The team behind successful food truck Bro-Ritos were just about to expand and launch their first brick and mortar location right when COVID-19 hit. Watch as business expert Lucinda Cross guides the owners through the crisis by helping them set up the tools to pivot their business strategy and embark on a national food tour.

Watch as business coach Lucinda Cross works with Marcus Crawford, Jarid Thomas, and Jonathon Gibbs to solidify their branding in order to cement their positions as community influencers before they embark on a national food truck tour.

In this episode, coach Lucinda Cross helps guide the Bro-Ritos team as they prepare for their first investor meeting with hopes of securing financial backing to make their dreams of embarking on a national food-truck tour a reality. Learn more about the Comeback Coach series, and find more small business advice from Verizon here:

Watch the final episode of the series where each of our business owners updates us on their progress as their Comeback Coach experience comes to an end.

When small businesses reach a crossroads between stalled growth and scaling to new levels, I am here to bring a fresh perspective, assess, and restrategize. Lucinda is offering FREE training focused on unconventional marketing, repositioning your credibility, visibility, and profitability in the marketplace.

Many small businesses have experienced unpredictable cash flow cycles during this pandemic and this does not have to be the end of the business and brand growth. Where a business owner may see no light at the end of the tunnel, I see opportunities to reposition your brand and diversify your revenue model.

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