“There is no one else like Lucinda Cross. She has something powerful within her that pulls out the absolute best in you. I found her at a time in my life where I knew what I wanted and where I wanted to go but had no clue on how to get there. I’ve invested in numerous programs, workshops, masterminds, and trainings before but none of them (alone or combined) have given me the value that I received while working with Lucinda. I am forever grateful for her. If you’re serious about making ish happen in your life and business, then DO NOT pass up the opportunity to work with her. I promise you you won’t be disappointed.” – Neoshi Green the Mompreneur Mentor

“Lucinda Cross over delivers. Her Activate Intensive Program worked my Being and Business from the inside out. Lucinda wants you to succeed and she doesn’t hold anything back. She is definitely out of the box, she takes her time with you, she challenges you to go beyond your limits, she demands results, she provides amazing resources and makes it impossible for you to fail. Point Blank-the woman is Amazing! Her level of coaching and masterminding was above and beyond what I expected. She is the Queen of Activation for a real reason! She is constantly learning, growing and excelling so she can provide leading edge tools to help you do the same.” –LaTalya Palmer

“There’s no place like home! Yes, home. With Lucinda Cross she embraces a “we are all family, let’s win together” attitude with those around her and especially that are taking part in her gift to inspire, uplift and propel others into their destiny. If you are unsure of your purpose and place in life, connect with Lucinda to activate those hidden truths and talents to cultivate a lifestyle of entrepreneurship like none other!

What I like most about working with Lucinda, there’s no cookie cutter program…no two programs are alike. If you are tired of swimming in the pool of sameness, ask for an activator life jacket and save your self from this vicious cycle and climb aboard the most exhilerating business venture with Lucinda at the helm.”- Joan Thompson Wilson “The Corner Woman

“Lucinda Cross is a POWERHOUSE speaker who I would welcome at any of my future events. Mrs. Cross was a featured speaker at my 1st Annual Women’s Retreat in January 2011 and was dynamic! Not only did she get the attendees excited about using the power within to achieve their goals, but she added a personal touch by speaking about her own journey in creating the life she desired. Every attendee left the retreat in awe of Mrs. Cross and with the feeling that her message was designed just for them.” – Cheryl M. Wood, Founder & CEO, Play Time Is Over

“Lucinda’s D.W.I.T. call reminded us of how important it is to put processes in place to market and grow our businesses. Lucinda provided specific ideas we could implement immediately to focus on our niche and target audience. I highly recommend contacting Lucinda to discuss the next step to take in doing whatever it takes to grow your business.” – Sue L Canfield, ChiefVirtualOfficer.com.

“I am extremely honored that my organization, the National Association of Black Female Entrepreneurs, Inc was fortunate enough to have Lucinda Cross speak at our recent event, the NABFE FEST & Fundraiser. Her presentation received outstanding feedback, several of our attendees even remarked that her presentation was life changing. If you are in need of a dynamic, engaging, and passionate speaker I urge you to consider Lucinda Cross. Her enthusiasm, creativity, and commitment to assisting us in supporting women entrepreneurs is tremendous! We look forward to working with Lucinda again!”- 
Nia Rose,
Founder, CEO & Chairperson
The National Association of Black Female Entrepreneurs, Inc

“It was a pleasure having Lucinda as a speaker at our June 1st Elite Members Dinner. She was engaging and realistic with an interactive demonstration of how we can make that positive mental shift to achieve your happy and fulfilling lifestyle. Her topic of “Balancing the Superwoman Act” was fitting and well received by our members with many kudos and appreciation for information eloquently delivered. – Michelle Christie Organizer, MACs Women’s Group

“Thank you so much for sharing your amazing story and a wealth of informative, engaging information. Your input was extremely valuable, relevant and will be useful for our Financial Literacy members as they move through the stages of rehabilitating their personal financial history and achieving their short term goals while continuing to pursue their long term goals.  Many of which include the potential of small business entrepreneurship.

I would love for you to consider the idea of being involved with DFS in another venture together, in the future.  You received so much positive feedback from the ladies, your warmth, genuineness and generosity will always be remembered in our hearts and minds.”- Angela Williams, Dir. of East Coast Operations, Dress for Success Worldwide

“The Mindset Mastery Mentorship Experience has tremendously affect my business planning in a great way. For months I felt stuck because I wanted to take my business to the next level but I was lacking the direction that I needed to do so. After the second coaching session, I had a clear understanding of who my target group were. I also was able to identify different services and workshop to offer to my target group. I am very excited about the upcoming events that I am organizing for my business. This event wouldn’t be possible without the coaching that I received from Lucinda Cross”.- Author and Speaker Youdeline Holt – The Light Bearer

You may know  Lucinda Cross as the business midwife or the corporate mom dropout, motivational speaker, mentor, life coach. But whenever I think of Lucinda or see her all I think of is LIGHT. a light bearer is synonymous with  a person who searches for knowledge and enlightenment and who in so doing seeks to bring it to mankind. Lucinda, uses the knowledge and wisdom that she has been able to obtain and shares it with those of us who need to be enlightened…………… With her assistance, support, mentorship and guidance I was able to step into my greatness. She helped me to face that fear and doubt and figure out what gifts, talents and message I wanted to relay to the masses. Lucinda truly has a gift for pulling out the light inside of you and helping to keep it shining for years to come !!!

Taking Action

I am writing this on the one month anniverary off the launch event for The Promote ME – Motivated Entrepreneurs group……. She helped me to think outside of the box and realize that the thing that I was calling a  dream or idea was a relaity and that I must take action to obtain success. Promote ME was my baby and Lucinda walked me all the way through the birth. Through every scream, contraction and labor pain, she consistently reminded me of the great reward that would come after the pain.- Coach Nicole Taylor CEO of Promote ME.

“The Mastermind group you created was truly transformational for my business. Through accountability and strong network connections made right through the Mastermind, my business has landed, expanded and been re-branded! Thank you for the one-on-one support. The Coaching Gyms is where our best ideas were created. My business has been reignited to work with my target market, doing what I absolutely love. Thanks Lucinda…actually thanks a million! Onward and upward!! ” – Larissa Parks, Virtual Business Manager www.sevenwindsva.net

“In a nutshell “Wow”! As the producer of Conversations About Marketing – Book Marketing Teleseminar Series, I interview book marketing experts from around the world to share with our 500+ members. Lucinda was a recent speaker on our teleseminar series and she rocked the house. Lucinda presents action packed marketing strategies in a way that both the beginner as well as the more advanced marketer can grasp and run with. I highly recommend Lucinda as a speaker and educator for any group looking to help their members in being able to grow their business by expanding their knowledge of online marketing strategies and practices.”-D’vorah Lansky, M.Ed. and Author