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The Activate Premier Inner Circle

Lucinda’s Activate Premier Inner Circle is the most interactive and impactful powerful mastermind of female entrepreneurs of its kind. The Activate Inner Circle opens up three times a year. This is an exclusive opportunity for inclusion within a group of like minded individuals who are seeking to build their platforms. Lucinda’s Activate Premier Inner Circle members also receive 1year access to the membership training portal and ongoing individual consulting from Lucinda and her team of experts, via phone/Zoom.

If you’re making or on track for revenues between 5 and 6 figures, and you are interested in working with Lucinda ongoing—individually or as part of this exclusive group — complete the brief form below and her team will be in touch to see if The Activate Premier Inner Circle is in alignment with your professional goals.

Activation VIP

If you desire a support for strategy formulation on your business or brand on your time in a confidential environment—Lucinda offers ACTIVATION VIP 1:1 Coaching for qualified applicants. Startups and new brand builders are welcome to apply, provided you have a created a platform and demonstrated strong growth potential.

Clients from all over the world have booked 1:1 sessions to assist in postioning themselves to build a platform for greater visbility, position themselves for higher-end fees and clients, planning their next level of growth personally and professionally, product creation concepts, or clarity on a new brand position that is in alignment with their expertise. The 1:1 sessions come in 3 phases called Grade A, Assessment, Activation and Acceleration.

Lucinda specializes in supporting visionaries whose businesses are generating or on track to reach 7-8 figure revenues. Howeverever for ACTIVATION VIP 1:1 Coaching Sessions she will consider lower-stage businesses based on specific circumstances. Complete the brief form below and her team will be in touch to see if Activation 1:1 is a good fit for your business and branding goals.

ACTIVATION VIP 1:1 Coaching is typically done in New York, but due to Covid19 all sessions in 2021 will be done virtually, unless otherwise discussed.

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