be examined, invented, and considered.

#1 A written power plan that answers some important questions. This allows your vision to be examined and set apart.

  • Your visions greatest strengths
  • Your biggest opportunities
  • Your current customers and why they should work with you
  • What changes and new programs you can implement to increase your value

#2 An online presence and a place that the vision can reside to show off its brand personality.  This is expressed through logos, content, colors, images, slogans and themes. This sets your vision apart, and builds a psychological bond with visitors and potential prospects.  Consider using a word press blog, tumblr, or joomla platform for sheltering your business.  A Facebook group is not acceptable as a permanent place for your vision to stay. This allows your vision to be invented, because you know have carved out a position.

#3 A list of friends, family and associates. Building a list of 1000 raving fans will help you in creating a tribe.  Selling requires people to sell to. You do not need a large list to succeed. You need to create a list of raving fans. It’s better to have a small list of highly targeted, responsive people than a big list of people who don’t want to hear from you. It’s not necessarily about getting to as many people as you can, just the right people. This allows your vision to be considered by those who are ready to invest.

As the caregiver of the vision you must focus on providing a caring, warm environment for optimal growth. No vision should be homeless. Utilizing social media is only a pit stop for your business to get connected, not for your main business vision to be housed. If you need help creating a home for your vision, comment below and we will set you up for a consultation to find a safe shelter for your vision. If you have a home for your business please post the url here so we can support you.

Thank you for reading another one of my blog post.  I appreciate you.


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The Melting Pot: Are You Starting A Multicultural Business War?

In my observation one of the most important rules when it comes to marketing and branding 101 is that diversity is one of the keys to success.

Diversity should be in every aspect of your marketing. African American, Asian, Hispanic, etc. are all part of the melting pot.  You have to make sure that your marketing is diverse. We live in a global society where opportunities are endless.

If you only support one ethnic group, you may be leaving money on the table, and possibly the chance to go global or international.  Starting a multicultural war may not be the wisest thing for any small business to do.

Servicing a niche is different than servicing a particular ethnic group.  Look at some of the highly successful organizations and companies and notice how their marketing and outreach is diverse. Diversity means domination.  If you are looking to make a change, support an economy or transform mindsets you must start with your marketing messages.  If you do service a particular ethnic group, I suggest you start out with OPEN DOORS for all, and then break it down into sects similar to the Chamber of Commerce.  You have the Chamber of Commerce, the African American Chamber of Commerce, the NY Women’s Chamber of Commerce, the Australian Chamber of Commerce, the Asian Chamber of Commerce and etc., but the base, the mother hub is the overall US Chamber of Commerce.

Think about your messages and your reach.  Can you expand your territory by keeping everyone boxed in or do you need to open the box a little?  Keep in mind your passion, mission, morals and values do not change, you just now open up the flood gates for EQUAL opportunities and room for growth.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic of diversity, take a second to comment.

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Bathroom Marketing: Increase your awareness in the ladies room

When it comes to marketing we have to be outrageous, we have to be radical, and we have to think “in the box”.  Yes marketing in the bathroom is “in the box” and here is why.

Where is the first place all women go when they enter into any establishment? Yes the bathroom.  This is something we do all the time, even when we don’t have to use the bathroom.  The thought of promoting your business or event in the bathroom can be one of the most effective ways to get prospects attention. You can display your signs, fliers and posters in both the men’s and the women’s bathroom to market your special events, current promotion, workshops and your products.

If you are thinking of ways to get the word out there, without you being at every networking event in the city, or spending money on a street team to give out fliers that you find on the floor.  Invest in your nearest business owner and their establishment.  Ask the owner or the manger if you could place your flier in their bathroom stalls for a low fee.

Be sure to update and visit the bathrooms to add more fliers, update information, and remember to keep the marketing fresh.  The same old flier gets boring, stick to your brand, but switch up the words and the images a bit.

Now if you want to hire someone to pass out fliers, hire a bathroom monitor who will check on the “Take One” flier that you created based on the last blog post. 😉

I will be sending out my Bathroom monitor next week. (Want to be a Corporate Mom Drop Out? Want to give birth to your Business in 90 days, instead of 9 months?) take one…

Need assistance with coming up with marketing ideas? Schedule some time with me Lucinda Cross by visiting or sending an email to my trusted assistant Phara at

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Focus on the Vital Few: 80/20 Rule

STOP, stop what you are doing and get focused on completion. Stop working so hard and focus on a few tasks at a time.  Follow the 80/20 rule. Focusing on doing the 20% that will yield 80% of the results.  Less is more in this case.

The Pareto’s principle was developed by an Italian economist and most commonly known as the 80/20 Rule. Pareto observed that 80% of the wealth was owned by 20% of the population, the rule has applications in almost every area of life and business. This rule stems from the 1900’s and has helped many gurus and executives manage their businesses, their staff and their time more effectively.

This is how you can apply it
The value of the Pareto Principle is reminding us to stay focused on the “20% that matters”. That can be a task you complete, a project you are working on, a subject matter you are trying to master, (based on Pareto’s Principle) only 20% really matter.

Make decisions on allocating time, resources and effort, based on the 80/20 rule:

  • Daily Activity Sheet – Do an activity sheet for an entire day. Record every activity you do and how long it takes you to do it.  Figure out at the end of the day how much time is spent on entertainment, personal happiness, work, talking on the phone, or either your productivity. This will help you determine where you need to spend more time doing the 20% that moves your forward.
  • Completing Goals – Review your goals list and look at the resources required to accomplish each goal (time, money, people, energy, etc.). Some of the goals we have on our list are not valuable goals, they may just be more to do’s on your list. Scale back on the non-productive list.
  • Sales – 80 percent of your sales will come from 20 percent of your customers. When you look at who you have been spending time on, are these clients in your top 20%, the ones who are repeats, raving fans…these are the ones you want to focus on, the ones who think your product or services are amazing.
  • Marketing – 80 percent of your success in your online/offline marketing campaigns will come from only 20 percent of your advertising. Look at the past campaigns that you may have had, it can be a successful event, a referral to speaking engagements, the group of people who signed up for your newsletter, a new product buyer.  Whatever you did to get the attention you received, you must duplicate that 20% and repeat it again.  This can save you time and money.

Focus is a discipline.  I myself love new ideas, I love to be creative, I love gathering and dissecting new information, I love trying new things. As an entrepreneur, wife and mom that is not the most effective framework to operate from.  I had to narrow my focus and create a project map that keeps me focused only on the 20% of what I should be doing.

For the month of May my 20% will be focused on networking and list building. June, I will be focused on prospecting and funnel building.  Remind yourself of the critical 20% you need to focus on to reap 80% of the reward.

What project area are you working on?

What are you producing on a daily basis?

Comments are appreciative and they help me with my 80/20 rule for writing.

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Where is your “Take One” flyer located?

What do you mean you don’t have a “Take One” flyer?

Today is Saturday, and I need you to run out to your nearest Staples, Home Depot, Micheals or stationary store and pick up a brochure display holder, if they are on sale pick up two.

Start to create your “Take One” flyer when you get home.  It should have an awesome graphic , a brief and compelling description of your business, event, product or service.  Make sure you have the Who, What, When, Where and How, to get in contact with you on the flyer.  Place your business email, website and contact number in a seperate color on the flyer so that it stands out. If you are not a designer and you don’t have the software on your computer reach out to someone on or some other source you are comfortable working with, find in san diego network it support nearby.

Make sure that you place your flyers in the right places, be creative. Place them in travel agencies, real estate offices, nail salons, beauty salons, barber shops, insurances offices and etc…This will help you expand your reach and provide you with 24/7 marketing without you being present.  You want the “out of sight, on their mind” effect.  Draw people to you by connecting with your local shops and business owners to broaden your reach.  You can not be every where all the time.

Here are some great examples of “Take One” flyers. When you have yours created please share with us by posting the image link in the comments.

These designs were created by:

Make sure you are signed up for our list, we are about to present some exciting opportunities we do not want you to miss.

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Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Where is your biggest check?

Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Where is your biggest check?

When it comes to doing business in your city, what has been your experience?  Where did your biggest opportunities and paychecks come from? Do you find yourself doing business with people locally, nationally or globally?

I live in New York – the City that never sleeps. People come from all over the world to stake their claim and create legacy wealth.  With all of this access to capital, isn’t it interesting that my business is not fueled by New Yorkers.  My V.I.P clients come from the West Coast, my Blue Chip (mid-level) clients come from the Midwest and my Try and Buyers come from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area.

In order to render high quality service, I am constantly doing research on my target audience. I’ve discovered that it is necessary to dig deeper than the general questions of, who they are? What problems do they have that I can solve? Where do they hang out? What do they read?

Going below the surface has enabled me to connect directly with my ideal client. When I attend and speak in conferences, opportunities to create joint ventures with other business owners emerged. When you look at your client base and your service offering, who are the current buyers? Who needs what you have and where they are geographically located? Make sure you include this in your marketing plan; this can literally mean the WORLD of a difference.

Check out this article from Bloomberg  Business Week: Women and Wall Street.

Countries which are best for Women in Business Women empowerment has been one of the major criteria for discussion over a period of years. A trend that began from gaining voting rights in USA, proceeding to a grapple in liberty of clothing and finally in establishing itself in the market of businesses, it has been a long journey.

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